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22nd March 2010, 18:48
Perhaps the most famous Bible Verse is John 3:16 in the New Testament where Jesus allegedly said, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” This is the exact wording from the King James Version of the Holy Bible, the most widely accepted version of the Holy Bible.

Unfortunately, for all mankind, this verse is not only a lie, but has served to force Christianity upon people in the most destructive fashion imaginable. This false teaching, initially attributed to Jesus by the Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 A.D., has been instrumental in the murdering of millions of innocent people over the past 1700 years.

In 325 A.D., there were numerous religions being practiced around the world. Constantine found it difficult to control people who worshipped gods perceived to be wiser and more powerful than any man, including the Roman Emperor. Constantine preferred to think of himself as a god, at least the most god-like man on Earth, and he fully expected everyone else to give him the respect a god like him deserved.

Therefore, Constantine decided to start his very own religion, centre it around Jesus of Nazareth, make Jesus the only son of God, and make it possible for people to gain entry into Heaven ONLY if they become members of his new church and believe that Constantine, The First Pope, is the only divine human on Earth allowed to grant people access to both God and entry into Heaven.

This same lie about the Pope being the most divine of all men and the Catholic Church being the ONLY path to God and Heaven is still being sold by the Catholic Church today. They continue to threaten eternal damnation in Hell for anyone who rejects this horrendous lie.

Constantine used his power and influence to literally force people to become members of his new church, the ONLY way for people to gain access to God and Heaven. When people refused to cooperate, they were labelled heretics and either forced out of town or put to death.

Constantine’s new form of Christianity and his new church, The Church of Rome has become what we know today as the Roman Catholic Church. In order for Constantine to properly sell his new religion, help it grow, and strengthen his ability to control people at the same time, he needed a rule book, A Bible, to eliminate any confusion and make sure people were doing what he wanted them to do.

Therefore, in 325 A.D. Constantine commissioned the writing of the first bible and Constantine also served as the Editor of the first Christian Bible. Of course, he carefully constructed his Bible to be primarily a source of control for him, but this new bible and his new religion also had to be widely perceived as a source of wisdom and goodness.

Constantine carefully infused the lies he needed for control with the truth he needed to effectively sell this new religion. Many of the original teachings of Jesus and other spiritual teachers were not included in Constantine’s new Bible for obvious control reasons.

Since the discovery of both the Dead Sea Scrolls in Israel and the Nag Hammadi Library in northern Egypt in the 1940’s and 1950’s, we have learned of numerous writings from Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Thomas, Philip, and others which contain powerful teachings suppressed by Constantine.

Much of the suppressed information pertained to the teachings of Jesus and others regarding the divine nature of all things, the all pervading nature of God, the fact that everything consists of this God. They taught about the Holy Trinity actually referring to the Omnipresence of God, the Omnipotence of God, and the Omniscience of God.

Jesus, Mary, and others were all regarded as great teachers of truth. There was far more discussion about the divine feminine which Constantine’s Bible almost totally suppressed. The truth about the divinity of mankind was suppressed by Constantine.
The idea that each human being is literally a child of God, making all of us brothers and sisters so to speak was suppressed.

The idea of an eternal life in Hell was heavily emphasised by Constantine’s Bible and his new church all for obvious control reasons. Jesus and the more spiritually minded teachers freely and openly talked of the possibility of such things as reincarnation as a form of training. Those truths and character traits we fail to honour and demonstrate in one life will be honoured and demonstrated in future incarnations.

No, ladies and gentlemen, the Great Lie is John 3:16. Jesus and his more spiritually minded friends who believed in the ONENESS of GOD and the divinity of ALL people, including ALL men and women, would have never have told the lie credited to him in John 3:16.

Of course, the Catholic Church has evolved into the most evil and destructive institution in world history. For well documented proof of this, simply refer to Vatican Assassins
by Eric Jon Phelps. You can also refer to any number of works by the late Avro Manhattan.

Reproduced from http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread553841/pg1


22nd March 2010, 18:56
You have a thumbs up from me!!!

22nd March 2010, 19:30
So much can be learned when clarity is offered.

thank you

1st April 2010, 16:54
100% agree. The universe is starting to agree also. The pope is being brought down to earth by the latest accusations of him hiding the truths about priests and their molestations of innocents.

I am hoping this news story gets bigger and the ball continues to roll on it. The pope has to be seen as a man, not as a saint. The churches are not what they seem, as most of us know.

love & light

1st April 2010, 17:24
:thumb: post Gareth. Constantine has a lot to answer for. From my own research, he was a practicing pagan all his life and was responsible for deleting the reincarnation teachings from the original scriptures in fear that he may suffer the consequences himself!

What makes me ‘laugh’ is that couple of years ago the Vatican announced that whoever made a pilgrimage to their establishment in that year would not go to purgatory and masses actually believed it. They made a damned good profit that year. I can never understand how so many can fall for any of it?!

I would also really like to know the real reason Vatican has closed their library to the public?

26th January 2011, 09:44
What you have to remember is that the bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) was never written by
any one person in any one century. It was a collection of manuscripts written over a period of around two thousand years (maybe even longer).
Obviously many manuscripts were left out because it never fitted the churches view on things.
Tell a story long enough and you end up with chinese whispers.
That's not to say a lot of what is in the bible is not true, just that you must decide each and everyone of you how the
contents resonates with you.

26th January 2011, 12:15
It will be a good firestarter when the lights go out.

Top Ten uses for a bible:

10. Paper weight
9. Kindling for the fireplace.
8. Book end.
7. Centerpiece of your pagan ritual pentagram (covered with goat skin
and virgin blood)
6. Recycle!! (there a lot of waste paper in there)
5. Hold a bible throwing contest!
4. Amaze your friends!! Throw your voice!!! Using the holy spirit.
3. See how good of a paper airplane you can make out of that ultra-thin
bible page paper.
2. Stand on a corner handing out bibles until someone spits in your face,
beats you up, and calls you a fundie.

And the number one use for a bible:

1. Use it to trick yourself into believing that you actually have a life,
that there is a god, and that when you die you are going to heaven to
spend the rest of eternity in bliss, singing the praises of God.

Charlie Pecos
26th January 2011, 12:50
Thank you, Gareth!

I have known all of this (Generally speaking) since I was a little kid. How could a little child know this? My mom made me go to church every sunday and I knew it was such BS! I knew that to be close to, at one with, my creator, I needed but to go outside where the creator exists in all things. "you will not find me in buildings made of brick or stone, but overturn a rock; split a piece of wood, I am there" Gospel of Saint Thomas

26th January 2011, 15:53
Indeed ladies and gentlemen.

When I came across the nag Hammadi codices I thought "well" how about that, but thats not to say the ptw have not had there grubby little fingers in them as well.

I was recently reading some of Anton Parks writings, can't remember the website I found it on(I'll get back to you on that) which was translated from french by (?) I'll get back to you on that as well, but it was fascinating. All about how Anton Parks had these "downloads" or dreams over many years of his life about someone called Saam which turns out to be Enki.

It goes right back to the beginning of our history and how we came about, and how the Anannuki came about and all the others and what they were trying to achieve with all the cloning. Which reminds me of the Charles information because there were a lot of different species that were genetically made to order and a lot who came here from other places at the same time to establish bases and settle here for a place to escape the war in our solar system started by the reptiles and other species.

The war if I remember was going on because the female royal reptilians who were of the highest order(apparently this is where the female/male thing started) were creators and the males they made were supposed to be for protection and companionship,but they wanted to take over and rule themselves and find out the secret language which had power of some sort.

Its a very long story and is still going on, there is to be more updates to the story because the translator is in speaking with the author Anton Parks to get the rest of the stories converted to english so more people can read it.

I found the Charles and his master stories interesting because they sound like species from Antons dreams and I had read these before I heard Charles talking about all this 5000 years old and 17000 years ago stuff, they are and we for that matter a mixture of genetics from many different species from all over the cosmos. Mainly the Pleaides and Orion and Sirion, but the story so far came up to Atlantis and Lemuria and into Egypt timelines.(Osiris/horus/thoth).

It states that Enki and many others were all over the Earth for a very long time and that Enlil who was created by Enki was ordained by AN (Anu) the creator of Enki as the SATAM which means the great administrator, which is were the word Satan comes from. Enki was the chief scientist and he and his mother(creator) were responsible for making all the different species of clones and only wanted all his creations to live in piece and health and harmony with education and advancement in there development. Also the grey's were made by Enlil and AN and other species of beings that came here, to be of a hive mentality to work for the reptilians and be slave masters over the first cloned species that were before us which were to work in the gardens/crops/goldmines/dig waterways/orchards/ and generally build the cities and work themselves to death all for the masters. Now AN, Enki, Enlil, and the other leaders were not reptilian, they created the
Anunnuki as soldiers for fighting the war and being a higher race to be over seers. from what I could tell quite a few of these species that came here had shape shifting abilities and could use the power of there mind to do things,even as a weapon.

This is were the problems for Enki really got going because of his beloved creations, they were to be slaves/food and treated very poorly which Enki decided if this is whats going to happen to my creations I'll do what I can to advance them and help them with out permission from the Satam(satan) and he got himself in a lot of trouble because of it. Now this gets into the garden of eden and the bible and the local wars with all the ancient cultures of Earth having there stories and myths about gods and chariots in the sky's and pyramids all over the place and one language being mixed up into many(babylon) and even the passing of Saturn which caused a pole shift with biblical flood because of a planet that was destroyed out there next to Jupiter by weapons of mass destruction, the war was still raging and apparently it is still is. The pyramid at Giza was built as an amplifier and communication and power generator which was used amongst other things to re-incarnate Horus from Osiris by two female beings,Osiris is Enki and Horus. all these beings live so long that we just know them as different names by way of them moving around the Earth to the different cultures throughout our generations.

All these species are said to have believed in a creator of the utmost they called THE ONE who came before anybody, was a duality, male and female, Yin/Yang who started the whole thing from the beginning.

So If Anton Parks is telling the truth about how somehow he had an entity called Saam(Enki) download all this info into his mind over many years(and who's to say he didn't, truth can be way stranger than fiction) we can see were the mythology comes into it.

If Charles master is one of the bloodlines from all these creations and even Charles himself maybe has part of this in him as well we might be dealing with something that is quite profound and history changing to put it mildly.

Either Anton Parks just stumbled on the same ideas for a story or he has inside information of the 33 and the master or I'm just clutching at straws with all this.

Something resonates about this with me but I can't put my finger on it yet, apparently Jesus was a son of Gabriel(name could be changed from one of the species that were here for a long time already) and was to try and bring an understanding to the people of the deception that was being bought against them by Enlil and AN who were the gods of the bible and were only interested in controlling us humans and do not want us to find out who we really are and where we came from.
Obviously that didn't go well.

We have all been placed with a seed of light from the ONE, a part of the creator of all no matter if a race of advanced beings has genetically developed us or not its our soul in part connected to our higher self, but the human bodies dna has been tampered with to switch off bits to keep us from reaching our true potential which frightens them because we are more than they will ever be.

The gospel of Thomas is very good reading (nag hammadi) as are all the codices. I'll have to find the references to all the Anton Parks stories that have been translated because it is very interesting especially since Atticus has been telling us about his Master and the 33.


Edit..28-1-2011......... THE AGES OF URUS.


26th January 2011, 15:57
I was recently reading some of Anton Parks writings, can't remember the website I found it on(I'll get back to you on that) which was translated from french by (?) I'll get back to you on that as well, but it was fascinating. All about how Anton Parks had these "downloads" or dreams over many years of his life about someone called Saam which turns out to be Enki.

Here it is: http://www.zeitlin.net/EndEnchantment/Secrets.html
It's indeed very interesting.

26th January 2011, 20:52
Constantine sent men all over the known world gathering up different versions of the early collection of books and writings that became the bible. They were destroyed as best as he could. He did not want any competing writings that might contradict his version. I've read that he then commissioned transcription of 50 copies to be spread world wide, with instructions for those to be copied and spread. He was pretty successful, eh?

26th January 2011, 23:34
great stuff.

26th January 2011, 23:38
John lied? well he always could spin a good story lol

daddy fishwick
26th January 2011, 23:52
Awesome! Written and compiled by man, not by God. But you also have to admit, they (council of Nicea) created a book of enormous influence that has more than lasted the test of time.

26th January 2011, 23:52
and I knew it was such BS!

Could not agree more. Children know.
The concept of Hell is a failed construct - used only to instil fear and servitude and compliance. The place simply does not exist IMHO

27th January 2011, 00:00
I only realised a short while ago that in the bible genesis 'creation myth' god created man twice :) It was only the second one that 'he' breathed the breath of life into, hm! Kinda supports the genetic modification. Oh and the goyim, (non jewish) according to the jewish law were the first attempt. The improved ones were jewish.

27th January 2011, 00:03
Could not agree more. Children know.
The concept of Hell is a failed construct - used only to instil fear and servitude and compliance. The place simply does not exist IMHO

Unless it's actually the state of consciousness we're in at the moment...;)

27th January 2011, 00:04
If we take the bible literally, who then is Adam if Jesus was "G"od's only begotten son? So many biblical discrepancies, so little time!

28th January 2011, 13:23
Here it is: http://www.zeitlin.net/EndEnchantment/Secrets.html
It's indeed very interesting.

YES... thank you Jetsam, that is it. I forgot where I posted this and after getting side tracked with all the other stuff on Avalon I had to go looking. Then I clicked on the members button and found all my posts, I have added the edit to my post just now


29th January 2011, 04:06
You have been programmed to despise Christianity since birth but you fail to see that those who crucified Jesus Christ are actually governing your lives today

You swallow the propaganda hook line and sinker and actually attack the subverted enemy of those who want to enslave you

You are acting like useful idiots of Judaism

29th January 2011, 07:28
You have been programmed to despise Christianity since birth but you fail to see that those who crucified Jesus Christ are actually governing your lives today

You swallow the propaganda hook line and sinker and actually attack the subverted enemy of those who want to enslave you

You are acting like useful idiots of Judaism

Don't lump me in with this fella!

I feel fully aware of whats going on (isreal etc)

Anybody worth their salt would be up with what is being played out and has been since the year dot.

The crusifiction could have been a hologram for all we know, we weren't there.

Some say he died in India many years later with a family.

I don't subscribe to your pov.


18th April 2013, 17:17
Wooooooow, thanks a lot

19th April 2013, 18:10
Good post. What is the current theological counter to your essay? Surely they have a well sorted argument that takes on the story of Constantine's version of reality.