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1st February 2012, 23:39
This is a question I have been wondering quite some time. I hope this isn't been addressed already here, I'm new here. I'm sure everyone can recall persons from dream state you have never ever seen or met before. Where do they all come from? The conventional explanations are probably based on the hypothesis that they are just making of your own subconscious. But I don't really buy that...
As is known, there can be variying levels of self consciousness in dream state. The most conscious is called lucid dreaming, when you are aware of yourself and that you are actually dreaming.
The same seems to be applying to the persons I have met in my dreams. The majority of them seem to be kind of 'aimless bots' or players with no self consciousness. Speaking to them in lucid dreaming state would only return empty stares. I can really remember only one occasion, when a player in my dreams shows some self consciousness and admits that this is a dream. I asked her name and got it, but then it turned a bit distorted. Now, another question. Why it is so difficult to retrieve information from dreams? For example reading newspapers or other literary material always turn into total mishmash of letters, or asking important questions usually lead to premature awakening. As if I'm trying to do something 'forbidden'? I hope this makes any sense... Your point of views are welcome.
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2nd February 2012, 03:14
I have wondered if we simply "go" to another dimension when we dream. And we maybe live different lives in other dimensions simultaneously.

2nd February 2012, 03:32
Souls that you may have known in previous incarnations perhaps. Just a thought. Good post and welcome to the project.

2nd February 2012, 03:52
:wave:Trying to do something forbidden in the dream huh lol Its a completely natural process. ( Wet dreams my friend lol) Seriously Welcome to Avalon

2nd February 2012, 04:15
Most often the "other" people in your dreams are different aspects of yourself that you want or need to address.

But once in a while you have a dream with someone you know well. I mean a friend who has the same dream, the same night, and is remembering being with you in the same dream, in the same setting, country, or whatever.

That is my experience anyway and I've been told by dream analysts that we often meet different aspects of ourselves that we need to work on in our dreams.

2nd February 2012, 06:01
Sometimes I go to cities that don't exist but in my dreams. I do not have reoccurring dreams but I do have reoccurring cities. I know one other person who dreams like this and he's done some fantastic drawings of them.

I also had a dream once near a dock in one of these cities, in some kind of warehouse electronic store where I became lucid. As soon as I became lucid about three of the dream characters my mind had created disappeared. But a bunch were still there and I was wondering why I couldn't make them vanish also. This is when i first wondered if they were other dreamers and these cities were some kind of shared dreaming space (sandman series, neil gaiman). Instantly the dream began diverting my attention back to a more unconscious state through 'distracting' methods. As I started to forget about what I had been thinking a man appeared next to me, looked me straight in the eye and said "pay attention."

If it wasn't for that I wouldn't be able to relay the experience at all.

2nd February 2012, 06:12
I sometimes think they are people you will know or as was already said knew in past lives or other dimensions, especially when you know them well in the dream and when you wake up you have no idea who they are.

2nd February 2012, 07:05
I do interact with people I know in my waking state in my dreams. It's all a interconnected consciousness I access in my dreams and also while I'm awake.

2nd February 2012, 08:48
Thank you for your comments. Yes, some of the people feel kind of natural and familiar in the dream and then after awakening having no idea who they were. It seems to me though, that in lucid state you start questioning more and more who they are.

Noprophet, I go cities sometimes too. Thanks for sharing. One of them was where I lived in a totally different body (as a young girl).

Jagman, I often try to consciously retrieve some information from dream state, written or spoken. There seem to be kind of limit what can be accessed. If we assume that every detailed, vivid and rich dream world comes purely from your imagination (which I don't entirely believe), why would it stop there?

Starchild111, I tend to agree with you about the dimensional aspects. After having my first lucid dream, it was so intense that I had to spend the following day adjusting back to this reality. If you can bring your consciousness into dreams, they are as valid and real form of existence as this what we call our day reality.

David Hughes
2nd February 2012, 15:19
They are aspects of you.

2nd February 2012, 15:41
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Laura Elina
2nd February 2012, 15:53
I have noticed the same thing with "information retrieving" while dreaming (or whatever it is), and that's if I do it on my own. I get separated from the people I am asking questions from the moment I start asking the "real life" questions, as in... Who they are, or what they know about certain things happening in the world, I get pulled away from them as if I was traveling at the speed of light, and I wake up. It's like a trigger. And it works every time, not to my benefit though, lol.

The last time it happened I met a person living close to North Pole (well... close and close), and I asked what he knew about the poles, but didn't get far with him as I got pulled away really fast. Sometimes though it seems that I can go to people I have known before... Ask if they remember me and so forth, I tend to tell them that I will always love them and not to worry. That I can do, it's just the people I have never met before that are off limits.

Whenever I am told to remember something, I'm given actual time to memorize whatever it is that I see or read, however much "time" I want. Sometimes it's writing, sometimes it's symbols, sometimes it's scenarios. It's hard, I only got my regular mind to work with in the dreams, I hope I'm subconsciously taking "photocopies"of that stuff, because... I'm not much of a memory stick, lol. To me all that stuff seems fragmented as it's like trying to memorize a "picture"/sign/hieroglyphic language you've never even seen before.

As to the people you don't know in your dreams... Your guess is as good as mine. I think it's a combination of a lot of things, perhaps people you don't remember, some projections of your mind, some people you are randomly meeting, perhaps by chance? Or not? That's what I've gathered so far.

2nd February 2012, 18:07
I have met family members (alive/dead), strangers, fairies.

I know that the family members and friends are just a part of their spirit just "checking in" from time to time. For a while, my dreams involved me being a "helper" in that I'd help people pass on from this life to the spirit world. The people were very specific people, in past time periods, and I just knew who they were. No names were ever exchanged as far as I remember. I even trained people to do it. And, only once, did someone refuse to come with me. I forgot that until I started editing my post. His friend said that he'd go because he wanted a grand adventure. So, we left the intended person behind. For the most part, I've really stopped questioning who they are. I still get curious from time to time, but, in the end, I know that I'm on a journey and they are helping me get to where I need to go.

I had one dream where a group of us specifically wanted to remember each other after the dream. There were 3 or 4 of us. The two really remember were a male (who said he was a minister from North Carolina) and a blond-haired woman. (I remember the details about the guy because he was talking about how he didn't expect to be where he was because "Christians don't think like this" and I could totally relate to that feeling). It really feels like there was someone else there, but I haven't been able to picture them since the dream. It was really odd and cool that we specifically wanted to remember each other w/names/details about our waking lives.

2nd February 2012, 18:40
That is a great question. Where do they come from? I feel that I live in a different world/dimension at night. There are always lots of people in my dream and generally I don't know them in waking life. I do however feel comfortable with them. I can read things in my dreams but generally it is a little blurry, I have also been in dreams when I tell myself that I must remember that because it is important. About 2 weeks ago I had a dream where I woke up in my dream and I was in a shop with a guy. I was really excited and i was saying to myself and this guy 'I can read the labels on the packets (they were in English and some form of Asian language) 'I am really here.' I was saying 'look, touch the walls, they are real' I was so excited!!
This was one of only a couple of times that information wasn't a mishmash. I think I was just confirming within myself that other 'realities' exist. I feel that there is a common thread in my dreams. I am now starting a dream journal, so hopefully this will help me to see the thread.

2nd February 2012, 18:45
Great posts folks!
Laura Elina, I think you nailed it What I was trying to say, thank you. In one (of the many) dream I tried to look at the newspaper on a table as I was very curious. I first tried to examine the date of the paper. Immediately the year started to run bigger and bigger until it was something like 10 000 (I suppose dreamland doesn't have time :rolleyes ). Then I tried to look at the articles, but they turned blurred right away. Every time this happens I feel some kind of pull/anxiety like resisting some force. The point is.. Our dreams contain otherwise incredible resolution and detail and yet they comletely fail with certain simple spoken or written information. To me this feels like an 'artificial limit'. Who is limiting us? Our higher self?

kcbc2010, extremely interesting. Thank you for sharing! I think your dreams speaks for that we actually can connect with each other while dreaming. Although I believe in some cases we are facing just ourselves. I personally think that chasing dreams may be very likely just you with yourself, different (and sometimes unpleasant aspects of yourself). Just some thoughts...

2nd February 2012, 20:09
Last night I had an odd one during the non lucid part I was drunk at some Chinese family gathering. They were all quite disapproving and I was confused as to how I got drunk as I don't drink. I was just wondering if I'd been spiked when I realised I was dreaming and flew up into the middle of the room, the I realised that there was a man with shaggy hair who was also lucid and flying. I didn't feel comfortable so I zoomed off but when he chased me I decided I'd had enough and woke up.

Edit forgot the point. I didn't know anyone there and there were a few hundred people there. I clearly remember the faces of four or five of them and I'm certain I've never seen any of them before. I'm pretty certain dreams have some sort of reality of their own to them. They're usually much richer than my imagination.

2nd February 2012, 21:09
When I was a kid I had a lot of dreams where i could fly, it was usually around my neighborhood and sometimes my neighbor were in the dream but they couldn't fly.
Last year I finally had a dream that I was flying again, it was inside a building like a gym or an empty warehouse, and there were other people flying around. I remember
people were bumping into the walls, ceiling and each other, and I noticed one girl when I looked at her it seemed she was not conscious and and that is when I realized
I was the only one who was conscious.

2nd February 2012, 22:52
The other people in your dreams are those who present on the best way the energy that they have or you want to present. If you know people who you think are bad you maybe see them in all bad dreams.

When your dreams are good usually you see new people which are good and have pure energy. That's because you do not associate them with your life, karma and so on.

The moment of dreaming is like in real life but you do it in another level. For example if you take a seat and think about a situation with good people you can imagine some, and you can find that you know them from your dreams - because your mind created them in both dimensions.

Sometimes in your dreams you see the future of something that soon will happen, remember all stories but presented by your mind in a picture that will explain everything... dreams talk but there are different dreams.

Your mind works with you feelings and try to present the things in your dreams exactly how you will feel and understand them.

I hope you understand me... this is my point of view

All the best,