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The One
24th January 2012, 21:21
The Kreen-Akrore are a forest Indian tribe living in the Amazon basin of Brazil who successfully managed to evade the cameras and crew accompanying the Villas Boas brothers during their attempt to make first contact with these hostile and entirely unknown people. The search for the Kreen-Akrore lends itself to a documentary style which uses the conventions of narrative cinema, unfolding the events chronologically, while building up the tension and suspense of the search: for example subjective' shots are utilised to give the impression of what it is like to be watched, by unseen eyes in a hostile jungle. Some of the scenes are clearly staged, thus helping to reconstruct the events and tensions of the search


24th January 2012, 22:48
thanks The One. this brings to mind for me the Yanomami tribe. studied them in college. i find native indian culture quite fascinating. there is so much that we can learn from them and they from us. unfortunately, they suffer such disadvantages. their immune systems are extremely elementary. and the health problems are substantial. i like the premise here in this video; but i find it disheartening that these peoples have to leave their own place in time.

the Yanomami:


regards, corson