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29th January 2012, 18:46
The topic here is chemtrails, aerosol spraying, geoengineering.

Everybody can see that they're doing something in the skies practically every day but nobody can get any answers about who is doing it or what it is. There is much independent speculation and research but you can't get an answer from your congressional representative if you ask. Many have asked for many years. There is no MSM coverage of this topic. Children born now think this is how the world is supposed to be!

We've been and are being stonewalled and lied to about something that negatively affects EVERY LIVING THING ON THIS PLANET. "Living" is the key word there - all life forms, including plants.

It is verified that aluminum particulates and barium salts are the general components of chemtrails. Others have said there are also unknown nano particles and other scary things. For years now these things have been/are being precipitated back to earth, into our water, soil, and food. Studies show that this is producing acid rains. If you've done health research, you know that the opposite of that, an alkaline condition, promotes health in the body. This is being done to each of us almost daily.

In addition to acid rain, there is simply the fact that living things can only tolerate very specific small amounts of these metals in their living system and remain healthy. Studies are already showing measurements of barium salts 6,000 times what is beneficial. At those levels, it's a poison. Is that okay with you? No?

It's obvious that writing blogs about this or writing to anybody at all is not going to make any difference. Only ACTION makes a difference.

HERE'S AN ACTION IDEA: Small groups of concerned people start standing around and pointing at the sky on "chemtrail days" - which is about 85% of the days of the year where I live. This would best be done where there are lots of people around.

You know how that works... soon everybody wants to know what you're looking at and also looks up. Soon maybe you attract enough attention that the local news shows up to talk to you. Soon you may be able to publicly ask the question: "Why don't they publish Health Alerts and give us Information about what's going on here?"

Soon maybe there are enough small groups doing this worldwide that the MSM has to notice. Soon a fuss has been created, quietly. (But this simple act is going to take some guts - be prepared to be arrested for looking at the sky!)

HERE'S ANOTHER ACTION IDEA: People who own small airplanes... why can't they form local groups to actually fly up there and collect samples from those trails? People like Clifford Carnicom, who has done years of research, works with ground samples because that's all they can get. I'm sure he and other groups would love to have some air samples taken at altitude.

*Talk to some people around you. Ask if they can do these things with you. It doesn't take many, really.*

29th January 2012, 19:04
I have sent/manifested Wonderful Light Orbs to assist us in removing these poisons from our sky's,,, this manifestation has happened right before my eyes. Scouts Honor, I spoke with Mother Gaia and Father Universe as well about this, they heard my intentions and will respond soon. Consciousness is everything, what we think it will happen.

The below video is what i have seen personally when i asked for some assistance in removing these chemtrails and poisons, they showed up out of thin air. If you focus hard enough you can manifest these as well, give it a try, ask from your heart.


29th January 2012, 22:50
Thank you WhiteFeather. We can certainly act on all levels of being. I've never had any experience with orbs myself, but I can give it a try. Can you ask Mother Gaia and Father Universe to manifest about a trillion of them and send them all over the globe?

"Soon" is what we keep hearing about so many things. I've been waiting a long time myself, and I'm in favor of making a little current-time fuss of a slightly lower order to try to bring information out to the public. I greatly appreciate those who step forward with their bodies, following Gandhi's example.

childs hood end
29th January 2012, 23:12
Hello whitefeather` in this vid i made jan 2011 i filmed a ufo watchin chem spraying (round 2:45 in)



29th January 2012, 23:31
That is 50% of my purpose of the "Sights and Sounds Report", to acknowledge near daily status of the sky (and also sounds).

I have asked the same for my sky; chemtrails have almost been eliminated. Whitefeather, I will now be looking for the orbs.

I am hoping that Avalonians add their input into "Sights and Sound" from their regions to give a global "report" feel toward our effort to eliminate this poisoning; and to monitor the decline of the Illuminati.

Aetheric Traveler
29th January 2012, 23:50

found on youtube.com


30th January 2012, 06:26
That is 50% of my purpose of the "Sights and Sounds Report", to acknowledge near daily status of the sky (and also sounds).

EG, where is this "Sights and Sounds Report," if you don't mind my asking.

A year and a half ago I organized a Chemtrail Watch group in my area here in southwest Virginia, to collect data on how often we are chemtrailed. That information is not available anywhere, not through anybody we could ask - local meteorologists (who deny all knowledge), dept. of environment, local health offices, etc. We looked at the sky twice every day and wrote down what we saw. We wanted to document what happened over a whole year, not just a few scattered reports as you usually see. Three people stuck it out for the whole time.

We also cross-referenced our observations with the local weather forecast to see how/if chemtrailing seemed to be "planned in advance" - which it does seem to be as it occurs regularly when Rain or Snow is in the forecast. One or two days before the "predicated" rain, the planes start going over, frequently out of a perfectly beautiful clear blue sky, actually creating the clouds or else it wouldn't rain.

I now have a year and half's worth of twice-daily sky reports. Sometimes we had photos but not often. The overall picture from that data is that we are chemtrailed 85% of the time.

They don't chemtrail much here during the summer growing season, and we've been in almost drought conditions for the past couple of years, small farmers going out of business, dairymen losing their herds, etc. It's really heart-breaking that even if they could "make it rain" to break the drought, the rain is not healthy.

If you all are having success with orbs cleaning up the sky, can you make trillions of them and send them all over the globe? It's not just a local problem.

Otherwsie, my idea for Occupy the Sky is a kind of guerilla theater/warfare, talking with our bodies, getting out there, attracting some quiet and non-threatening attention to just get the forbidden "C" word into public awareness. Movements like this can grow. We can piggyback on the other Occupy movements. Besides, Occupy the Sky sounds really cool.

childs hood end
30th January 2012, 09:31
Has anybody done the red wine/red grape juice test,,,,,,, gorgle/swirl in your mouth for 10/15 sec,,,,,,, spit out and look for little fibers (Morgellons)

scary read