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29th January 2012, 21:44
I believe the illuminati is real and as evil as anyone could imagine. However, I also understand that this is their role to play in our game of duality. But now we have played out the dynamics of good and evil to the fullest and we are currently undergoing the great paradigm shift from a fear based reality to a loved based reality. For me the key to assisting this shift is to stop playing in the old fear-based paradigm, it is crumbling and no longer supported at its foundation. It is only a matter of time before it completely falls. From my perspective the best way to help this natural process to unfold is by pulling our energy out of the fear paradigm and put it into the new love based paradigm by focusing on things that are based on love and oneness, healing on an individual and collective level. The more we get angry and try to fight 'the power' the more we feed the old dying beast.

when we realize the extent of the evil perpetrated by certain people on Earth (or beyond) it is natural to want to make them pay or suffer for the pain and suffering they have caused. But I believe that by focusing on this we only energize the old paradigm where they are powerful. When instead we focus on healing, on love, on community, on oneness etc we help to activate the new paradigm in which they are powerless and will be forced to come into 'feeling' (something they have exempted themselves from, which has made it possible to perpetrate their atrocities)...this is what they want to avoid at all costs!

This is just my perspective however, and I understand and respect the fact that we all have different roles to play in this game and so if this is what you feel inclined to do then go for it!

Here is a little story I wrote to help exlain my perspective:

Once upon a time we existed like a yin and yang symbol that pulsed with love. The white aspect was light and clear and bright, while the black was dark, dense and mysterious; and both were joined by love and were integral parts of the beautiful whole.

One day we decided to try an experiment. We decided to separate the light and dark aspects of the divine. We kept love on the side of the light and sent the dark away. Because love was on the side of the light we decided that the light was good, and the dark, which had become void of love, was bad. Thus we created duality.

Suddenly we could experience something that was impossible when we were united as one, we could experience ‘other’. We could now compare ourselves to ‘others’, judge ‘others’, take advantage of ‘others’, hurt ‘others etc...things that made no sense when we understood ourselves to be part of a whole.

The darkness which suddenly found itself cut off from love felt terrible pain, rejection and anger and began to hate the light. It seeped away into all the hidden corners and began to seethe. The absence of love caused the dark to distort and its true beautiful nature was twisted into evil. The dark became the lord of all things horrid, vile and repulsive. The fact that it had no morals or values to guide it meant it could do anything and so it grew more and more powerful.

Because we forgot our true state of unity we saw our opposite as the enemy. The aspects of the whole that aligned themselves with the light believed that they were righteous and that the darkness needed to be punished and eradicated. The aspects that aligned themselves with the darkness saw the light as weak and sanctimonious and felt it must be made to know suffering.

Thus a war between the light and dark was started and suffering spread throughout the whole.

In truth those who stand in the light and judge and condemn the darkness are as much a cause of the suffering as the dark. The answer is not to try to beat the dark, negative polarity into submission, the answer is to recognize it as part of the whole, and use the unifying force of love to heal those aspects that have been distorted into evil by being cut off from love.

The darkness gets its power from creating fear. It moves through our reality spreading fear anywhere that love is absent. When we act from fear we want to protect love and fight that which we feel opposes us. We withdraw our love, thinking it might be contaminated by the darkness, but this acts to create more space for fear to spread. In truth love is immutable and immune to fear and evil.

Some try to shine light onto the darkness thinking this is the solution..but the dark does not need to become light. In the same way that a plant needs both the rich dark soil and the vibrant light to grow healthy...so do we need both the light and the dark to be healthy, whole and strong.

The solution is not to repel, to squash, to fight, or to rage against, as these actions ultimately only act to amplify and perpetuate the problem...the answer is to love. When we choose love instead of fear we begin to neutralize and heal the dualistic system. When we remember that darkness is as much a part of us as the light, and that it has become evil because it has been separated from love, the only logical solution is love love love love and more love.

We are at the point in our story where we are ready to transcend the game of duality and start a new game based on unity and wholeness, and they key to our reunification is love.

29th January 2012, 23:24

I look forward to transcending this duality, and entering the new realm with you and our Light Family. I count on your loving words and energy to lift us above the fray prior to leaving our human bodies:

We cannot be complacent; we must acknowledge that fear (and ignorance) has kept us from informing the Illuminati that this duality, this game, is over: We do still exchange paper money with their symbols, to their profit, at our expense, fight their wars, eat their food, consume their drugs, watch their movies, listen to their music, pay their taxes, purchase their polluting energy sources, pay for their secret programs, and struggle in our 3D economy that they are collapsing around us. Discovering there is no further need for their role, in order to transcend their institutions, we must command their departure.

My forthcoming "We Command" thread is toward that end. While negative to the extent we are evicting the Illuminati, this is a necessary fearless step to accelerate our transcendence for Earth and our human family.

With Love and Appreciation,


29th January 2012, 23:29
well said

i believe the play is almost finished.

duality and 3d reality is about to go bye bye

that is why TPTB have dropped the ball.

focus on being love and be mindful with universal mind and Christ consciousness.

The Shift of the ages will happen suddenly. perhaps a world earthquake to start it off.

The dimensional shift is inevitable.

prepare for something beautiful, this why TPTB are afraid. Their control world is about to be extinct.

blessings and peace

30th January 2012, 00:04
Hi Energy gardener,
Thanks for your reply. I agree that it is important for some to become aware of the deeper levels of the game in order to transcend it. However, this raises an interesting question: do you think that everyone needs to become aware of this level of the game, or is it only necessary for some of us? I know that some people get very freaked out when glimpsing this reality and don't feel that they want to know. But they certainly can put their energies into love... ie opting out of the system, focusing on a wholistic perspective rather than one of separation. To me it seems that we can opt out of the system without needing to fully understand the true level of evil behind it. For most people it is enough to just understand that it is corrupt.
Not quite sure on this...
the question on whether we need to actively eject them their positions, or whether by focusing on creating from our hearts (and stop feeding energy into their system) their power will naturally crumble is certainly an interesting one. I guess ultimately I believe that by listening to our hearts we will be led out of the maze of illusion. I look forward to reading your 'we command' thread' :)

Thank you xx

30th January 2012, 00:59

I believe on a day-to-day basis we have many complimentary roles. The point you are making is much more important and helps keep the focus of our objective positive.

To that end, the less important but vital purpose for the eviction "notice" is to "awaken" and empower others with the facts to bring about closure. That is necessary to call an end to the game and end the conflict: so both sides know it is over.

I hope to have out the final version by tomorrow.

30th January 2012, 09:43
Everything is energy. The light and the dark are energy, and everything that exists is innervated and sustained by that energy.

Matter exists by the mutual consent of the disparate energies of the whole. The whole is us - you and me - we. The more aspects of the whole that withdraw their consent from the old paradigm, the weaker it becomes.

Consent is not just saying “I agree”. Energy is energy, and consent is also the energetic validation of ego-fuelled attention and fear. The power of the old paradigm is sustained by our fear, and weakened by our Love. We cannot fight fear when we fear, we can only feed it, and help it grow.

The ego is very good at rebuttal, but we must ask ourselves: Why does my ego reject the idea of Love as the pre-eminent force in the universe? What does my ego have to gain by focusing on fear, rather than Love?

If the ego fears, it will cause us to fear. If the ego feels welcomed, and included as one aspect of our beautiful whole, it will no longer feel compelled to subvert our return to Love to ensure its survival.

31st January 2012, 00:47
this is one of my favorite videos:



and then there is this video:


31st January 2012, 00:57
Thank - you! I've been meaning to address this myself in a thread here ... Well put!!

31st January 2012, 21:43
I just saw these comments now.

Music: well said...thank you
xbusymom: I live in the hills and only have satelite internet connection which is slow..so can't watch the vids. If you see this maybe you could give a quick summary :)
DeDukshyn: another thread on the topic could be good. To me this feels quite important to get this point accross (if we want to speed the process up), however as it does not involve a lot drama it seems it's not such a popular perspective :)

1st February 2012, 03:23
I just saw these comments now.

xbusymom: I live in the hills and only have satelite internet connection which is slow..so can't watch the vids. If you see this maybe you could give a quick summary :)

<* to all: Let me know if I miss something important*>

Abraham - Dealing with Illuminati

Summary: This is a vibrational universe and no one can make you choose one belief or vibration over another... you are free to choose to believe in bondage or believe in freedom. If you choose to co-create a situation of “Others Having Power Over You”- you have created a vibrational output value that gets returned to you. If you put your attention (vibrational energy output) on worrying about doing things that would attract attention from The Illuminati then that is exactly what you are asking the universe to return to you (vibrational energy feedback).

but if you focus on doing the right things for the right reasons ( and pay-no-never-mind to things you don't want to happen), then you will draw to you situations that The Illuminati won't pay attention to: and you will eventually move out of their sphere of awareness, because you will have moved them out of your sphere of awareness.

True change comes from changing your vibrational energy output first and then letting the worldly situations follow along to line up with the vibration you output; instead of trying to change ALL the outside circumstances first in order to feel better. Don't try to change things from the outside-in: In the same way that others cant make your choices for you - You don't have control over anyone else's choices.

Abraham - on the Galactic Federation of Light

If you put your belief in it - is what you choose to be right for you; utilize what benefits you- in the NOW moment. There is no right or wrong belief; there is no ONE TRUTH- it is a matter of developing your journey- what brings you into alignment with the god-source energy. Source-energy is the basis of LOVE beneath all things... it is possible to extract value from everything (to see good in ALL things).

If you debate there being A ONE TRUTH (my truth over your truth): And since Truth is backed up by evidence; And what you focus on becomes your reality... then returned vibrational energy is simply a manifestation of output vibrational energy- and voilla- you have your evidence of YOUR truth surrounding you... but everyone is also doing that. Instead, try to use the criteria of the FEELING of source- energy to determine whether or not you are moving toward or away from where you want to be... You are freedom-seeking co-creative beings and have come forth to create your truth; not to find someone else's truth to replicate.

1st February 2012, 04:32
Yes! Thank you exbusymom. I absolutely agree with what you have said here in your summary. It reminds me of a story a friend of mine told me. She met a man who had, using a telescope discovered some american military ships far off the coast of australia. He took photos of them and began researching. His research led him to discovering the illuminati and he became very afraid. Once he opened the door to fear the illuminati could glide into his reality. His camera was stolen, his e-mail was hacked etc etc, and of course the more he feared...the worse things got. When she met him he was hiding out in some remote camping area fearing for his life. He had been rendered completely impotent and his reality had become a nightmare.

To my view itis as though there are two paradigms currently co-existing: Fear and LOVE. THe illuminati dominate the realm of fear and are constantly trying in various ways to lure us over and keep us in their domain where they are all powerful. They have been very successful at this and most of humanity is born into their paradigm. However when we learn to access the paradigm of love we discover that they are absolutely powerless outside of the domain of fear. Love is like the golden thread that can lead us out of the dark maze of smoke and mirrors they have created to trap us. If we cease to interact with all the scary shadows and illusions that surround us, and focus instead on the golden thread of love, we find ourselves led to the paradigm of love. So if we look for the golden threads of love instead of focusing on the shadows we will find ourselves out of the grips of fear and free to create a world based on love.

1st February 2012, 07:29
funny you should mention the duality of love and fear coexisting; there was a thread (I cant find it now- tho) where I discussed the level of evil being too great and that the level of good needs to increase so that the balance of yin-yang regains stability in this dimension...