View Full Version : Solidarity Down in a Babylon

3rd February 2012, 20:18
“When the right time come
Down in a Babylon
The battle will get hotter
Down in a Babylon
Will be our water”

Mikey Dread

Expect a great presence and push by agents of distraction and diversion over the coming months. They will come offering unique insights, promises of enlightenment, free energy, or whatever else it is felt will pique our interest and allow us to be diverted from the matter at hand, which is nothing less than the realisation of our full human potential.

Expect sleepers who have been place holders here to commence their missions also. They will have worked long and hard to gain our trust.

Offer these people nothing but Love, but if you feel you read anything here that does not sit well with your mind, body or spirit, then allow it pass you by (including this). Try not to judge, spread ill-will against another person, or allow yourself to be made to doubt the beauty and power of you.

Solidarity - it means letting go of ego and embracing the collective, the parts that seek once again to be whole.

Solidarity – it means Love for all, including those who seek to distract us. Imagine yourself without your awareness – this is the unhappy lot of those who seek to prevent unity consciousness.

Love them, but allow them to reveal their truth without distracting us from ours. Remember, we can be wrong at times, and we may accuse a genuine soul of duplicity when we are. Remember as far as our own souls are concerned, I am the expert on me, and you are the expert on you.

Remember Love