View Full Version : Is 2012 The Lime in the Corona bottle?

winston smith1971
4th February 2012, 22:36
Interesting video from 2009 basically saying 2012 is projected as the big event so that in 2009 and beyond people are placed in a holding pattern because they think "What's the point in doing anything, because its all going to change in 2012 anyway..."and if nothing happens yet more ridicule as in Elenin y2k etc. I really hope an "evolution of thought" la Bill Wood/David Wilcock will occur but I'm very doubtful and I have a dreadful feeling that during tonight's live-stream event details will be thin on the ground, lots of words will be spoken but not much of substance will actually have of been said. I hope I am Wrong but I wouldn't hold your breath for an "evolution of thought".:suspicious:


5th February 2012, 00:39
Still awake Robbie ...LOL..I heard David say this a few years ago ,and I do not think 2012 is going to be anything significant, other than part
of the overall awakening of humanity in general, its another stepping stone..It maybe as David said part of a vibrational change and if that
helps people fine....

winston smith1971
5th February 2012, 02:30
Steve i really hope something major happens in a positive way. but i cant see it are you watching the BS bill wood interview what a disappointment.

5th February 2012, 03:00
Elenin? Who knows. If Nasas trajectory was to be believed, then we could place earth/sun/elenin in alignment for three successive major quakes, the last being Japan. Maybe that was dis-info to cover a man-made explanation for the quakes, or just to generally divert attention and energy? Still, based on that, as we neared the closest, most powerful alignment (or not) last year, a massive CME peeled off Sol and laid waste to the comet. Now if that is how it all actually went down, then that is amazing, is it not?

You know what? I have as little faith in the big players of the alt media/whistleblower scene as I do in NASA. Energetically speaking, there is a lot going on, and it would be worth a passing thought that all the bollocks, all the dis-info, all the bogus channels, all the manipulating, etc, are designed to destroy the notion that in this time, we have the opportunity to move into a more complete and unified awareness.

We live in a fear-based reality, and the application of fear to the fear matrix can only ever make it stronger. Apply Love, however, and we have the chance to become fully-realised beings, because fear ultimately has no power over a complete and pure awareness of Love.

5th February 2012, 04:21
2012 we cross the galactic center. The Human mind awakes. The controllers lose their control of us. that's it.

5th February 2012, 05:02
First, let me make it clear that I have not watched the video.
But if he is alluding to some sort of conspiracy, as the following words would indicate...

saying 2012 is projected as the big event so that in 2009 and beyond people are placed in a holding pattern because they think "What's the point in doing anything, because its all going to change in 2012 anyway..."

... then I have to wonder how much in touch he is with the world outside the realm of "alternative" and "New Age" communities.
Based on my personal experience - and the vox populi is something I deal with daily and abundantly - the great majority of people outside the circle of committed or even highly interested "alternative" audiences is not taking this "2012" thing even remotely seriously. He might be surprised to learn how many people have not even heard about it yet, and how many others have only a very vague passing idea of what it it is supposed to signify.
Certainly I have not met anyone yet who would indicate that "there's no use doing anything" because of 2012.

Furthermore, the media (mainstream media) are devoting very little to no time at all to this subject, and when they do, it is for entertainment purposes, in their more "off-beat" sections. They could hardly be accused of prepping people for anything.
In other words, so far the effect of "2012" on the general public's moral or mentality has been practically nil.

Unless he is referring specifically to people within "alternative" communities.
Again, I haven't watched it, so I apologise if I've misunderstood the point.