View Full Version : Are we just slaves to the "truth"?

2nd February 2012, 16:12
In the end, after all is said & done, are we simply just slaves to the "truth"? Is "enlightenment" a perpetually ongoing process that never really resolves itsel completely? Is "truthseeking" what motivates and infuses our psychological & spiritual evolution?

A lot of us feel we are on the brink of some major "awakening", but are we ever really awake? It seems the nature of our universe is just an endless cycle of these revelations & we really are not living through a unique time (only in relative terms to our current short lifespan, maybe).

Maybe we, as a species, are simply just creating our own "problem-reaction-solution" cycles that infuse our evolution.

Nothing is ever as it seems, it seems ;)

2nd February 2012, 16:54
True and complete enlightenment or revelation is re-merging with god, or becoming one conscious ness, the only consciousness, again.

What we are experiencing is a harmonic step in that proccess.

Mind you this does not mean unity is good and separateness is bad. Otherwise we never would have separated. It just depends on what you feel like doing. It is the playground of one.