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25th January 2012, 05:00
OK so this just happened and I have to post it. My seven year old little girl is somewhat feeling a little ill tonight and has a slight fever. She just woke up crying and once she settled down she said to her mom "I was crying because I just saw long metal things spinning in front of my eyes." no big deal right! Then she says " There will be a meteor hitting the earth in 5 hours!" She then fell back asleep. Now that one is a little more interesting! She is a very gifted kid and has said things over the years that have stopped me in my tracks, but I really hope this was just the fever talking???


25th January 2012, 06:12
Best I suggest is to keep track of these moments, and write them down. And don't ever discourage this, it's a great gift for her and she needs to learn to be confident and trust her abilities. And, assure her when she is scared that you will protect her and keep her safe. Also I suggest keeping her away from any military personal, or government personal. It's a good precaution to keep in mind with a naturally gifted child.

Meteors hit the planet all the time, specially during end of june/beginning of july and then again in late october/beginning of november. maybe you can assure her of this, and most burn up in the atmosphere only making pretty lights streaking across the sky. Not to make her dismiss it, but in a way that she will not fear it.

25th January 2012, 07:56
Some children have a gift of seeing into multiple timelines and dimensions. A common example of this are children who can see ghosts (who are in 4th D). She could very well be seeing into another "reality" - confusing it with the present one.

Either way, she does appear gifted and I agree with DreamsInDigital - keep a record of these occurrences, it will only help you and her understand more as they happen.


25th January 2012, 15:42
Young children with fevers (which, by the way, should never be brought down unless over 102/103) often hallucinate. I did a lot! however, you shouldn't dismiss the idea of the child being tuned into things most are not.

My 18 year old daughter began seeing people at age of 4. She still does, likely because we did not "teach" her out of the experiences by telling her it was imagination or dream. We encouraged it and taught her that she was different and very special, having abilities rarely seen.

26th January 2012, 14:48
This is kind of interesting. Yesterday evening my 18 year old daughter told of having yet another sleep paralysis episode the night before. She has feelings of people and things being in her room, sees fleeting images of shapes and lights, etc. This latest incident was different. She described a rectangular shape spinning in front of her, with what she could only describe as candle sticks on it. Could this be the same or similar thing your child saw?

26th January 2012, 14:51
Hi My daughter also is almost 7 herself. And when she is sick she also says to me very interesting things. I think somehow a fever can put young children is a sort of altered state of conscience. My daughter has claimed to have seen fairies and strange beings while in a fever..but when not sick she never once talked about these things..And BTW I dont tell my girl now about UFOs and such.

778 neighbour of some guy
26th January 2012, 19:54
Nope, its was not just fever talking;), hope she gets well soon.

Lots of rocks today.


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26th January 2012, 20:53
The thing that concerns me I think about those situations is the mention of something spinning infront of their eyes then seeing the vision. Not the visions themselves though. But the spinning thing is frequently used in psyops projects.

27th January 2012, 01:12
Psyops....I sure hope not! Interesting point none-the-less.

I would be safe to say she is an old soul. Thanks for the comments everyone.


27th January 2012, 02:27
Above all protect. Give children B Complex in a whole food form. Investigate vaccinations. Feed them good food, organic hopefully, and filtered water.

My first response was "keep a diary", which was mentioned by most above. Even if your daughter is being "messed with" that does not mean it will ultimately affect her. After all, you're on the case, right? According to your beliefs (Christian, otherwise, Feng Shui, Wicca, ELF harmonization) protect your entire house and strive to make her feel safe. Regards.

27th January 2012, 02:44
Psyops....I sure hope not! Interesting point none-the-less.

I would be safe to say she is an old soul. Thanks for the comments everyone.

I have no doubts your beautiful soul of a daughter is a old soul, just something that caught my attention. That the PTW have been known to use in psi-projects. As they will have the one 'transmitting' the 'message' stare into something spinning, (remember those old hypnotic things?) and then transmit. It wouldn't be that your daughter is specifically being targeted, it could just be like all in a certain area or something. And, this is not always the case. I don't want to in anyway intimate that it is. I feel confident you are doing the right thing, and between me and the others have received some very good and valuable advice plus guidance.

As Sirian mentioned it's important to try and stick with an as Organic as possible diet, and filtered water, that is filtered by an type of Filter that is known to remove fluoride, also avoid her using any toothpaste, mouthwash etc that has fluoride in it. Which includes black and red teas (These have natural fluoride in them, but still bad!). Avoid as deliberately as possible anything that has artificial flavors, colors, High Fructose Corn Syrup. Any and all artificial sweeteners, which includes most gums, candies. etc that aren't listed as 100% natural ingredients. V8 also has sucralose in it, so you want to make sure you get the V8's that don't. Anything with aspartame, splenda, equal, etc. those are all neuro toxins.