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6th February 2012, 13:54
Hello everyone,

This is my first thread so bear with me...

There has been a lot of talk about timelines lately and which one will be finally prevail.
For some reason the repeated use of "convergence" got my attention.

Convergence - Merriam-Webster:
1: the act of converging and especially moving toward union or uniformity; especially : coordinated movement of the two eyes so that the image of a single point is formed on corresponding retinal areas

3 : independent development of similar characters (as of bodily structure of unrelated organisms or cultural traits) often associated with similarity of habits or environment

Beforehand, I do not claim any special powers, secret knowledge or channeling of any sort. I just thought it might be useful to discuss an alternative view I had on this, in a semi-dream state.

What I saw was the same earth as we know it (no splitting of the earth or higher realms etc), but people were "aware" and they were given the opportunity to make a conscious decision in selecting which "reality" they wanted to live in:

A) Continue their life as nothing has happened, still wearing the nice suit, going to work, shop at the supermarket, etc, "the known life..."

B) Live free in sort of communities (not in cities), lin accordance with nature, a more spiritual oriented and fulfilling life.

As far as the second option goes, those communities had a built-in protection / immunity from government / military intervention. They were left alone to pursue whatever path they chose. The PTB/W were not allowed to interfere, not really "allowed" but prohibited as there was nothing they could do about it.

Now in the first option, the majority of people inside didn't get a wake-up call and had no clue of what happened. To them it was a turbulent time but the authorities put it under control for the sake of everybody.

The most troubling part of this vision was, people that knew what was going on "aka the truth", refuse to take the responsibility of doing the actual personal inner work that was required by them, and instead they chose to give-in to old habits of "comfort" and returned to "live and work" for the old system, like the slave that runs back to his master because he does not know what to do with his newly found freedom.

On the other hand the existence itself of this Free Cell outside the system, served as a beacon for the people within the walls, so they could wake-up and pursue that path of self awareness and forbidden knowledge.

In closing, this leaves me with the impression that no global extinction event will take place, nor a global ascension. Something will change that will allow us to exercise true free-will without the interference from TPTW, but it will be up to each individual to do the work and experience heaven or hell here on earth. I have no idea if an intervention took place, but I choose to focus on the outcome.

For me this is the convergence of the two timelines.
Maybe this convergence was happening for a long time now! Who knows?

Any thoughts are most welcome.