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10th February 2012, 13:00
This show that the alternative media IS working. After Tony Farrell watched several items he no longer believed what he was told by his seniors.

Tony Farrell, a former Principal Intelligence Analyst at South Yorkshire Police talks about his dismissal from the force, his ongoing employment tribunal case and his analysis of 9/11 and the 7/7 London bombings.

Tony also provides a powerful warning to law enforcement officers in the UK regarding the encroaching police state; and he believes that officers need to honour their own mantra, 'justice with courage'. 

Tony argues there should be 'no sacred cows' and that no part of the government or intelligence services should be off limits to police investigation and subsequent accountability.


Fundy Gemini
10th February 2012, 13:07
Excellent! Thank you for sharing this - it brings great hope :)
(and no wonder they're working so hard to find way to reign-in YouTube and alternative media!)
.. the minions are finding their power .. one by one by one.. by hundreds, by thousands, BY MILLIONS

10th February 2012, 13:53
Yes thanks Pie n eal, its an excellent vid and does renew hope that many more are begining to think for themselves.