View Full Version : Want to know how how to wake people up? Advertise on TV!

22nd March 2010, 13:57
Ran across this on another website and it made me smile. Oh the possibilities. If this gets used against TPTB I wonder how long it will last.


Slate ad critic Seth Stevenson tries out a Google service that allows you to run your own commercial on national TV for as little as $100.

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22nd March 2010, 14:31
Sounds unreal.

THE eXchanger
22nd March 2010, 14:52
YES, this could be a good way to create awareness

THE eXchanger
22nd March 2010, 14:53
maybe Bill could run an ad for project avalon ???

22nd March 2010, 15:03
I'll absolutely donate....time ...money

I love using their weapons against them...

Great Find Heretic!!!

Holly Lindin
22nd March 2010, 15:08
This is fabulous. If I were putting an ad about Avalon or the rising consciousness together, I would grab little speeches from tons of people here on Avalon (we could each put together our short speeches about how we are one, how we've been lied to, the beautiful place in history we're heading, etc., and send them in to whomever would spearhead the whole thing.), splice them all together into an inspirational thirty-second clip, and put a link to Avalon at the end! Easy-peasy. Bill, are you reading this? ;)