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5th February 2012, 11:22
The aim of this thread is to know better where each of us is on his/her journey .
As you see i didn't put any other word after 'journey' because i think not all have the same destination.I have noticed in the forum that most of the arguing comes from the basic misunderstanding that we ''suppose'' everyone is going where we are going. With ''going'' i mean what is that you want most, what inner question or doubt doesn't '' let you sleep''.

I will begin giving my version of this big picture, what i have understood until now.I will give it in a kind of conversation with myself to make you see better how it all eveolved for me.

From a child i knew something was strange about all this (life as i knew it).I would question myself why nobody talked about this.I guess i was looking it from the same perspective one looks at the screen wile playing a videogame.The fact that everyone acted so ''normally'' and things looked so real wasn't enough for me to accept it.Many things others seem to take so seriously ,like death,religon,and school for me where not. My ''problem'' is i always wanted to know why, and when you ask to many why-s in this world you begin to think something is wrong with you.
Later 'their' version of reality began to establish itself,in the mind, and yet that intuition from inside keeps emerging. Confusion began,it was like 2 parallel realiyies together. It was like being in a prison. Well i suppose in some way all of you had some similar path ,earlier or later doesn't really matter.Around 18 i would 'exhaust' my brother with my ''wierd'' thoughts at the time. I could't really understand how everyone thought their essence was in their brains.I would ask him ''where is your essence'' ?, than explain that it was not the body,as it were just cells following instuctions,one may paralysed and still be ''himself''. Than the finger points toward the brain.That was wierd,i mean even the eyes, face had nothing to do with our 'Essence. One can have a burning,or be blind and still be him.But i wanted to go further,find the real essence, i wanted to know when i talked to him( my brother) who were i talking to.So...it was just brain vs brain.No..not yet satisfied, couldn't really get it in my ''brain'' :) that i was just a mass of ''meat'' of around 1400 gr.Than i got it, what if the brain was not so different from the rest of the body, just another part of the body ''machine'' . Maybe it was the first in the 'row' , the main element of communication between the Essence and the rest of the body.So i could litteraly say i was not there at all, i mean in the physical sense. So imagine telling your brother that in fact he is not there, exept as ideas and thoughts , in fact none of us were exactly ''there''.
Fortunately my brother was in some similar to me in this, most would have gat slapped or laughed at after a statment like that.

Why all this story from my past ,its to understand better why i view the things i know and discover now in a certain way.It was a way of trying to understand who i was with the limited means i had.

Thats why i am so doubtful, when it comes to channelled messages or galactic federations. Not because they are true or not ,but because ''deception'' seems to be the main ingredient of this illusion when you dare to ask more. When i red the first channeled messages or other sources of informations they made sense,and i was amased too.It was exiting, a whole world i didn't know exsisted.But you HAVE to go beyond that,you owe it to yourself.
Many times i would find concepts i had thought about, but than later , after you begin to connect the dots you see the real 'INTENTIONS' behind them. Thats when my internal 'Truth meter'' begin to drop down.

I myself have only one ''rule'' : No compromises when it comes to answer that question i made from a child. Thats why the ''promise'' of other densities or cool journeys , i supposly ''chose'' to take , doesnt please me as much as it seems to please many.Because , For me, I DONT'T REMEMBER CHOOSING it, do you ? It may be, but why take for good it, only because that seems to be the idea everywhere in the ''Spiritual Comunity''. Well...the general idea in the population is still that we are our brain, yet we know its not. Our mistake is not adapting the same method that brought us at this conclusion to go further.

I don't yet belive i reincarnate so that my experince is more ''significant'', what if if its just a ''Simple'' solution to keep our ''essence'' here.One can retrive past life memories, but that has nothing to do with ''Why'' you are here.We say we are in a prison and yet act like free ''Evoooolving'' beings, wait a minute , weren't we infinite?..I am not talking about only earth as a prison, thats just the bottom of the pyramide for me. By the way pyramids seem to be a ''must'' in this illusion, and '' Graduation'' seems to be the main poupose, being it secret societies or being it densities.

Am i the only one wo has this doubts ? Thats why i say maybe we have different destinations in our minds, mine is not to ''PLAY'' longer , and no Et or guru can change that. But thats my inner call, i would like to know what's yours. It seems each of us has a certain Layer of this illusion byond wich he cant go, or maybe doesn't want to,deep inside.Thats why so much discussion in technicalies without even asking the ''process'' or the ''thing'' technicalities are explaining.
Let me give an example,its like discussing with your friends if you should by a ferrari or a lamborgini,withought never asking yourself if you need a car at all.If you need a car its ok ,but dont expect me to amuse ''you'' discussing seriously wich car you should you take, if ithink no car at all is needed.

Now brifely my take on all this.
This is a prison, at least from my present view.I can feel from my childhood through the projected way up to the last density. .And its from that view that i intend act,all the rest for me is assuming on others findings.
If you dont have this feeling than you dont have this problem.
Whats the prisoner's main purpose, get out as soon as he can. Am i here to learn? Well , did i guess it Myself of heard someone else talk about it.I don't know... can you guess why ? Because it seems every time one has reached a certain understaing ''Reincarnation Bell'' rings. Nothing suspicous for you?

What if this is an endless loop ? , remember that you wake every time being a new character in the game , what you will know will depend from where and when you pop up in it. Now about Et-s, i dont think any or of the ones that have been contacted until now have ''Good'' intentions, as far as i am concerned thy may be the guards of the prison keeping the prisoners in '' their place''. If any ''Benevolent Being'' can come ''down here'' help me escape from here i would be more than happy to accept, until then its only deception...still in prison.

I dont want to feel better in the prison, i want to escape from it.
Most of the material out there is to make you'' feel better'' about being part of all this.Lets show some ''b..lls'' and accept we are eternal,and think as such. If we , the ''awakened'' ones dont talk about these possibilities than its no different than than the old lady who thinks salvation is in the words of God. But guess what, her god seems to be our god too, they are both aliens, in fact they are the same aliens. Now they use more sophisticated means of communication and deception ,they adapt to our level of understanding.

It may not be a prison,when i have this revelation i will let you know.

I know i am infinite, eternal but thats not good reason for someone or something else f..ck with me. I am sure ,as i am ( you are) infinite, that when i am where i Want to be i WILL KNOW, know its not the case.

For me Ra ( specially that fu..ker), Ashtar Ishtar,Yyewah and company are only fu..ing with us hour after hour, and day after day .They are always in or minds, they were in the past like Gods and they are know as Ascended Masters A whole religion began , for thousends of years, only because one of these fu..ers ( no better description available ..sry) handed some written Bull..it and talked in the had to a simple ''poor human'' .

If you want to be where you are now than you dont have this problem.

If you don't want to be ..than.. welcome my friend,, whats called a place where you DON'T want to be ?...maybe a Prison. English is not my native language, if you have a better word for it let me know.The fact it seems this ''should be '' the way,learning,evolving,ascending, for me its not enough. If ..if we agree this is a prison than lets ask at what extenton? Is it only earth, is it maybe all densities,just different prisons with ''better'' conditions ?
What is our strongest ''weapon''? For me its listeaning to that inner call carefully, with your ''ears'' not using others ears to interpret it.
At what layer of this illusion are you stuck?

My writing may come as a little harsh but i had to communicate my thoughts like ''human'' to a ''human'', when we ''meet'' again at the souce we can than tell each other telapathically what the hell was ''ALL THAT'' about.To be more correct you will tell you,and me will tell me, as there is no such thing as i and you.
I got far with this post, but i hope you can give me some idea ,even few lines,where you stand in the ''Big Picture'',wherever it may be.

Thanks for you patience.

6th February 2012, 05:35
When I was a child, I didn't say a single word until after I passed 2&1/2 years of age. I would not speak, but boy could I whistle some beautiful tunes..
I learned to read at a young age, I was very excited to spend hours down the road from my house at the library. I read every single book in the children's section and quickly moved on to chapter stories and finished them up quickly too. It was an old woman named Violia who told be she's sure I'd find more interesting readings in the "adult"- non fiction area. And boy was she right. I moved right into, and may I add comfortably into the paranormal section and thus it began.. My search for truth at the age of 8.

The "big picture" presented itself to me after I'd got into deeperreading. When I was 10, I pretty much summed up life on Earth as a puppet show, and we humans were doing the acting.

At thirteen, good grief... I came up with a total philosophy of life about Lives within lives, and all the lives not being here on this planet.. It overwelmed me. As hapPy as I was to have figured this out, it overwhelmed me and made me vomit.

And then at 15, I found myself sucked into this electrical, vibrantly colored grid from time to time. Thus, being overwhelmed to the point of vomitting.

I suppose I should mention that I've only used hallugenic mushrooms three times in my life and never subsided to chemical drug use, and at the time of these experiences I was never under the Influence of any substance.

I've been on quite the spiritual path my entire life, at the age of six I had a green light personal materialize in front of my eyes, I put my head under the blankets and cried and prayed for it to leave out of fear. I deeply regret not ever confronting that being.

From time to time I still find myself sucked into the grid or matrix or what ever it may be.. But I always get overwhelmed and find my way back to my body.

The biggest part of the picture... Is when I fell. It was such an unbelievable experience. One of those dreams when you're awake yet dreaming. And I remember it clear as day..

I relate most of my dreams into poetry. Perhaps I'll go dig up the write, but this one in particular is what I called falling from grace. And it is the big picture..

I was shown at a young age glismpses of the big picture.. And as small as we all are, I know in my soul, that all of us who do chase it, are part of it.. We all have jobs to do, missions to complete.

So, here we are, the troops have been called in. Just stand aside and be patient- for our orders and duties are presented now and in the near future.

We're at war.... And this is our battle to win.

"it's been along time coming" ~ Bruce spingstein

Sorry I can't get more into depth and detail, but I've got to go...