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29th January 2012, 03:16
This is a very good 20 min interview with Enrique Villanueva. I recommend listening to it for a valuable perspective on how to interact with ET beings.

skip to 12:55 to hear the way to meet ET...


"It is not about them coming down to earth so we can have the physical encounter with them.
The most important aspect of the contact is to expand consciousness to realize that not only we are not alone in the universe but we are not alone within.
We are not the is tiny little spark in the middle of the universe.
We are so huge/big,we are just the whole universe compressed somehow in this particle we are.
...And, Once you experience that, once you reach that level of consciousness then you realize that you can not just leave this planet and be saved by an alien civilization. You are here in service for the rest of us. You are here to serve your brothers and sisters on this plane-and that's what they want us to live."

29th January 2012, 03:19
Very cool. thx.. I have always said that the true nature of 'contact' will be individual and personal, and will not require anyone to represent anyone else. Good find.

29th January 2012, 03:22
If we want to meet ET We just need to look in the mirror. Enjoy The Disclosure!

29th January 2012, 03:54
this whole ET kerfluffle will be rather anticlimatic when its found they were just curious what sort of beer we drink.

It does sorta reemphasize how arrogant and self absorbed as a species we can be. First we were so arrogant we thought we were the soul focus of god and the universe. Then when become apparent that there were others out there we just transferred that and figured ET's did nothng but obssess about our welfare all day, and theot entire lives built around finding a way to come meet us. Us the little war like planet that is run by sociopaths, greed, hostility. But yet they just couldn't wait to get here and experience all that hostility in person!

And maybe they did think about it at one time. Then the War of Worlds broadcast went out from the radio airwaves, they picked up on it and thought "Hmm maybe a visit wouldn't end well."

29th January 2012, 04:42
If we want to meet ET We just need to look in the mirror. Enjoy The Disclosure! WhiteFeather you are a speaker for truth that's for sure........

29th January 2012, 04:44
If we want to meet ET We just need to look in the mirror. Enjoy The Disclosure! WhiteFeather you are a speaker for truth that's for sure........

Oh I Am, Wanishi - Means Thank you in North American Native Tongue.

29th January 2012, 13:51
Enrique's viewpoints from direct ET contact as described in this interview, were enough to secure my perspective on how to engage extraterrestrial life.

29th January 2012, 16:18
Alex Collier also in his last interview and across several of his lectures gives another great way of how to greet and interact with Off Worlders.

5th February 2012, 21:44
Hi Gooty64, I loved your video! Here's my favourite video on interacting with aliens:

I really get a lot of re-assurance from Bill Cooper's old videos.

7th March 2012, 01:08
Service to others and how to interact with ET are described in this video with Enrique

For me this has helped resolve the alien ufo question.

7th March 2012, 03:08
I think that those ET's who truly want to help us will do so discretly. And those who want to control and manipulate us will make a personal visit to us. ET's should have respect for human evolution (we are not interfering in their evolution) and should not interfere, unless there is a chance for an accident happening, for instance a nuclear accident, then if they are able to predict such an event then they may also step in and make a stop to it. Also, we are well aware that the majority of the human population is totally asleep and are not being aware that there are few individuals who are in control of this human game and are capable of creating an event that could completely wipe out the human/animal life as we know it. In that case, I don't have a problem with ET's monitoring these destructive individuals. I would not be surprised if these good ET's have already saved us from a complete global destruction already, without our awareness of it. Besides, do you think that humans would care? They don't even care that they are being controlled by few powerful humans and some nasty control freaks-ET's who want a piece of this planet.

So, I do have an issue with people who claim that they have been visited by good ET's, you know the ones who are on the mission to save our planet and us, the humans; and it s funny that they usually advertise their plan to save us by marketing a human ascension to us. How can humans ascend to anywhere when they are still not aware of the reality they are living in. Humans cannot be forced to ascend, it is an individual thing that every one of us has to work towards. And, I don't think that we will be ascending to a higher dimension, we are here to stay where we will have to work out our sh t right here right now. IF someone tells you, and that includes an attractive and smart human who is getting the message from nice attractive and smart ET's, that you will go through here and there to get to a higher dimension, then I would definitely question their motive.

7th March 2012, 14:24
YUP, it is between me and ET. And if ET wants to out me as really human amongst his own kind, then I say good luck buddy.