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29th January 2012, 20:12

Sounds great doesn't it. After all it's what all of us seek, together with Love. The non-indigenous American people hold it very close to their hearts. But what is freedom? and is it possible to be free? Many people would conjure up an image of a beautiful house, on a beech maybe, loads-a-wonga in da bank, sunshine, a wonderful partner/s etc etc.

I would be surprised if many peeple would actually be brave enough to be free...

and also be surprised if people were not to fight For the very things which incarcerate them.

OK so you are probably thinking by now "I'm flee", "I live in a flee country", "this doesn't apply to me, it applies to dictator's ships and 'bad' countries", "I can go wherever I want and do whatever I want", but bear with me for a while...

If you're reading this, chances are you may have a kar, a mortgage, a bank account, a savings account, a job (or even a car-ear), maybe an investment plopaty or a pension scheme. Yes? thought so...

Chances are you also have a TV, mobile tttelephone, bank account, you read a newspaper, buy magazines etc. OK.

I think pretty much all of us, especially in the West, have most of these flings hanging off of us like lead weights which we happily attach to ourselves.

To be free we must be brave enough to let go of these things we feel somehow "protected" by. We, by the most part, feel vulnerable if we do not "own" these illusions which we are told will protect us.

Money, security and wealth are an illusion, an illusion which is fast crumbling beneath our feet. The global economic collapse has already begun. Money is now a bunch of digits on some computer someplace or a wad of soon-to-be worthless bits of paper with some person's head on them which we never have met. Thats an un-subtle difference between dictators and rulers, one puts his/her image in full view in the form of statues and posters, whilst the other puts them in your pocket in the form of stamps, koins and banknotes or names your cuntry, towns and roads with those from its 'own' land. One murders in full views of the world, whilst the other divides, separates, drugs poisons and wars in the name of "religion", "terror", "dick-tator" or some other excuse all behind your back. Whole peoples and societies have all but been wiped out by these types of rulers, they are, in part, worse than their dictator counterparts, thinking of the Aboriginals, Mohawks, Indigenous Red Indians etc etc. All in the name of 'the king', 'the queen', 'mr. president' etc. These beings are Not human.

And yet we continue to protect them, why? OK so I guess right now you're thinking that "I don't protect or condone any of this behaviour" or words to that effect, possible stronger. And in part, your right, of course you don't, the vast majority of the world's population don't, the vast majority of us are sane, loving and caring human beings. But ask yourselves these simple questions, and go research the answers which have been purposely hidden from you for generations...

What is the true worth of my money and what does it actually represent?
Where does the REAL profit of my savings and investments go?
Who does my mortgage actually serve?
Do I enjoy my work and does it really benefit others?

I'm guessing the answer to the first three simple questions is "I don't really know" and the answer to the last being, for the majority being an emphatic "No".

If you need a little insight into the answers to the first three questions, I wouldn't expect the television to tell you, or your neighbour. Try Ben Fulford, the White Hat Society or some other non-polluted source of information.

Ok, so I guess we are in "a bit of a pickle" right now yes? You probably have a dream to 'win the lottery' that way you'd be flee! when as a matter of fact the lottery conditions you into think your life's clap, and that the only way to happeenurse is with money, bits of paper and digits on a computer. Still busy chasin' the illusion perpetuated by the myth these rulers bombard us with every minute of every day. And you're probably thinking "if I dont have a job then who pays the mortgage, the bill, who feeds the kids, who puts fuel in the car, who looks after me when I'm ill or old?"

And you'd be right of course, we have to do these things or else dreadful things may ensue. After all if someone told us today to quit our job, money and everything else you'd think they were crazy. We like our cages, it protects us, and if we do as master says all our lives, then he feeds us. After all that's what my parents did, and their parents parents et al.


What if their was an alternative?

A real tangible alternative with it roots in sharing, community, tolerance, Love and peace? rather than war, hatred, aggression, suffering, poverty, greed? Because like it or loath it, if we have a bank account, a pension fund, a mortgage etc we are actually fuelling these very same things.

If we could let go of our desperate grasp of 'money', would, if there were an alternative, we be truly free and wealthy beyond our dreams? After all, we all want freedom and Love more than anything else right?, unless you are an over-ruler of course. Are we, even at this fundamental human level, controlled by fear of no alternative?

Now this 'galactically auspicious' year of 2012 is upon us, and the truth of how we have been controlled and manipulated into successive incarnations of suffering and servitude are beginning to surface into the collective consciousness, we must find an alternative, but can we possibly find an alternative? are we doomed to drown on the fast sinking boat the over-rulers made for us, or can we swim on our own? Shall we jump ship now, or wait in the dumb hope that the boat will remain afloat, and that somehow our over-rulers will have a change of 'heart' and suddenly show a "human" side of Love and compassion? Are these rulers indeed "human" at all, do you know anyone who has the qualities of destruction and complete disregard for human life as these beings? Thought not. Just as ants are to humans, we are to these oligarchs (wow thats a big word! oli what?).

If you haven't yet been somehow affected by the global economic meltdown, wars, debt, job loss, house loss or relationship breakdowns then you are one of the lucky ones... for now, since this is all their world, it’s their world which is falling apart, not your world, your true destiny. So I guess we are left with two options; hold on to their world and go down with their ship, or learn to swim, after all we can see the waters rising through gaping holes in the hull yet keep on trying to persuade ourselves that "everything will be ok". Which still brings us back to the question "what is the alternative, I'm desperate enough to let go now."

To answer this question, at it's grass roots level, we must look into what it actually is that made us board their shlip in the first place. Aside from the excuse of "it's what everyone else does", "it's what society expects" or "it's what my fore-fathers did" or "my parents made me do it" or "my religion expects this of me". At it's most fundamental level we must ask "why did I want lots of money", "why did I need ‘my own’ house", "why do I need or want a pension" etc. These types of questions are possibly the most difficult for us to answer, at least totally honestly, without being tarnished with age-old belief systems. Then we must ask "are these answers based on Love, or flear?". If we were all honest to our Selves, we wanted all these things because of our own intrinsic negative qualities such as greed, status, selfishness etc, it's just that we were never fully conscious or aware of the subtlety of the manipulation. Our over-rulers use our negative qualities and manipulate them using it's media network and mind control over countless generations whereby the human lifespan is much shorter than that of the overlords and thus can be manipulated and farmed . So you were the victim all the time, and never knew it, but if we did not have these negative qualities, would it be possible to be manipulate? I guess not.

So at the very fundamental level, the one common denominator in this hypothesis is YOU. Are you ready to let go of your negative qualities? If we are desperate enough let go, then I guess so, if we aint then I guess we will continue to feed and protect the very thing which is feeding us BS and destroying us.

Ok, so that was all a bit on the heavy side. Once you have gotten through that paragraph and the (worthless)penny drops it's plain sailing from here on. If not then I guess you have quit this message because you just ain't ready. Either way now, 2012, more than ever, is our chance to choose our side, even if we ignore all the ancient texts, Holy texts, Maya, Bibles, Ancient Tribes, Sanskrit Vedas etc which all concur, subconsciously we still know it, we feel it, and we want it just like the seed somehow knows it will be a tree someday, but just can’t visualize it. One things for sure, just as the seed is to the tree, the 3rd dimensional darkness is to the 5th dimensional light, you can’t stop the seeds from sprouting and reaching for the light. Conversely the seed cannot instantly become the tree, it must first surrender the cozy familiar confines of the dark earth to break out into the light. The ones who wish to prevent that from happening, those who feed off fear and low energies by relentlessly perpetuating wars, money, power, greed etc know that they cannot stop this from happening on a mass scale.

No matter what happens or how hard they try, the seeds of human consciousness will sprout forth and reach for the light of all that has been purposely hidden from us.

Our strength lies in our ability to work together, for and with one-another and not for some two-bit boss. To grow your own food, to share, to help one-another, to care for one-another. As soon as you are on someone else's payroll you are part of that system, it owns you, it controls you, and it uses your labor to fuel it's own war-mongering negative agenda – some 90% of our monies actually ends up in the global war machine (ref: Ben Fulford). As soon as you sign for benefits, you are tied to their system of shame and dis-empowerment. In working together positively, unselfishly and with compassion and caring, we automatically cut the rulers from our life. Everyone is gifted at something, everyone has somefling to give. Whether it be tending for our elders or children, growing food, carpentry, arts, music, cooking, farting in a loud yet strangely humourous way, we all have something. Come together, it needn't be a hippy lifestyle, use the internet to trade locally or set up a community currency like these people in Liverpool...

So go be it. Let's have the courage to change hour very existence.

Remove all mainstream media influence from our life, especially the television. Share homes, get a group of people to sell up and go live in one big place, grow your own food, build your own stuff. Say bye to mortgages, pieces of paper with some reptilian oligarch's head on called money, loans and rats-in-suits trying to flog you insurance, mobile phone contracts, pensions or some other money for nothing skam. The ideas and opportunities are endless as long as we unite as humans and work for the common good of each other rather than work for the old world order by giving the best part of our lives away to some evil multinational conglomerate. Get "off-grid" don't depend on your energy and fuel from these people, they screw you already, be self sufficient...
If they divide us, they conquer us. They divided us ethnically, religiously, monetarily, sexually, materially, socially, they even divide our families and children. There are so many of us, and so few of them but we shall never win if we use their means. If we are willing and confident enough to let go of all their tools of control then, just maybe, we shall survive this coming judgement and live once more in peace and harmony with nature and with each other.

Whatever we do and however we find our solution we must do from the heart. Digging bunkers, arming ourselves to the teeth and such like is fear, fear of the unknown and fear of each other. This vibration cannot go through into the fast approaching age, and thus would be self-defeating by it's very nature. It is precisely this fear which is gripping the West, particularly the americano collective consciousness during these times, if youpube and 4ums and my personal experiences are anything to go by. (I cannot think of any other nation which has a nationwide media system to tell it's peoples just how scared to be and when to be this scared?) I guess the West would represent the head, or the ego, and the East would represent the Heart or spirit. Right now the head is sick and needs the healing, love and compassion of the heart.

Wish I could unscrew my own head and put it someplace where it can't do any harm... sometimes.


Let it Go, Let it In.

Love, ☼Astral☼

Prayer Warrior
5th February 2012, 09:04
a simple thank you... we're on the same page, I have a retirement pension... and a mortgage... and a few balances on accounts... and a 32 year partner I can't make understand she needs to let go and let me re-stack the chips... it's all a matter of perception... when I retired from the military I had a few spiritual experiences that have blown me away... and until I learn more on whom to trust, truly feel the need to hold my cards close to my chest as I learn to identify the right levels to exist in... thank you Astral... He chastises me lovingly as I learn to serve...