27th January 2012, 19:26
Please check out Linda Moulton-Howe's website Earthfiles.com

At least 5 separate Horse killing/mutilations this month in South WALES, DEVON, & CORNWALL.

I live in England, but I only find out about this by going to Linda's website !!

Just a small article on the BBC website, and in one of the daily newspapers, which of course also mentioned witchcraft etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

The UK police later told the horse owners "Died of natural causes -- case closed -- do NOT post on Facebook".

Most people here know who is carrying out these atrocities, even if they're not sure of the reason.
To those that dont, or are in denial, - Wake up, peeps, -this is hard evidence.

27th January 2012, 22:30
Most people here know who is carrying out these atrocities, even if they're not sure of the reason.
To those that dont, or are in denial, - Wake up, peeps, -this is hard evidence.

Is this an actual reference to the people here on PA?

28th January 2012, 04:33
Here's the full article: http://www.earthfiles.com/news.php?ID=1935&category=Environment

"2nd U. K. horse mutilation, found January 8, 2012: 2-year-old black Friesian stallion, Erik, found Sunday, January 8, 2012, in Stithians, southwest of Truro, Cornwall, by owner Dawn Jewell. The Devon-Cornwall police reported bloodless excisions of “genitalia cut off, his eye cut out, teeth removed, tongue sliced off, and mane and tail hair cut.”


Lost Soul
28th January 2012, 04:46
ETs leave our horses alone!

28th January 2012, 05:58
Probably more Black Ops stuff. I can understand the Reproductive organs, stuff. But , the rest of it? Not much use IMO. There'd be more than enough DNA and genetics for use in the reproductive organs.

28th January 2012, 10:18
I live in Dorset by the coast, I also know a lot of horse keepers here and in cornwall but, I have heard nothing about mutilations from anyone concerned.

I think this actually happens a lot around the world but to those who do not connect with sites and groups like PA then, maybe they just believe the mutilations are down to wild animal attacks and nothing else!!!.


28th January 2012, 10:39
I read the article posted by Kerrigan - thank you - and note the references to ETs. I also remember similar reports about mutiliated cattle longer ago than 2008 although I cannot remember exactly when. . . . The fact that it's always the same mutilation seems more like ritual - satanism rather than witchcraft - perhaps somebody knows more about these rituals on the forum? But is this happening just in the UK? What about in the rest of the world?

28th January 2012, 15:06
Please check out the APFU website (Animal Pathology Field Unit) run by Phil Hoyle & David Cayton, for info on UK cases over the last 12 years.

These mutilations have been going on GLOBALLY (including the UK) since at least the 1960s.

Bryn ap Gwilym
28th January 2012, 15:41
boja hi.

Most people here know who is carrying out these atrocities, even if they're not sure of the reason.
To those that dont, or are in denial, - Wake up, peeps, -this is hard evidence.

Please explain who you think is behind this please?

This has been going on in my area for as long as I can remember. Just because its not reported doesn't mean that its a new phenomenon.

The laughable Unionists have been saying for years that Meibion Glyndŵr or one of its splinter cells is behind this. What this report doesn't mention if any symbols or badly spelt writing was near by like with many other cases or if any MOD/DOD bases are in the area.

28th January 2012, 15:54
Another interesting little tid-bit. Overlay an map of the Animal Mutilations with a map of Known DUMBs and compare them ;) There's your answer.

28th January 2012, 16:09
Poor horses...:sad:
Damn those who did it - ET or not!:mad2::censored:

28th January 2012, 17:27

Date: 01-26-12
Host: George Noory
Guests: Linda Moulton Howe

Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed horse mutilations that occurred in Jan. 2011 in England, a large aerial craft and missing time that several witnesses experienced in Utah during Dec. 2011, the issues for Americans in regards to the National Defense Authorization Act, and the dangers of genetically modified crops to humans and animals. Her first report delved into 4 black stallion mutilations in southwestern England, where eyes and body parts were removed with bloodless excisions. The police have been trying to repress the incidents and telling media the deaths were from "natural causes" and predation. She spoke with Tanya Ingram, the owner of the third mutilated horse, who suggested the police were trying to cover-up the incidents. She also described seeing strange balls of light in the sky above their pasture in 2009; the next day her neighbor reported that three goats had gone missing.

More Info here...





Bryn ap Gwilym
28th January 2012, 17:47
All of these mutilations have happened very near to MOD/DOD/Black-ops bases of one sort or another.



Army - RAF - DOD(USA) [other] – Pemb (Dyfed). [B]Former RAF base linked to UFO investigations. Conducted underwater sound surveillance also.
DERA/QinetiQ - Aberporth, Dyfed. Currently trial site for doppler [pulse] radar tracking
DERA/QinetiQ - Llanbedr [MOD] - Operational airfield inc. Hawk a/c. Launches target drones from here
RAF St. Athan - nr Barry, Sth Glamorgan, Harrier GR.7, Viking TX1, Tucano T1 + maint
RAF Pembrey Sands - Carmarthenshire, Sth Wales, bombing + firing range
RAF Sealand - Mostly maintenance
PATA - Pontrilas Army Training Area - 10 miles SW Hereford. Inc air exclusion zone. Possible exclusive SAS use.
Army - Abertillery. Inc Air Defence Regt
Army - Aberystwyth
Army - Epynt. Training area
Army - RAF [other] Manorbier. (Pemb(Dyfed) Royal Artillery firing range
Army – Penhally, (Pemb(Dyfed). Training area
Navy -Army [other] Castlemartin Pembroke (Pemb(Dyfed) . Test range for US/UK aircraft [naval?]
Navy - [other] Trecwn (Pemb(Dyfed)The Royal Naval Armaments Depot,

The underlined ones are all basically in my back yard.
There are also other undisclosed bases of some sort in the area.


Remote Ammunitioning Facility Tamar (RAFT) - Bull Point, Plymouth. Weapons loading jetty for nuclear-powered submarines. Planned completion of construction in 2003
RAF Chivenor - Braunton. Marines. No.s 624/22 Sqn + SAR Sea King Helicopters
HM Naval Base Devonport - Plymouth. Largest Naval Base in West Europe
RN Barracks - Stonehouse, nr Plymouth
HMS Cambridge - Wembury, nr Plymouth
Mountain and Artic Warfare - Plymouth RN Lympstone - Devon. Poss. u/g @ Sandy Bay, Exmouth
Army - Lulworth. Firing Ranges
Army - Okehampton. Training area
Army - Willsworthy. Firing range


GCHQ / NSA Morwenstow - Joint operated SatCom monitoring station
RAF St Mawgan - nr Newquay. No.3 Maritime HQ, Tornados, Nimrods + SAR Sea King HAR3s
Goonhilly Downs - Satellite Communications ( BT + ? )
Portreath - Sat of St Mawgan. No.405 Sigs Unit (Navigation Air Defence Radar Station)
Predannack - Satellite of RNAS Culdrose. No.626 V.G.S. - Viking TX.1. [RN]
RNAS Culdrose - Helston. Largest heli base in W. Europe. 5 heli sq + [80 a/c in all]
HMS Raleigh - Torpoint. RN basic training centre

You can throw St Ives, Cornwall in there also.
I'm sure there are other undisclosed bases in the area that are only known to the locals.