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8th February 2012, 13:43
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TUNING IN is a truly unique feature-length spiritual documentary, the result of 10 years of inquiry into the phenomenon of spirit channeling by filmmaker David Thomas. Channeling is a practice dating back to antiquity wherein an individual, usually in a trance state, makes a psychic connection with a spirit being. The "channeler" is then able to act as a dimensional go-between in bringing other humans in contact with the entity, as well as interpreting messages from the entity.

For the very first time, six of America's prominent channelers are featured in the same film in order to gain insight into the phenomenon, as well as the information being received. They are Lee Carroll--channel for Kryon, John Cali--channel for Chief Joseph, Shawn Randall--channel for Torah, Darryl Anka--channel for Bashar, Geoffrey Hoppe--channel for Tobias and Wendy Kennedy--channel for the Pleiadian Collective.

The entities coming through—each with a strong and distinct personality—were interviewed at length by the filmmaker and the result is remarkable: across space and time it appears the entities are speaking as one, delivering a clear and profound message of empowerment for humankind.












Earth Angel
9th February 2012, 05:17
Thanks Viking....just watched it all and it was very uplifting. Loved it.
Strangely (or not) I was trying to find the thread so I could thank you for post this and was going through page after page on todays posts, and I remembered some of what they said about how powerful we are and I said to myself " I am just going to think now that I will find this with ease" and the very next thread title I read was this! Going to bed now much happier than I was last night after watching Kay Griggs ....a much more comfortable feeling in my heart tonight! Many thanks!