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14th July 2010, 23:08
Free will and beliefs

Hello Daniel,

You will come to find that there are no "brief summaries" that will allow
the understanding of creation. :) Anything that any of us "step down" into
our own personal understanding, that might sound like a brief summary are
all just fragments of the full expression as currently expressed through our
personal templates.

My husband laughs at me quite a lot because he says I cannot respond to a
question without writing a book. I suppose he is correct but my goal, in
responding to a question, is to assist the individual to pick up as much of
the energy flows via my template as possible. The only way to pick up the
entire flows of energy, that pertain to any question, is to activate them
for yourself in your own template.

We have been told that there are indeed time matrices that are not created
as free will systems. But not a lot more than that has been said about such
truth. That statement alone can bring up all kinds of questions and
wonderings about the way that Source expresses and to me it says that life
forms expressing in such systems would never, ever have any thoughts that
would be out of balance with the Divine Thoughts of Source.

So then, this seems to imply that in systems that ARE Free Will Systems,
their must indeed be a Divine Plan that "allows" for ALL thoughts to occur.
And in such systems, Source it experiencing It Self to All Extremes of the
Spectrum. So yes, Free Will does exist as a "thing".

Is a belief a type of thought? Oh Beloved, if you would / could only
integrate the Dance for Material. Especially the Allentown Workshop in
relation to the answer of this question, you would discover so much beauty
of the "Science of the Shields" and what tiny bit (which is huge) of that
particular subject matter has been given.

Play a game with yourself for a second. Sit and "think" about your beliefs.
Why do you believe what you do? Is it most likely because someone has told
you some where along the way that the "thought" was the truth? Why would
someone tell you that anything is the truth or why do they believe it is
true to then tell someone else that it is true? The belief must have had a
point of origin some where, don't you think?

We incarnate here into baby bodies, that carry tiny amounts of energy in the
personal template. As the personal template continues to expand to hold more
and more energy, the body continues to "flesh" itself outward and expand and
as it does, we experience growing from a tiny baby body to what we call

But as soon as we incarnate here we pick up the distortions that create the
"lights out effect" and we forget everything we knew before incarnating
here. This is because the distorted program has been "implanted" into the
second dimensional frequency band of the planetary grids and in order to
pick up the "form holding template" that will allow our consciousness to
embody here and have a life experience here, we must move our consciousness
through the planetary grids and in so doing, we automatically pick up the
same distorted program that is running through the planetary girds and hence
the memory is wiped and we experience the lights out effect.

Then we begin the "growth cycle" of our life experience. Into a hologram
that is running on the same distorted program and in which ALL of that
hologram have experienced the same lights out effect.

It was not always like this. It was during the last failed Stellar
Activation Cycle when a Red Pulse was created by the things the FA races did
that wiped the planet clean of most life forms. During the time of Atlantis.
This was also the time frame in which the FA races implanted the distorted
program into the second dimensional frequency band of the planetary grids.
And since all life forms on the planet are connected to the planet, what
they were able to do was create a complete memory wipe. Not only of Krystic
Races still on the planet but also of Anti-Krystic Races still on the

They then came in and "seeded" the truth that they wanted the people to
believe. Different fallen races came into different areas of the grids and
seeded their idea of truth. And it has continued as such from that point
forward. That is why there are so many different belief systems on the
planet and why there is so much fighting in the name of God and why so many
people "think" that ONLY what they believe is the truth. And these false
beliefs have been passed down from generation to generation and since no one
can remember the truth, what else can they do but believe those who they
love and have their best interest at heart?

But Indigos birth here with the 6th DNA strand active at birth. The
distortions scramble the chemical DNA and keep certain chemicals from being
able to turn on in the physical body and this creates "gaps in perception".
It does not allow for ALL of the energy flows of Source to be able to
translate through the physical body and be able to instantly, simply "know
the truth of creation and our connection to it".

And since it is the 2nd dimensional frequency band which carries the
distorted program, this translates in the physical body as corresponding to
the 2nd dimensional frequency band which IS our emotional body, which IS our
Entire Physical Body. Therefore, there is a gap of perception that exists
between the emotional body and the mental body and the emotional body feels
lost, alone and afraid because it feels cut off from Source and creation.

What an amazing, diabolical way to create memory wipe of an entire planet.
And what an amazing, diabolical way to set up the stage to create a race of
puppets that can be controlled to do as desired!

The entire distorted system, that they have created here, is a network of
intertwined pieces that they have spliced together to force energy to move
in ways Source does not intend it to move. By doing so, they have been able
to literally "shut off flows of energy" and deflect them to their black hole
systems. And in so doing, they have robbed the planet and its life forms of
the required energy needed to operate the way that Source intends.

In the information on the Science of the Shields we "remember" exactly where
our thoughts and beliefs are held, in our personal anatomy and what sparks
those thoughts and beliefs into activation. They are held in specific areas
of the Shields and we are currently programmed to carry both Krystic Packets
of Data and Anti-Krystic Packets of data. Data that is in dormant state
until it is sparked and activated to run through our templates as
electro-magnetic currents of energy that go through the transduction
sequence and translate through the brain as "thoughts".

Krystic energy flows spark the Krystic Packets of Data into activation.
Anti-Krystic energy flows spark the Anti-Krystic Packets of Data into
activation (Like Attracts Like). Because of what they have done to this
system, the "Critical Mass" of energy that is being "pulsed (pumped)" into
this system is the Anti-Krystic energy. This means, the critical mass of
"stored data packets" that are held in the Shields are what is sparked into
activation on a Critical Mass level.

This continues to manifest the reversed thought and belief patterns that are
stored in those Anti-Krystic data packets and is why the mass population is
asleep and currently cannot see anything beyond that reversed coding that is
sparked from those Anti-Krystic data packets. And is why the "false" belief
thought patterns are continued to be passed down from one generation to the

When we work as conscious co-creators with Source, and run/activate more of
the Divine Energy Flows of Source, that become available during Stellar
Activation Cycles (IF things are working properly), then we spark more and
more of the Krystic Data Packets held in our personal shields. This turns on
more of the Divine Energy Flows in the personal template and allows us to
have our "Ah Ha" moments of understanding of the truth.

When we are able to turn on More of the Divine Currents and run them through
our bodies than that of the Anti-Krystic currents that are running, then the
Divine Flows will "over ride" the Anti-Krystic flows and will "flip the
template" back to the Original Divine Blue Print, resetting the reversed
data packets to Divine Packets of Data.

Indigos carry template coding that allow them to birth here with the 6th DNA
strand active at birth. For this reason, they carry a stronger possibility
of being able to "wake up", because they are able to run more energy through
the template, unless they encounter choices that will create more damage to
the template and shut off more flows of Divine Currents.

All of our thoughts and beliefs are held in the Shields as stored data
packets of information. They are sparked into activation and run through the
central nervous system to be translated by the brain into thought patterns
we can recognize. Thought patterns that we are not yet able to recognize and
parts of the dimensional spectrum that we cannot yet experience are because
those currents of energy are not yet able to translate through the nervous
system of the body and be translated by the brain for us to notice.

When we memorize something, it is a result of stored packets of data
reaching a critical mass of energy and "staying on all the time" and running
through the body. When we memorize our A, B, C's, the data packet of energy
for that programming is already stored in our shields. We work with the
"Light and Sound" codes associated with our A, B, C's to assist bringing
that information into activation. When that "stored data" reaches a critical
mass level, it stays on all the time and we "think" we have memorized our A,
B, C's.

All thoughts and belief systems are stored in our shields. It is impossible
to have an experience, inside or outside of ourselves, if the energy
associated with that experience is not already programmed into the data
packets of information stored in our templates.

And the stored data packets of information "reflect though us" and out onto
a screen of energy called the Radial Body. That is what we are seeing as our
hologram that we are walking around within and having an individuated life
experience. We are ALL experiencing the data packets of information that is
translating through our templates.

Love, Tams

We are, and have been for a very long time, in the middle of a HUGE Bio-Regenesis Program. That means, healing the distortions that are keeping the flows of the Energy of Source from flowing the way that Source intends and freeing life forms trapped from ascension.

The way to heal the distortions is to fill them with the energy of Source. We have all chosen to embody the distortions to assist in healing them because we have the ability to turn on and run the Energy of Source through our templates.

The Indigo and Angelic Human Races are created as a "Healing Race of Beings" with a template that can "step down" into the lower frequency bands and "bring the energy of Source with them" to assist in healing. We ARE the antidote to the situation at hand and the sparks of Source that "Source" has sent into the system to assist in healing the aspects of It Self that desire to be healed. And Source is indeed allowing ALL aspects of It Self to choose what they want to.

The distorted races, off planet, are fully aware that they are "co-creating" what they are doing. They have not forgotten creation mechanics or how energy runs and how to manipulate energy. The challenge is their templates are so distorted that they can no longer remember they are a spark of Source and can no longer connect to that energy on their own. They must steal it from other life forms who are still able to do so in order to remain individuated forms.

And in their distorted state, because they can no longer remember they are a spark of Source, they see Source as an enemy and because they feel cut off from the Energy of Source and know that if they do not receive that energy, they will reach a point of space dust, they are in fear of their continued survival and so are fear motivated to steal the energy of Source in any fashion they can think of. And yet there are some that are so distorted they are at a point in which they literally enjoy consuming anything and everything.

There are many beings who have reached a point of having no other option but space dust return and have still been able to be reasoned with, if for no other reason than they discovered if they continued on the path they were headed they were going to be eaten by something much larger than them selves, who have accepted a host agreement from Krysitc Races and will be hosted on a path of space dust return that will allow them to continue on for as long as their template allows but not be consumed by the Black Hole Systems.

This implies that there is "always" Free Will Choice and what ever can be done to assist any life form to the highest degree will be offered. And as I stated in a previous post, there ARE life forms who know that they are on a path of space dust return and yet they "choose" to express as Krysitc Beings for their remaining time in individuation and assist all who desire who find themselves in such a situation.

Being able to reason with a life form and assisting them to realize they do have choices is a major step in the pathway home. And Source does indeed allow all choices, even though Source does have a preference as this is displayed throughout the creation mechanics which Source Eternally creates.

Being able to follow an ascension path home is dependent on the personal template being in such a condition that will allow "enough" of the energy of Source to embody and allow for specific things that are needed in the template to occur that would allow the being to follow the ascension path. Like Energy Attracts Like Energy!

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