View Full Version : FaceBook Timeline, What will REALLY Be Its Purpose!

27th January 2012, 16:48
FaceBook timeline will be going live next week,
It was once optional, but it will be COMPULSORY if you want to use the network site.
But what does this mean, Well anyone following this will know that the purpose of Timeline is to create a complete history of everything you have been involved with on the site.
I.e. tagged photos, all your posts from day one, all comments, all likes, etc!
This means that if you are particularly embarrassed of a status update you made years ago regarding work, now everyone will be able to see it.
Or perhaps you will look at old photo's of your other half to find old ex's, questionable holiday photos, etc.
Sounds pretty invasive right?, theres more i think if you look at this with the "AWARE" mind you will come to the conclusion that the most dangerous thing about this Timeline will be the negative energy's it will release.
If we are to believe TPTB feed of our negative emotions then this will create world wide negativity.
I personally believe this is the real reason behind this update, it has no real purpose but to create friction between people, it also comes at a time when TPTB will be trying there hardest to create friction and lower the vibrations of people.
Thoughts on this?

Kind regards and love , (and respect for your privacy :) )
Sean Timberwolf

7th February 2012, 19:16
Yes, its purpose is nefarious. I also know facebook will be totally data-mined, so if you say "I'm going to the USA to dig up Marilyn Monroe" you can expect the TSA to deny you entry when your plane lands. Not to mention, facebook will sell all your info to debt collectors, the GOVT, and anyone else with cash.
In my opinion, facebook will be like a "fingerprint" and you won't be allowed to access the net, without verifying it's your facebook account first, so you can be tracked online.

Dennis Leahy
7th February 2012, 19:51
Examining the pages of those who have already opted-in or were forced-in to morph into the "timeline" style page, the thing that strikes me the most is the level of disorganization. It appears more like an elementary schoolgirl's scrapbook page than a blog.

My intuition is that they want to destroy the blog-style format because it is useful for organizing - and the CIA (who were a large initial investor, to make sure it got off the ground) does not want us organized. They could have easily added a "timeline" functionality without destroying the blog-like form of the social networking site. It had to have been deliberate. Facebook timeline is not a social networking tool.

A few years ago, Facebook said they owned and operated 30,000 servers. They will no longer say, but estimates are that the site is now using 60,000 server computers. (That may all be BS, and they may be on a single immense supercomputer.) The point being, how does Facebook make a profit when they have to own and support that huge infrastructure? I turned off all advertising. I don't even see any ads at all any more. Could most of the billion Facebook subscribers be providing enough "click-through" on ads to pay for the infrastructure plus profit. I say, no way in hell. So, in my estimation, it cannot possibly be a "free-market" profitable venture. Probably many millions of heroin and cocaine dollars from the CIA go into Facebook to keep it looking "profitable" on the books.

It doesn't matter what the original purpose of Facebook really was (helping the dorky Zuckerburg to have sex with someone besides himself), it was immediately co-opted by 'intelligence' and serves intelligence gathering as its main function. Selling demographics data to corporations is gravy, but still could not possibly generate enough profit.

It provide them with something they want (intelligence on us, voluntarily input!), and provides us with something they don't want us to have (the ability to organize, create viral message flows.) Their solution: "Timeline."

That's my $0.02