View Full Version : What are the Odds of YOU existing as you today?

4th February 2012, 15:35
What are the Odds of YOU existing as you today? Technically "0" and here is the diagram explaining why:

http://3numb3rs.com/infographics/WhatAreTheOdds_4ebb1b0343634.png (click on image for zoom)

So stop complaining and be grateful for what you are. :)

4th February 2012, 18:35
Nice sentiment and I like it, even though I'm not sure I buy the reasoning. You could really apply the same logic to anything that exists right down to the carbon atom and determine the odds are zero. Yet the carbon atom exists, as do I, so I'd say the odds must be 100% as proven by reality. :)

Still, in recognition of the miracle I give thanks every day that I am me, here, and now.

T Smith
4th February 2012, 18:57
I've used this same reasoning to convince a very analytical (albeit atheist) friend that the odds of being conscious, now, as an infinitesimal agent of awareness existent between the birth and death of his body (which he believes represents all there is), is zero, given infinity.

One cannot divide by infinity. And even if you subscribe to a finite universe, the odds are still zero for all intents and purposes. It just defies all odds.