View Full Version : "AI" computer and the MOON. ET control + reverse speech.

3rd February 2012, 01:34
IMO, This game. This world. This life.

Its very, very clever game being played out for us, as we awake to who we are deep down (heart level) the knowing higher self emerges.

The VEIL is lifting for all--- there will be a time and place for each soul.

When this takes place, all knowing self “you’” will know exactly what -- is, has --- been, and what will -- be.

Until then we dance with rapping our heads around logic and labels to truths that have no words to ponder while operating behind this ever present ---VEIL.

This video is about reverse speech, and the hidden message in this talk about the ET’s and the MOON. My interests lie in the AI computer and is this the VEIL -- AKA--matrix controlling our thoughts and actions, since the moon was brought here long ago? And if so:-- How do we destroy it?--- Over power it?


Is there anything else out there on what's going on with the *MOON and AI?

*Reverse speech--anything to it? * open to both topic's.:cool:

3rd February 2012, 02:10
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3rd February 2012, 02:20
Sorrry, have ask the mods to move thanks for the heads up.. OOPS

3rd February 2012, 13:42
please, VAIL should be VEIL...

3rd February 2012, 19:12
please, VAIL should be VEIL...You forgot to capitalize the word please, so please do that in any future nit-picks.