View Full Version : James Rink

3rd February 2012, 05:08
I was literally blown away when I saw this video.

Does anyone think this guy is legitimate?

He says he is a fifth generation supersoldier involved in milabs.


Ultima Thule
3rd February 2012, 05:40
Of the top of my head, after 30 seconds, heck no. I might be wrong, but take one look at Duncan O´Finioan and you get what a warrior looks and feels like, and he is 1st generation.


3rd February 2012, 06:25
Watch the eyes.

Doesn't take long to sort this one out.

- 58

22nd September 2016, 02:43
I tried to watch it - it would not play. Just kept spinning. I will try again later. All the other You Tube videos play :-)