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26th January 2012, 17:44
Be aware that there is the distinct possibility that when a mystery caller comes up on your phone..and you search for the given number on the web.... that this may be a method of cross correlating 'pay as you go' or similar phones with given IP addresses from where they might originate..or use a given computer..often.

I have noted, when trying to find the origin point of a given mystery caller...that viewing or finding that information via proxy, so that my origin point cannot be 'given' to the website I visit...that this is quite tricky to do, at best. For some reason, Google and the like don't have any cached data for those 'phone number origin reporting' websites.

They originally DID cache such websites so you could use the cache and not the website itself to peruse the given data...but now.. you may note..no cache, and then you have to visit the given website, to gain any information.

As well, if trying to find those websites via proxy or secure means (using ixquick or startingpage)..that these websites seem to not be listed in the given search.

This means that when you search for the given phone number,and you finally find a website that seems to have data on the given phone number.....all you do is give a website the IP address that is searching for the given mystery caller.

As if you were someone who is trying to hide...but end up constantly giving away your exact location.

Note that there are laws against such random calling in most places in North America but those laws are completely ignored and they are not enforced. This may be due to the fact that it is ALSO a data collection system that is running parallel to the marketing organizations...a case of which said marketing organizations would be in use as a 'logical explanation' type of cover.

26th January 2012, 23:49
I have had the same phone call every day at 3:30 re a caller who wants info on a certain person (name supplied) and a phone number that I can use to call back. I have not done so but it is annoying to have this call every day at the same time; so much so that I leave the phone on vibrate so I don't hear the call. To make matters more annoying for specific reasons I opted on this phone for no extras so all I get is message alert and I don't know where the call originated.

I am patient to a certain degree and I am willing to wait and see how long this will go on. I am not going to pursue the matter.

I guess I am more interested in computers LOL

27th January 2012, 01:17
I have had the same phone call every day at 3:30 re a caller ...

I guess I am more interested in computers LOL

I switched to Voice over IP (VOIP) a couple years ago. Unlimited domestic calling with all the features, a couple of lines, and incoming fax handling for less than $30/month. I can add numbers to lists which get special call treatments, such as a different message, sent directly to leave a message, or what I do with spam calls - sent directly to an error message. Whenever an incoming call annoys me such that I never want to hear from that number again, I just add them to my spam list.

My existing phone plugs into a little box that is on the incoming ethernet (right off the cable modem) line, and no one else using the phone ever notices any difference from when I I had that same number, same phones, connected the "old fashioned" way.

No doubt there are quite a few companies selling VOIP now ... I'be been happy with CallCentric.