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2nd February 2012, 07:29
Ok... HI y'all. There's something that just keeps lingering about my mind. I randomly just spit it out to people; and well, except for the "old" farmers out there- everyone else i mention it to seem to look at me like I'm a crazy.

So, anyways.. I'll start with the entire "wheat is bad" thing. Yes, I am aware of this; my children, myself, my husband and blood relatives (not to mention friends) have sensitivities or are allergic to wheat(gluten)(maybe it's just the amount of processing involved) but, "flour just isn't what it was 50 years ago". My mom made this quote a few weeks ago- I don't know whom to deliver the credit too. Keep in mind though, people are allergic to everything! Penicillin, bees, peanuts, their partners, latex(haha)... so I look into this subject with an open mind.

Let's just say, and I'm on a completely serious note here that I know a guy (whom is a very reliable source who knows a guy who has invented a wheat that can triple it's harvest, grow in drought conditions and at the same time turn co2 into oxygen faster and more efficient then any other crop known to man. The man who created this breed of wheat has worked many years in the process, has proof with testing and is in his 80's. He's shown it at trade fairs, brought it to the agriculture board and many other large farmers. He just keeps getting turned down.

But what if?! From what this "elderly" man offers, world famine could be solved. Now I know a lot of you out there have a lot of answers running through your heads to about the whys and why nots, and the "cabal" is out to get us... or our benevolent brothers and sisters will solve that for us. Please don't attack me or this information I am delivering here. It is what it is and I have an urgency within myself to spread it.

Who knows, if there's any farmers out there that want to try a sampling, maybe I can get you one from the guy who knows the guy. It'd just be a pity to see this man pass away without having this delivered to mankind, in my opinion.. I dunno:shocked:

Thank you for your time,

2nd February 2012, 07:42
Sounds exciting, gypsy! I'm personally trying to cut out most gluten but I'm sure the vast majority of people will keep on eating wheat. As long as it doesn't have genetically modified organisms in it (like Monsanto's crap) it sounds fantastic! I hope the seeds are preserved and tested by some interested farmers. Maybe the organic farming community would be more interested in this than mainstream farmers and the agriculture board.

2nd February 2012, 07:48
Hello Gypsy,

Is it a wild species of wheat or landrace? What do you mean by triple the harvest? The wheat stalk is 3 times bigger with more bran? I have a small farm with several empty fields right now where I usually grow rice. I would be happy to grow them and send pictures, etc....


2nd February 2012, 07:51
I'm interested. Please let me know the contact details.

If he is being turned down, he is probably onto something that will blow oxygen - and food - in the faces of the cabal.

Of course, getting samples into Australia would be a quarantine/logistics nightmare but it is achievable.

A good friend of mine manages more than 350,000 hectares of farms in Australia and overseas. He thinks and acts very green/organic and he despises the cabal too. He recently told me many interesting things including that he uses a nitrogen-fixing bacteria that forms nodules on the roots of wheat - very interesting development. He said that in the next 50 years, humankind will consume more food than in the previous 500 years - very big challenge.

4th February 2012, 05:26

Sorry about my tardiness with reply, I'm quite busy. I'm excited about your interest in this crop. I actually do not know whether it is a wild or a landbreed wheat. I wish I knew more than I do, my contact who brought this to my attention is currently out of country right now. When he arrives back home later next week I will get as much information as I possibly can. I'm hoping with all I have that this doesn't contain genetically modified organisms. It brings me a lot of joy to know that you are interested in this. I will be back with more info asap. Thank you!

Blessed be,

4th February 2012, 16:11
I agree that there has been a seemingly increasing amount of people being allergic or having celiac disease, but I feel the need to voice the opinion about this. People have eaten these things since forever.
It's not a new thing.
And I don't have any verified, substantiated scientific fact or medicinal proven test, so it justs my opinion.
But doesn't it seem that these problems started happening when Monsanto created the GMO frankenseed.
Perhaps this fella actually has some non GMO grain...

4th February 2012, 19:58
Hi gypsy!

This is very interesting. I grow my own veggies and am fascinated by plants in general.

Forgive me if I am being too forward or offensive, but the way you described this strain of wheat is exactly how one describes GMOs. Do you know this gentlemans educational background?

And a quick word on GMOs: The plants in themselves are not bad/wrong/evil or whatever. The issue is how corporations manipulate them for their own benefit.

Regarding solving world hunger: I believe this plant would be manipulated in the same way GMOs are. In 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman' the author describes the ulterior motives of certain peace corp missions. When they (the peace corp) go into areas in Africa to teach them farming, they teach them US farming strategy using crops which are patented.

This causes problems. There are many cases (I think in India mostly) of native farmers committing suicide by taking Round-Up. Hell, American farmers cant keep up with major corporations, how could one expect farmers in third world countries to compete?

21st February 2012, 22:35
It's a little disappointing.. I managed to get "inventor's" contact info and a fellow Avalon member tried to connect with him over a telephone call. He offered nothing except smoke and mirrors. Too bad!! It really would've been wonderful if this pulled through. Sorry everyone, but thanks to that member who took the time to follow through!

One could only wish, I suppose... All apologies.



21st February 2012, 22:52
Hello everyone:
Please do not take this out on gypsybutterflykiss. She was doing a fine job of possibly helping everyone on the planet. However this is smoke and mirrors since it was myself that gypsy gave the contact information too. I was told that this particular wheat would grow 3 times as much wheat. I was also told to call back monday but I called tuesday and we didn't talk about "majic wheat" We talked about a treatment for wheat which is NOT the same thing in any manner. When I hear a fellow telling me he is talking to the grain companies I already know it's only about MONEY! This is not worth trying to follow and please do not give gypsy any static over a job well done! This was a supposed promoter telling false info.
Case closed.
Great work Gypsy for keeping an eye out for new ways to help humanity.

21st February 2012, 23:09
I've been considering maybe to farm later in life, though a little more different than traditional open air thing. Why not have it inside a greenhouse? Solar heating and controlled weather for all year growing. Wheat was one thing I thought off growing. Though I'll be required to build up capital to do this first.
So I'll be interested to hear and read more what comes out from this thread, if it continues on. Still just a idea.

21st February 2012, 23:26
Hello everyone:
I don't think magic wheat is possible but I know perennial grains are.
Here is a few links to information about this great idea.





Enjoy the information.

22nd February 2012, 02:08
I think that there is something wrong with the wheat being grown in North America. I grew up in Europe where bread, cakes, pastries play a big part in diet. If you told someone that wheat is bad for you because of gluten they would think that you are nuts. In Europe eating good, fresh food is extremely important, not like here in North America; I kid you not the food being eaten here is junk. People over there don't believe that eating actual pork fat will give you a heart attack, it is the artificial margarine that is responsible for causing heart disease.

Anyway, I bake at home on a regular basis. I make these steamed dumplings which when finished I sprinkle with cocoa, sugar and lots of melted butter. It is so good I would be willing to die for it if necessary. Anyway, I buy small bags of flour at an Italian market here, this flour is made in Italy. What I noticed is that when I make the dumplings with this Italian flour I get this beautiful perfect fluffy looking dumplings, however, when I made the dumplings from a flour from Canada the dumplings ended up looking shriveled. If you don't believe me then try this out for yourself. There is something that is being added or changed genetically in the wheat that is grown here in North America, and i think that that is the reason for gluten allergies that people have developed over the years here.

I am not sure if you guys had a chance to visit a pastry shop in a real European city like Wien. I live in Canada now where such places do not exist, but when I have a chance to go back to Europe for a visit, and when I enter one of these places I instantly become ALICE IN WONDERLAND; the smells and the sight of amazingly looking pastries affect me like a drug and I immediately find myself in a haven where I never want to die. IT's the best feeling ever. You guys should try it, I think you will like it.;)

22nd February 2012, 08:57
gypsy, you have good intentions and it is appreciated. there have been a few threads lately about biodynamic farming and rock dust, etc...It's pretty cool how many ideas in biodynamic farming are in law of one and many other unique sources...

meat suit
22nd February 2012, 09:13
there was actually an interesting breaktrough from 80's swizerland, where scientists were subjecting seeds and fish eggs to high voltage fields before germination...
the maturing crops were looking more like specimens from fossil records than current crops. stronger, healthier etc. its as if the high voltage fields re-booted the dna to an earlier stronger form. this 2 part video is in german, I seem to remember struggling finding anything in english when I was researching a while back....
anyhow, patents were taken out...and the whole thing was surpressed.....


27th March 2012, 18:14
I've actually been having feelings of relief that this "magic wheat" thing feel through. Yes, it would have been wonderful to solve hunger problems across the globe , but my entire outlook on wheat has slowly been changing and now very quickly I've come to understand that the North American wheat is slowly killing us. I find it interesting that a good handful of the baby boomers are now type 2 diabetics. I find it even more interesting that so many people have wheat and gluton sensitivities and it even MORE interesting that more and more children are getting tested for celiac's. Chances are if tested you will be presented that tests were in fact negative, but illness persists after reintroducing wheat back into a diet.
I will by no means hold farmers accountable for this, for farmers put all their blood and heart and backbone into farming. These are truly remarkable people. Gluton and wheat is in so many products! ! Like soy sauce!!! I think this has a deeper link to more than just being used as "filler". I think
They genetically modified our wheat long ago to slowly poision us. I'm on a mission.. Maybe you'll see me around... But I'm getting to the bottom of this. It'll probably take me years though- I just don't have a whole
Lot of extra time on my hands.

We all need to grow our own food :)

27th March 2012, 19:17
It's not just gluten. There are other compounds (phytates?) that block minerals from being absorbed. Wheat raises insulin like almost no other food. And no, wheat has not been eaten forever, it is relatively new on the menu. It has only been introduced as food since nomads settled down, not very long in the human time line. Grains in general are not the best sources of nutrition.