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26th January 2012, 03:42
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26th January 2012, 08:21
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26th January 2012, 09:49
The Crash:


The US dollar is on life support but the plug will soon be pulled and it will pronounced dead. The US government knows this. When Israel attacks Iran that is it. When the price of oil goes up; the US dollar will go down. An attack on Iran is the final nail in the coffin. This is why the US Government does not want to attack Iran. Israel wants to attack Iran because if the dollar collapses, the US economy will crash. White America will lose most of its wealth. Panic; riots and they will have to declare martial law.

It is not only the dollar that is going to crash; it is also the American military who will crumble. The United States is being led by its nose into a trap where it will overextend itself. The one who is leading the US into a military trap are the Zionists who control the US congress.

He says there are three types of lies: there are ordinary lies; there are great lies and then there is 9/11.

There is a growing hatred and resentment in the entire world against the United States which is leading to its isolation.

Oil is the machinery of an industrial economy. The day you don't have oil you will have riots. So what will happen when Israel attacks Iran. Do not allow yourself to be dependant on oil because it is a trap. The trap is about to be sprung. Iran sits in control of Hormuz because it is very narrow. That will break the back of many people around the world. When people can't eat they are going to blame the US. Israel will take a bit of flack but the media will ensure that most of the blame attaches to the United States.

The time has come for America to be replaced as the ruling state in the world. The State of Israel will become the ruling state of the world.

The Arab spring has come at this time in order to facilitate the wars that Israel will have to wage in order to subdue the Arab world and establish a political and economic dominion over the Arab world.

26th January 2012, 18:41
I think everyone should read this because I think this guy is right...post #3.

26th January 2012, 19:12
He says he thinks that Israel has weapons even the US cannot match. I would remind everyone of the scientist who says that whatever hit the WTC was a new kind of weapon and the CIA asset who said she was told in the summer of 2001 not to go to NY because of concerns about radiation and the interview with the New Yorker who says that the people who have businesses around the WTC are and have been sick and have difficulty getting treatment as soon as they mention 9/11.

26th January 2012, 19:58