View Full Version : Seeing 2 worlds at the same time......

30th January 2012, 03:18
Back in 2009 I had one of the strangest experiences I ever had or should say SEEN .
When I go on what I call an astral travel sometimes it is a real deep sleep that I enter and when I wake up it's feels like " I'm drunk or drugged" when I come out of it. Now I was staying at my parents home back then for awhile till I got back on my feet. I fell asleep on my sister's bed and I went into that "deep sleep" and I remember seeing people and being fully awake in this travel I was on. Then I a voice say" Bruce get up,time to go to work" As I woke up and opened my eye's out of the left eye I was still in the astral world seeing people moving around and such but out of my right eye I was looking at the door to my sister's room. Felt totally drunk like,I was not drinking or under the influence of any drug. So here I am sitting up in the bed looking at 2 worlds at the same time! Slowly the world in my left eye faded away till I'm looking at my sister's room with both eyes.

Now this happened again a month or so after that one. I have not had this happen since then. This awakening stuff truly is awesome! I won't say it scares me but it does freak me out at times that's for sure.....