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11th February 2012, 01:11
So now you can put your brain back together...


Dennis Leahy
11th February 2012, 02:09

Let's see if Jill Bolte Taylor can tear the hemisphere's back apart again:

(this video was, I believe, poorly titled by the YouTube uploader. Most strokes are probably very different than this experience. The real title is: "A Stroke of Insight.")


Dennis Leahy
11th February 2012, 02:23
xbusymom, that is a very interesting video.


11th February 2012, 03:41
Just seeing this as I'm logging out! Will get back here first thing!

11th February 2012, 23:35
ok..., so in vid 1 it talks about the central core (corpus callosum) that is connecting both hemispheres as being a kind of 'inhibitor' or restraining point for each of the sides to each other...(left side= narrow focus; right side= broad awareness)

and in vid 2 it re-supports the old paradigm of the separate perceptions (left side = structure, details, organization, and language which is a categorizing functionality; right side = concepts, extrapolation and predictive) and that the communication between the two sides of the brain malfunctioned when the familiar translation pathways were disrupted

what I surmised from both is that both videos are saying exactly the same thing:
left side= physical/tangible /(body)/ dividing the whole into parts / vision of micro
right side= emotional/ non-tangible /(mind)/ including the parts into the whole/ vision of macro

to take this to a level of understanding in modern terms... I'll use the computer as a comparison:
what if the left side is the software programming... a sort of translator of the body (directory structure; translation from binary program code into what we can comprehend) *focusing on the parts

and the right side is the hardware coding of the mind (the BIOS “operating system” of the the computer that no one ever sees) incorporating all the parts as a working whole -knowing that the whole could not function if all the parts weren't operating

so then what becomes required is a kind of overlapping or merging of the two sides in order to attain full comprehension or recognition...

if that is the case then the corpus callosum is actually the decoder-translator-joiner component that acts as a balancer between one extreme and the other

12th February 2012, 00:22
"My Stroke of Insight" is the title of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor's amazing story of her stroke experience and 8 year recovery process. I read the book a few years ago and am so glad you posted this!
Science is broadening it's perspective, in part, because scientists/physicians/scholars are speaking about their personal experiences!