View Full Version : Bank of America, does not accept u.s. dollars as payment

7th February 2012, 20:15
Vid 1 of 4 Inside Bank of America DOES NOT accept U.S. DOLLARS as payment on mortgages in AMERICA?!?

Vid 2 of 4 Inside Bank of America, refusing to countersign a check from Farmers Insurance.

Vid 3 of 4 Outside Bank of America, Dumb-Ass-Cop accusing me of "Casing the Bank!"

Vid 4 of 4 Outside Bank of America, Cops telling me that if I enter BofA again, I'LL BE ARRESTED!

8th February 2012, 02:18
OMG...I can't believe what I just viewed in these 4 videos! So he can't even go back in the bank to close out his accounts?

We left B/A and went to our local credit union when they took away our VIP accounts after 30 yrs. but still have our mortgage with them. I do believe we still pay with cash. Not sure...will have to ask my husband.

Thanks for sharing this with us. Still in shock!