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18th July 2010, 21:21
I forgive the part of me that causes pain.
I forgive the part of me that turns my back on those in pain.
I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry.

I release the fear of those who cause me pain.
I release the fear of pain.
and walk boldly into my creation - aware.

Thank you.

Breath and release, and weep.

(If you would like to add to this, please do.)

18th July 2010, 21:24
I accept the beauty offered. I accept the love given.

I accept the passions of life.

18th July 2010, 23:12
I forgive the part of me that causes pain.
I forgive the part of me that turns my back on those in pain.
I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry.

Forgiveness is a fascinating subject. In my view it is a really is a significant key to progress. Here are a couple of snippets from one of my favourite works, the Law Of One Material, on forgiveness:

"18.12 Questioner: You stated yesterday that forgiveness is the eradicator of karma. I am assuming that balanced forgiveness for the full eradication of karma would require forgiveness not only of other-selves but also the forgiveness of self. Am I correct?

Ra: I am Ra. You are correct. We will briefly expand upon this understanding in order to clarify.

Forgiveness of other-self is forgiveness of self. An understanding of this insists upon full forgiveness upon the conscious level of self and other-self, for they are one. A full forgiveness is thus impossible without the inclusion of self."


"34.5 Questioner: If an entity develops what is called karma in an incarnation, is there then programming that sometimes occurs so that he will experience catalysts that will enable him to get to a point of forgiveness thereby alleviating the karma?

Ra: I am Ra. This is, in general, correct. However, both self and any involved other-self may, at any time through the process of understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness, ameliorate these patterns. This is true at any point in an incarnative pattern. Thus one who has set in motion an action may forgive itself and never again make that error. This also brakes or stops what you call karma."

"26.27 Questioner: Can you describe the mechanism of the planetary healing?

Ra: I am Ra. Healing is a process of acceptance, forgiveness, and, if possible, restitution. The restitution not being available in time/space, there are many among your peoples now attempting restitution while in the physical."

I have noticed that forgiveness is a key component of healing, along with acceptance of self. I sincerely hope your process of healing, forgiveness and acceptance of self can continue to completion.



19th July 2010, 00:10
The Course in Miracles sys more or less that you eventually come to the point of realizing that there never was anything to forgive.

My understanding is that this is a place where we can first learn to forgive, to love.
For example the villain is the perfect villain Hitler the perfect Hitler. Opportunities to forgive--not condone.
Because curently we live in a learning place, a world of duality, there has to be seeming opposites to teach us,
Before graduation -- enlightenment -- there is the realization that every event in our lives was there to teach us.
Everything therefore is the perfect teaching tool.
Therefore there is nothing and no one to forgive including our selves.
We teach our selves through our mistakes.
It takes time to get to that level of pre-graduation--last life time here, so if the need to forgive is felt then thats ok too.

Regards Chris

19th July 2010, 00:34
Beautiful words,if only people put it into practice more often this world would truly glow as it never has,not that i can remember anyway hehe,yes forgiving is wonderful...:grouphug:

Elandiel BernElve
19th July 2010, 10:27
love, forgive and bless

wishing the best for others

21st July 2010, 11:17
A tendril lashes out at us, a sharp word emitted in anger
The sting as the energy dissipates within the emotional body stirs the ego to action
But WAIT Mr Ego - my friend, we are not like that anymore! Nor shall we flatter you by allowing ourselves to grandstand over the forgiving of the attack, we will simply stay silent, or if offered, we will quietly accept amends or apology.
No worries mate, it's nothing really, because I love you.


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21st July 2010, 15:02
Thank you MargueriteBee for such a beautiful thread :love:

Forgiveness is the miracle that heals and transforms.
Forgiving and letting go will lead you down a path of healing and peace.

Forgiveness = FREEDOM
Fear binds the world and forgiveness sets it free
and the only way to experience true peace (inner peace) is
through forgiveness

In forgiving others, you are actually forgiving yourself...
If you don't forgive, then you must judge...

And a quote from a very beautiful soul:

The more we forgive .. the more we Love
The more we love .. the more we enjoy the present moment
The more we enjoy the present moment .. the more we are at peace
The more we are at peace .. the more we balance the world.
Love is every step.

Love for You - mudra

With Love! :love:


21st July 2010, 16:26
I ask to be connected to the non-physical part of me who IS me.
I ask for and expect to receive love, joy and positive guidance.
I am perfect, and becoming more.
It is not my responsibility to please anyone else, nor is it anyone else's job to please me.
I came here to feel good.
If I am not feeling good, it is because life's events have caused me to lose sight of who I really am and why I came here.
I love ME, and all other parts of me, including YOU.

21st July 2010, 22:47
Thank you for the video Illuminate. My heart does not feel as heavy.