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Starry Knight
16th February 2012, 00:17
...so I'm new around here, having recently reached a point of...critical mass. A time when I simply felt that I had basically two options.

A: Shut down and tune everything out, go back to trying to make the best of my 9-5 zombie job, video games and movies while just watching the world which I had suddenly become disconnected from unfold sort of like a rather grotesque TV show.

or B: Take a further plunge down the proverbial rabbit hole.

My personal tipping point was roundabout 2008 during the election events, upon listening to Ron Paul speak, my first live interest in politics. While I pretty much "lol" at the general political game at this point, RP still has a special meaning for me and I think that at the core of his message are the seeds of the greater change that most would like to see come about. Feeling this in the early stages, but lacking more facts, I was hooked on his every word, and upon witnessing his marginalization in the media while the other marionettes danced as per usual, I quickly came to the conclusion "...something is really wrong here."

In the aftermath of the election, while everyone was celebrating Obama, I was very disillusioned. Disgusted, even. Not feeling as though I had any other recourse save to investigate further and figure out what the heck was going on, I made an innocent, curious click on a youtube video featuring Michael Tsarion.

...maybe if I had known then what I was getting into, I would have shut the door on such things early on.

But no, the next thing I knew I was reading Fingerprints of the Gods, one of my earliest non-fiction reads where previously I had lived for sci-fantasy. I also burned through RP's book, Revolution: A Manifesto, that being my true first, willingly read non-fiction book since high-school days.

On and on it went. Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, the popular Wake Up Call video, Jim Marrs's Alien Agenda, the Holographic Universe, astrology stuff, What the Bleep, akashic records, did Jesus exist or didn't he, Ramtha, Urantia Books...all of this culminating recently in Zeitgest and interest in the Venus Project. I occupied a strange grey area where I felt I knew enough...but only enough to know that I had no IDEA what I knew.

Friends and family and Facebook (lol) proved most unhelpful. I forgive myself for it now, but I began reaching out to people in the earliest stages with very little eloquence. These days I've been much more patient and subtle, but still I've hit brick wall after brick wall, with even my closest friends and family looking at me like I had sprouted another head when I even touch upon the MUNDANE idea of corrupt government. That is to say, SUPER corrupt, i.e them trying to poison us etc, for everyone pretty much acknowledges that they are corrupt in general. But it seems like many people still don't take that idea further than sex scandals.

Anyway, Project Camelot/Avalon were among my adventures while trying to get a handle on things, and with my most recent failure to see eye to eye with someone close to home, I came to that make or break point I first mentioned. It was either keep trying to break down barriers of people still caught up in the Matrix, so to speak, or join a community of people who were further along. So here I am.

I think I've made the right decision...but looking at the thousands of posts and threads and ideas, I'm also quite overwhelmed and have no idea where to start. I have to admit that, as far as I've come in my thinking, beliefs and philosophies, I'm still one of those people who would like a little "proof" of the more extraordinary claims. ETs, past lives, that sort of thing. Saying that however, I still can't do anything but fully and wholly accept that SOMETHING is going on. See my dilemma?

And it seems to me that if I still have trouble believing everything, then it seems little wonder that I've alienated everyone still completely in the box. Little wonder that people stray from these subjects, just hope and do their praying, believing that things will sort themselves out in due course. Which I guess they will, depending on one's idea of what such "sorting out" will entail.

Not even sure I made my point with all this. Guess I'm just giving a shout out to all the people out there who think UFO communities, Tarot, Channeling, Bohemian Grove rituals, Bilderberg and Economic Hit-men are just craziness, fiction and fantasy. I think those people are wrong...but they have my utmost sympathy, empathy and understanding for huddling up in the turtle shell of 9-5 and the new Avengers movie.

In the same breath, I'm grateful for people like the community here who prefer to view what I think of as the full spectrum, people willing to put their time, resources and energy into unraveling this very obvious mess in hopes of getting to closer approximations of the truth...whatever it may be.

16th February 2012, 00:29
Starry Knight,

Though a bit older, I resemble your remarks.:cool:

Welcome to Avalon.


Cognitive Dissident
16th February 2012, 00:30
Hi there SK. I think we have all "been there" as you describe one way or another. In fact to the extent that we have to continue to work, etc., for financial reasons, there is always the pressure/temptation to try and forget what you know, kinda like Cypher in the Matrix.
Anyway, my thought here is that knowledge by itself is not enough. There has to be the inner spiritual/emotional/physical work to make you strong enough to deal with reality and to experience positive things despite everything. So obviously good health and nurtrition is absolutely basic, but I would recommend exploring your past lives as a good starting point (using a good hypnotherapist, then you can actually see and describe and reexperience what happened). Let me tell you, you never forget seeing your first death. Just floating out of your body - hang on, that's not me! And then the amazingly intense feelings of reunion with your spirit guides, family, etc., in the spirit world. Very liberating. Kinda puts everything in perspective!

Anyway, welcome to Avalon, you will find many kindred spirits here.
Also, I noticed you are 29. Are you familiar with the concept of the Saturn return? ;) I can also recommend getting a good astrology reading to orient yourself a bit...

16th February 2012, 00:44
Very good post Starr Knight. I am in a similar situation when it comes to this "arena".

It may be tricky to navigate at times for, there seems to be a strange wind blowing right now.

But they say that, "you can't un-hear something", so it is harder to go back to La-La land.

Welcome to Avalon!

Dennis Leahy
16th February 2012, 01:13
Those who have been in many tunnels deep in the labyrinthine rabbit hole have very little idea at all of anything - for sure. All the whistleblower testimony is from people you and I don't know, and even if they are telling the truth as they know it, it's possible the story they tell was "injected" into them. Your gut/intuition/radar is as good as anyone's and the only one you can trust.

Your distrust of the government is well founded. The corruption is very wide, very deep, and has a rich (nearly completely hidden) history. Enough data on false flags is out in the open that we do know for sure false flags is a way of life for the US government (and other governments.) On 9/11, three buildings "fell" at or near free-fall speed - a complete impossibility without explosives (or exotic energy weapons), even if the buildings were made of cheese, much less steel. So, you can put a check-mark next to 9/11 as something you know for sure was a barrel of lies, a false flag, and (even if Zionists - based in Israel and the US - did much of the "job") the US government had to have been in on it.

Eat organic food, install a reverse osmosis unit under your sink for water, turn off the TV, realize the media (movies, magazines, newspapers,..) is all owned by the same cabal that pulls all the government puppets' strings. Connect with your true self, the immortal spirit inside the avatar you drive. Remain skeptical, but don't let that freeze or cripple you.

Oh, welcome to Avalon !


p.s. It would take a massive amount of strong drugs to un-feel what you feel, to un-sense what you sense, to un-know what you (at least suspect that you) know. You can forget about returning to your old 'pretend' life. Besides, now it would bore you to death. :~)

16th February 2012, 01:39
Welcome to the club, Starry Knight, if you'll pardon the cliche...
I'm sure you will find many of us here share your frustration, elation, ennui, alienation, identification, and general feeling of being in a very strange dream.
I'm going to be 64 in a few months, and have been on this ride since 911, when my biggest wake up call occurred.
Though way before that, since I was in my 20s, I was into Zen, Tarot, reincarnation, organic food, back to Nature, entheogens, and much, much more.
Once you see how dumbed down the mainstream culture is, you may feel like you are continually struggling to swim upstream, but there's no way back, so you might as well develop some muscle and enjoy the journey.
You've found a good waystation here on Avalon, so congratulations on getting this far!
This year is probably going to be weirder than most, so we all need to hang on tight...
Hopefully, we should be seeing more clearly as to where we're headed right about this time next year.

16th February 2012, 01:47
Welcome SK, plenty of wise counsel above (epecially from Dennis, he's a gem) !!

There are many many many level of the illusion to "wake up" to, and no particular order to do so, enjoy your trip, and know that when you feel disheartened (as you surely will) you are in good company !


16th February 2012, 02:31
Hello Starry Knight,

Welcome and thank you for such refreshing honesty.

The fact that you have come this far on your path and in your growing, individual
understanding of the complexity that is called 3D human life on Earth...
is an accomplishment. Recognize that our growth is phased and differs for each...
at times we plunge in, in others we step back a bit and survey our
next (baby) steps. Sometimes we make the proverbial leap of faith
and often we feel driven to discover the truth, wanting/needing 'proof'.
Most of the time, we all fall in between those poles somewhere.
Proof is elusive (seemingly non-existent). Truth can be as well, yet it is our birthright in a sense
and can be found with great effort, perseverance amidst adversity
and a deep trust in your higher self.

At this juncture in quickening time, this turning (tipping) point,
in the face of alienation and ridicule from those closest to you,
that you can feel the vital emotions of sympathy/empathy for those who are huddling
in the illusory safety of the box is a true gift.

Please do not allow this to dissipate and fade. Build upon this as you search and question
and explore the shadowy roads ahead.

Compassion is one of the major lessons we come here to work upon and learn.
You seem to know this already and I for one celebrate and share
y(our) dilemma. You sound to be poised for the next phase.

May your time here be fruitful and blessed.

Earth Angel
16th February 2012, 02:43
excellent start Starry knight.......I am sure many of us here feel our story and yours are very similar......congratulations on finding Avalon and being so aware at 29.....and as everyone says you can't un-know what you now know!.......often after a few hours with friends who will argue to the death on any and all of the topics you've listed, my husband and I feel 'we want our 5 hours back''.......its hard to find people awake and aware close to home .....so Avalon is a great home away from home. Once you wake up its so hard to not talk about it......good luck with your journey and be proud of yourself for how far you've come already!:party:

ps great title, I feel the same, I would rather be wrong and on this journey than be so afraid to open up to anything like so many people.....this is so much more interesting that the story MSM is trying to feed the sheeple

16th February 2012, 02:45
Welcome SK! A companion source is to go to infowars.com and coast to coast AM for viable news not bleached by the cabal. You will also find many links on the different threads here according to the subject areas posted. I hope your visit here allows you to lift the illusions you are trying to see through.


16th February 2012, 03:08
starry knight, welcome to the avalonian family. each one of us is a teacher and a student in this world and you are part of this too. looking forward learning from you. we are all on this journey of awareness and learning together. our main work here on earth is service to others and not service to self. i hope that you enjoy project avalon and keep an open mind always. Namaste, love and peace universally :)

16th February 2012, 05:11
Hi SK, Welcome to the rabbit hole!!

Here is another site you may enjoy.


16th February 2012, 07:33
You think we are further along?
"I .....join a community of people who were further along. So here I am."

maybe just more mixed up and willing to admit it

Starry Knight
17th February 2012, 00:50
Wow. How strange -and what a relief- to say something and actually have even just a few people...you know, respond. Also a little spooky to me that I understand most of what was said in you guys' generous replies, for there was a time when I wouldn't have cared less what a Saturn transit was, nor entertained even a vague notion about undergoing hypnosis. I seem to have absorbed more than I thought in the past four or five years...but it's also apparent to me that I have only scratched the surface.

I realize what a sort of convoluted box of worms the idea of "proof" opens up when it comes to these matters and almost didn't use the word. I should've made it clear that I'm not waiting for a hand out of evidence for the reality of various...uh, phenomena, and have instead made it a point to explore things in a more hands-on way.

Having said that, guess there's nothing left to do than to start browsing :)

17th February 2012, 06:10
Hi Starry Knight,

The great danger of falling down the rabbit hole is that you might end up in just another rabbit hutch. You'll have to use your discernment here at Avalon too, but you've found a good resource, and there are some very interesting people here.

I can't remember who said it, but ... "Keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out."

And don't knock the Avengers movie. I'm a Marvelite, and very excited.


17th February 2012, 06:44
Hi there, and welcome

these words say it best

...whatever it may be.

And to add further cliches to the mix: All I know is that I know nothing and forgive those who throw stones, for they know not what they do.
There truly are many sages here, so my suggestion would be to hang out in Avalon. Its apparently legendary