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Aetheric Traveler
5th February 2012, 20:40
Synchronicity according to Wikipedia (good enough for me here):

"Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance and that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner. The concept of synchronicity was first described in this terminology by Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychologist, in the 1920s"

I invite Avalonians to share their experiences of synchronicity for the fun of it.

My view of synchronicity is that when it happens and you notice it, it tells you the following:
1.) All is right with the Universe.
2.) You are in the right place,
3.) At exactly the right time,
4.) Doing exactly the right thing,
5.) The Universe is communicating with you to let you know it, and,
6.) Because of 1-5 above, you should let go of every last fear and worry you think is so important and just be happy, so.....
7.) You can create a fantastic new reality for yourself..... and....
8.) Others can see it,
9.) Use it as an example to grow,
10.) Create new realities for themselves, and.......
11.) Heal the Earth, the Sun and the Solar System, hence,
12.) Make the entire Universe a higher vibrational place than it was before that, so that
13.) both you and the Universe can progess to the next higher step that awaits.

Here's my latest synchronicity experience. Hope you find it as amusing as I did.

"Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray and Andie McDowell is a favorite movie of mine. Watched it on the evening of 2/2/12 with my wife. The next morning I got up to do the same morning routine of make the coffee, open the cat food cans, get their fresh water bowl filled, etc.

While finishing up these tasks and wondering to myself if every morning was going to be just like this all the time, I also wondered what time it was and looked over at the digital clock on the coffee maker.

As soon as my eyes focused on its red LCD numbers, I saw it change from 5:59 to 6:00 am and let out a huge guffaw because........

that's the premise of the movie Groundhog Day is that every day starts out the same for the Phil Conners character with the clock flipping its paddle numbers over from 5:59 to 6:00am every day, same ol day for who knows many times until he gets every last instance of his day so perfect because he's changed his inner self, that he's allowed to progress to the next day of reality.

Certainly, I've had many other synchronicity occurrances in my life, like when you say a phrase to someone next to you in the car and the radio says that exact same phrase less than one second later or a truck passes by with the same phrase lettered on it side, but, this was just the latest little amuser to let me know all of the 1-13 items listed above.

What's a synchronicity experience you want to share?


5th February 2012, 20:45
Hi there, great thread. One that has a bearing on many other phenomenon (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?31076-Ear-tones-Repetitive-s-Implants-Synchronicities-and-Ascension), as i'm sure many here in PA can attest to from personal experience. A simple synchronicity is thinking of someone and the phone rings and its them. One that happens to me a lot these days is talking about or thinking about something and then, right at the moment when I say a phrase or think one, I read or hear that exact same phrase somewhere. See it on an ad, hear it on the radio, or someone says it.

Always an indication of exactly the points you make above. Thank you for this thread and for sharing your enthusiasm. :bounce:

5th February 2012, 20:53
Well, a light hearted synchonisity. Discussing with my daughter the band, 'the Pogues'. Commenting on the lead singer, talented but mainly drunk!! Well I have my iPod on shuffle most of the time and the next day I must have heard about six different 'Pogue' songs. It didn't seem random at all!!

6th February 2012, 01:13
Thankyou for drawing attention to this vital experience.
Synchronicity has become a way of life, Here was my first post, there are a few synchronicities with this story.

Alex Laker
6th February 2012, 01:17
Hi there, great thread. One that has a bearing on many other phenomenon, as i'm sure many here in PA can attest to from personal experience. A simple synchronicity is thinking of someone and the phone rings and its them. One that happens to me a lot these days is talking about or thinking about something and then, right at the moment when I say a phrase or think one, I read or hear that exact same phrase somewhere. See it on an ad, hear it on the radio, or someone says it.

Always an indication of exactly the points you make above. Thank you for this thread and for sharing your enthusiasm.

Well this is absurd. I was about to reply saying almost the exact same thing before having read your reply - like I learn a word for the first time, and then I see it everywhere for the next few days...

So there. I just experienced synchronicity. Right here in this thread.

Limor Wolf
6th February 2012, 02:21
Synchronicities began to be part of my life since the first moment of my 'wake-up call' in january 2006...It started by being prompted round hours on the clock. some hidden hand was waking me up in the middle of the night,or making me pay attention in a crowded room to the clock - it was always 05:00,03:00.18:00 etc.
Later on it continued with 11:11
My conscious mentoring that continues till this day has began. You can read about the begining of my journey and some of the synchronicities involved in here -


There are many many examples and stories I can share,but this one might be a little more relevent :)

Bill ryan and the swiss groundcrew were organizing a conference in summer 2009, I heard about it and even send email to ask how much will it cost, but the truth was I couldn't afford to go, even though I had this strong urge, but was not at all sure.
One afternoon while ironing my uniform preparing to go to work I was listening to (I think it was the first program) the 'whistleblowers radio' where Bill and Kerry were talking about the intentional event. Bill was saying that many people registerd already from many countries around the world, and mentioned the word 'Israel'. I wasn't sure that I heard right (since I didn't register than and I wasn't aware to others from Israel that follow camelot) So I put the iron aside and rewind to hear it again. I began to listen, when Bill mentioned 'Israel',I stopped. it was exactly 1 hour and 11 minutes to the show.
it seemed that I had to go :)

On my way to work (At the airport) going down the stairs I met my neighbor, she asked about my cats and offered to babyseat them if I to go away...at work I approached my boss and asked if there is any possibility for me to get a cheap flight ticket, the next day she called me to confirm that swissair gave me an employee price (it was utterly nice since I was not an employee)...that night I found a discounted hotel price for travel agents in the middle of city center (zurich). so off I went :)

I attended the Zurich conference on july 2009. on the second evening there was a panel discussion and the audience was invited to ask some written questions. A couple of days before my arriving to zurich it became known that the Israeli government decided to condition child allowence (a regular support that every family gets) with compulsory vaccines. being familiar with the control agenda of the elite and their intentions towords humanity I had the urge to raise this subject. When having such a knowledgable and well respected group of people on stage it was only natural to want to hear their advice and point of view.

This question was picked up by Bill (Ryan) and delivered to member of the panel - Dan Burisch, he in turn has decided to take a more scientific stance and backed up vaccinations, from than on the discussion became quite controversial and stormy.

Two weeks later after coming back to Israel I learned that Bill was accused on writing the question himself. I permitted to give my name.

My name has appeard in the video of the panel discussion -(from 03:08 minute)


A couple of weeks later a guy from my country wich has initiated the best alternative news information website in Israel called "Different truth project" has asked me to moderate the new forum that will accompany the site (probably based on the video and me partcipating in the conference),that gave me quite a good experience to connect with people on those subjects wich I did not have till than.
My participation in the Avalon translation project was accompanied with more synchronicities (that involve numbers),I was led to Avalon forum when Bill has kept quiet right before the charles saga ,I became a moderator here for a while, and here I am writing to you about this chain of events...

Thank you AT for allowing us the possibility to share our synchronicity stories here. I am sure there will be quite remarkable ones.




6th February 2012, 02:27
Hi there, great thread. One that has a bearing on many other phenomenon, as i'm sure many here in PA can attest to from personal experience. A simple synchronicity is thinking of someone and the phone rings and its them. One that happens to me a lot these days is talking about or thinking about something and then, right at the moment when I say a phrase or think one, I read or hear that exact same phrase somewhere. See it on an ad, hear it on the radio, or someone says it.

Always an indication of exactly the points you make above. Thank you for this thread and for sharing your enthusiasm.

Well this is absurd. I was about to reply saying almost the exact same thing before having read your reply - like I learn a word for the first time, and then I see it everywhere for the next few days...

So there. I just experienced synchronicity. Right here in this thread.

When reading books about synchronicities I discovered that they multiplied enormously. Later life went back to normal. Again later I read another book about it, and they multiplied again. That's how I discovered that where I put my mind the universe would answer back with more of the same.
Where focus goes energy flows...became one of those few truths which I now consider absolute, although most things are relative.

6th February 2012, 06:15
Having been stabbed by an unknown assailent for money, I began my rehabilitation and all that was offered was pharmaceuticals. I immediately knew that these were not going to help.

After trying a few pills, I began searching out alternative methods to help me overcome my "PTSD". I stumbled across a review of a book. That book was Dreamhealer. After ordering the book and letting it sit on my bookshelf for far too long. I read it. Needless to say, it resonated with me deeply. Dreamhealer is written by Adam, a young "Native American" such as myself. I searched for a website and found that he put on healing seminars across North America. I immediately put a request in for the Vancouver seminar and was told it was sold out. The next day I received an email stating that there was an opening. After accepting, I checked my other emails and found a seat sale to Vancouver for next to nothing. Booked it. Checked next email and it was for hotel deals, and a super cheap deal for the hotel across the road from the hotel the seminar was being held at. Talk about synchronicity. I live in the far north of Canada in a smal town of 1300, so for me, a trip to Vancouver is quite the trek.

The seminar was electric and people I met were amazing. This was the beginning of my re-alignment, thus the synchronicities.

6th February 2012, 06:53
Great thread :)

I have many examples, but will choose one of my favorites to share.

Many years ago I was travelling through Mexico and central America. I spent about a month in a small town (San Cristobal) with a guy I had met there. One day he gave me a necklace that had been his. He had bought it from a girl who sold jewelery on the street. He decided that he wanted to get another one for himself so we went to find the girl. She didn't have any more left, but there was something about her, I felt that I wanted to know her. A couple of months later I was in a small town in Guatemala and met this guy who I felt a great affinity to. After we had hung out for a few days, he asked me where I had gotten my necklace from. When I told him that a friend in San Cristobal had given it to me he laughed and said "I remember that guy, my wife sold him that necklace". When we later travellled back to San Cristobal together I met his wife and we became the best of friends. 14 years later and we still consider eachother soul sisters.

6th February 2012, 15:40
Last year I was visiting NYC on an annual pilgrimage (of sorts) with a friend to hear a musical performance. Each year we go we agree to a certain amount of (the illusion called) money to give to the homeless people that we inevitably cross paths with (secular tithing). As money was 'tight' for both of us last year, we decided upon $20 each. We went about our day walking through endless streets, observing the multitudinous energies swarming around us and late in the day found ourselves in a sketchy (read dangerous) situation not far from the river. 'Out of the blue' came an elderly black woman to our aid. I sat down with her in a fenced playground on a swing set and she proceeded to sing to me gospel songs while my friend photographed us. I ended up giving her the remaining $5 of the money allocated for this purpose. She blessed me with a hand on my head and we headed for the river.

Now, this area we were in was strewn with trash and it was particularly windy that day. Stuff was blowing everywhere. As I was walking, a piece of paper blew onto my calf and stuck there as if it had been held by an unseen force. Looked down and it was a $20 bill! The giving...and the returning. I was amazed and thankful for this message of synchronicity.

6th February 2012, 17:30
I experienced synchronicity many times, but the one time that I will always remember happened just over 2 years ago. I woke up one Friday morning to a phone call from my father (my closest family members live in different country than me and my sisters). It was 8am. My dad told me then that my mum suffered sudden heart failure, stayed in clinical death for over half an hour before coming back. He told me that, and asked me to convey the message to my sisters, who live in the same place as myself. I remember very clearly getting up, dressing and getting down to my car to drive to my sister to giver her the news, constantly thinking, that my mum could die any minute now and being really down. As soon as I turned the ignition on, the radio started and the song that I heard brought tears to my eyes - it was Journey, "Dont Stop Believin". I knew then that something is trying to send me a message - don't worry, it'll be all right. And indeed, it is.

Tarka the Duck
6th February 2012, 18:19
When I left college at the age of 21, I wanted to take some time out (this was relatively unusual in 1978) so I hitched a ride with my parents, who were driving to Italy for a holiday. We had a wonderful few weeks and then, on the way home, the idea was for them to drop me in Rome, where I planned to stay in a cheap hotel and get a job teaching English. However, after a couple of days in Rome, I decided it didn't "feel" right, and as they were driving north through Florence, I changed my plans and drove up there with them. I immediately felt completely at home in that city.
I stayed in a cheap hotel, and began job hunting. A couple of days later, I met a couple of English girls who were about to return to the UK, and they told me their flat was available to rent. It was tiny and very inexpensive, so I moved in. Upstairs lived an American artist and we become friends.
One afternoon, I popped up to his flat - and there was another artist there, having a cup of tea. We were introduced, and as he was English too, I stayed for a chat. He invited us both up to his flat the following day, in the hills outside the city. I ended up going alone the following morning...and that was that. He proposed 2 weeks later, and we've spent the last 33 years together - and it gets better every day.
The funny thing is that he'd gone to live in Florence to start a new life as a fine artist, having 'given up women' after a divorce. A couple of days before we met, he had been asked by an lady who was travelling around Europe whether he'd like to accompany her. He thought about it, but like me, it hadn't "felt right". She was called Kathy.
A couple of days later, he met the "right" Kathie...;)


6th February 2012, 20:13
I love stories like that Tarka.

Stuart M.
7th February 2012, 00:47
Well hey, here's one I had that for me was amazing. A day after reading some Wilcock material on energy vortexs and what not
( this was very early in my intro to such info) I pulled into our job site and for no particular reason parked in a different area than I had for the preceeding month or so. So I go to the back of the truck to remove some tools and as I reach over the tailgate the dead center of my forhead becomes noticeably warmer. I'm a little surprised and step back and the heat subsides. I'm thinking ok, some kind of bodily adjustment or something.
I reach back in and same thing. Now I'm thinking ok something external is causing this. I just happen to look towards the house we were building and see the suns rays hitting a window. Low and behold , the window set at aprox 45 degrees to the rising sun, had reflected its rays directly to what felt like dead center of my forehead, (tested and confirmed by hand in same position) and this is absolute truth, I was no less than 35-40 ft. from the window ! I was really taken back and later new that there was valididty in the new found info on energy. A little cosmic wink so to speak ? ;)

Aetheric Traveler
7th February 2012, 03:07
Wonderful stories, keep 'em coming! Thanks!


7th February 2012, 16:24
I love stories like that Tarka.
Me too, but it's only been 33 years. It may not last. ;)

This flirts with one of my favorite words, serendipity. With the proper mindset and intention the universe places people, things, or ideas in our path. It's our job to take action on those that resonate with us. This is an inate skill most have lost. Trust your heart and intuition and take that action! As Abraham and Ester Hicks say, "get into that vortex"!

8th February 2012, 01:44
When I was aged 8, I stayed with my older brother, aged 9, with my elderly grandparents.

We had not visited that city before, so were unfamiliar with its streets & layout etc.

One morning my grand-dad asked my brother & I to go to the local shop for a loaf of bread, butter & ounce of backy.
My Grandmother was still in bed when we left.
We had been once to that shop with him before, it was about quarter of a mile away.

The shop was on corner of a circular green, with about 5 streets running off it.

On way back, we took the wrong street, and ended up about a mile away, in opposite direction from the house & shop,- at a local park.
We were both getting worried, as we did not know the address of the house.

Then we noticed an old lady sitting on a bench, and decided to go ask her for help

When we got closer we saw that it was our grandmother. She greeted us with “Hello lads, I have been waiting for you, lets go home, you must be hungry”

It was not until I was aged about 15, and living nearby with my family, that I realised that my grandmother had somehow ‘tuned into us’ to come rescue us, -- in the totally oposite direction from the shop!

8th February 2012, 04:04
A slight variable of the thread, but within the synchronicity field: Synchronising Matter to secure outcomes.

Anecdotally it all seems to be based upon energy and awareness of direction. I could give simple examples of material gain from child to adulthood-some of which are quite funny, like focusing on have a holiday package in Paris, to then having the wining ticket, to receiving the price, and then someone else in the crowd awakes to discover that they also have the same coloured/numbered ticket-a quick exit.

But seriously it takes on a whole different level when meditation and yoga becomes an established part of daily living. One begins to see, one can steer the vibrational currents. Within health care if one expands (from presence) out you can see all the variables within a community that can contribute to trauma, and then work through them. It's a win win situation. If one doesn't do this it's like a being a leaf in the wind and whatever gets blown your way.

Energy and practise flux's but when one is really focused/fit/energetic of mind, with expansion it can do.....?I'm sure there is some theoretical framework based on quantum physics or such or explored within the tantra schools- all that might quench a rational viewers thirst and give anecdotal experience some validity. With time it will arise.

but such developments are just seen as by products and not occupations within good meditation/yoga schools/practise.

8th February 2012, 04:42
Not sure this is exactly synchronicity but I'll tell it anyway. One time I was walking on a beach and I realized that I had lost a necklace that had stayed with me through losing many other things. I really wanted to find it. My friend and I looked everywhere for about half an hour with no luck. Suddenly I saw another friend on the beach that I didn't know so well coming toward me. I just had this feeling that he could find the necklace. I walked up to him and told him what had happened and he just went straight to the place where the necklace was, picked it up and gave it to me.

8th February 2012, 06:48
I love these stories! It's great fun to read them. Here is one of my favorites:

My niece and I were traveling to Bangor, Maine for my daughter's wedding. We had not coordinated our travel plans and it turned out she had mistakenly booked her flight to Portland, which she thought was near Bangor - but it isn't - somebody would have to drive 2 hours to Portland to pick her up and then 2 hours back. We would be leaving home on the same plane but then we would switch planes in Cincinnati, where my plane to Bangor would leave 5 minutes before her plane to Portland.

I suggested we talk to the airlines people and see if they could just switch her ticket at Cincinnati to my plane. She kept saying "They're never going to do it. They'll charge me $300 to do it." She had already checked out their policies online, and that's what they said. She being a student, and me being an artist, the $300 was a big deal for both of us even though I volunteered to help her pay it if they ended up charging her.

Before we boarded together on the first leg of our journey, we talked with the airlines people and told our story. Sure enough, they wouldn't do it, they'd charge her the price for a whole new ticket even though there actually WAS a seat available on my plane out of Cincinnati.

I said, "Well, okay, we'll try again in Cincinnati." Again, she kept saying, "They'll never do it!"

In Cincinnati I stood aside while she went up to talk to the airlines people. I didn't hear what she said, but I saw her telling her story, and I saw the airlines person checking the computer and then shaking her head "No." And then a very surprised expression came over the airline person's face: My niece's name had popped up on the computer screen AT THAT VERY MOMENT, switching her booking to Bangor on the same plane with me, AT NO CHARGE. She looked at me and nodded her head "Yes."

It took a great deal of restraint to keep myself from jumping up in the air and laughing like a crazy person.

Personally, I call this a miracle.

8th February 2012, 09:52
dont think this is strictly synchronicity as its not a paticularly meaningful coincidence but its humourous. Last friday afternoon at 2.15 i was thinking about getting tickets to david hockneys exhibition when the phone rang, i left it and listened to the message later on the answerphone. It was from a woman unknown to me calling her friend so wrong number obviously,but she said "PA M I CANT GET TICKETS TO DAVID HOCKNEY SORRY.Jungs essay on the subject got me into all this stuff when i was a teenager so i will blame him.Regards Shijo.