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Little Ishta
18th February 2012, 03:58
Now this caught my attention! Really makes you wonder about Alien Life Forms!:eyebrows:


18th February 2012, 04:11
Wow! This explins a lot!


I am certain that I am infected! :laugh:

18th February 2012, 08:52
This explains everything.

18th February 2012, 10:53
So the dogs were right after all....

Garry Irwin
18th February 2012, 11:31
Thanks for posting the video, Little Ishta.
So if I'm understanding this correctly, the parasite needs a cat to complete its life cycle.
6 years ago my wife, daughter and I simply just had to have a cat in our home. We came back from the local rescue centre with two gorgeous, but very different kittens from the same litter. Then 2 years ago we went back for another one so we could have one each to fuss over. In no way were we "cat people" before... it makes you think, are we infected with this toxiplasma virus?
This is all news to me and I don't like the notion that we may be infected. Having said that, even if there was a cure, I couldn't part with my cats :-)

18th February 2012, 12:54
I think for every new cyst that forms in the brain, that makes one willing to have another cat that one was previously unwilling to have. This explains me, and the crazy cat lady.

18th February 2012, 13:16
Cool Find Sis,,,, Don't get offended Women, but i think you have this capability like a cat as well. For Example, You always seem to be right, and you can manipulate your way out of any argument even if your completely dead wrong. Your species can be very hypnotic to say the least. Now whats for Dinner Honey, I'm starving.
;) Meow!

18th February 2012, 13:57
I don't know if this product will work on these parasites like it does on others but it can't hurt.

Now with Die-off control*!
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18th February 2012, 16:53
oh WoW! that is a neat video...

(I just had a thought that since cats have 9 lives... its the cats that are really TPTB running the world!!!! LOL)

18th February 2012, 20:23
I have suspected for a long time that cats are in fact descended from alien life forms, unlike most other animals on this planet. Interesting that we share this in common with them.

This certainly explains a lot. The amygdala is what controls our reactions and reflexes. I suspect that most of the medicines that are capable of curing this condition are in fact plant medicines.

18th February 2012, 20:49
To learn more about the ET origins of cats and dogs, see:

18th February 2012, 21:47
Maybe I'm infected too because I love fluffy cats, they are soooo cute. I especially love tiny, little, fluffy kittens. I have two cats but if anything happened to them I couldn't get another one that would replace them, they each have their own personalities . Oh but I also love my hamsters too! they are so cute and have little personalities Q-tip is a shy hamster and hammy is a bit more brave and snowy likes to store an excessive amount of food. I must have the crazy bug XD

18th February 2012, 22:06

19th February 2012, 04:59
This topic actually deserves more attention and observation than most here on forum.

Since very young age i have been very nerved by presence of cats and have one very strange thing and that is instinct to kill them. It is like switch .. all goes fine untill i saw cat, than focus would change in i must "remove" her.
Funny thing is i thought that is something very wrong with me untill i talked with some friends and shared thing that bothering me. To my surprise answer from my friends was mostly: yah i have same thing man, but dunno why?
To be little more clear about that state i must adress that im incapable to cruh even a bug. When a big spider in room, even scorpion, i take it in glass or piece of paper and out in garden so they can live on.
Never thought when i saw snake the same or even fox/wolf ... i tottaly respect life.

That thing with cats triggers me even today, but i do not harm them, simply i turn and walk away.
Also before times of mass internet and junk readings on it i noticed cat people (those who are drugged with those furry creatures) are indeed drugged.
Their look in eyes was indeed shallow, and in house with 3 little kids, cat would have more attention than anyone. Even if kid ****ten HIS pants, he would be beaten not to do that... if cat **** on precious piece of furniture it would go: ooo you messy cat hihihi look what you done hihihi....
I was actually astonished by that founding!
Even witnesed transform of non cat to cat loving person to sick measures. One good friend got one cute white cat. He works with music in studio, HE NEVER KEPT WATER NEAR HIM to not wet equipement, he was so pedantic that its hard for me to describe it. Now things are different ... cat can take piss into his mix pult .. and he goes something like: awwww now i need to buy other one, look what you have done?!? or: hey man, this slider on pult isnt working? a: o, dont bother its just cats hair, use other one?!?
It resulted in me being not coming back at his studio anymore and we are not seeing so much.
did he actually changed?
yes, ALOT.

Through lifetime i heard aloooot of simptom i have. Hate towards cats, but what astonished me more i actually never heard a hate towards dogs (only fear), turtles, birds.....
There was always fear from that animals but not drive to get rid of them. Which puzzled me even more.

Lets say i have extreme respect towards water, for me it is holy thing by itself, and yet why do most cats hate water?
I hold that water is present in all dimensions and densities and is really something special on this plane of existence and actually which other animal hates water?

Beauty of cats is something that really astonishes me also. They are soooo damn cute, a beatufiull creature it is. And that part really bothers me also.
If i just take step back and look into nature... carnivore plants are attractive to flyes, thats how fly enters the trap. It is in nature code written that predator is attractive to pray and written all over lifeform aspect on this blue planet.

now im not thinking that they are here to enslave humanity, im thinking about from where those instincts came and why is there sinchronicity with mind control ? parasites?
I really love animal lifeform and been living in forest with many wilders arround me .. seen cute ones and predator ones, but tbh cat is THE ONLY ONE that plays with it prey, it doesnt kill to eat/survive, it kills for play.
And if you ever saw that terror game i doubt you will ever think again how cute they are.

One friends grandma had one really old big/fat cat, which was ver bad and agressive creature. That cat actually atacked poor woman several times, 4 times she was in hospital cause of it! and yet she wouldnt throw her atleast in wildernes?
She was repeating like drugged how cute that cat was? actually it looked like beast more than cat tbh.
One day that cat jumped on her and poor lady felt on floor and broken leg bone and went to hospital, she never fully recovered till today. While she was in hospital my friend took that cat and brought it to me as i was living in more natural enviroment.
And asked me to keep eye on her???
Well my friend trusted me and i accepted even if i didnt liked what i was offered, but for me it was special chance to research more into my cat love disfunction. When she was in room, neither one of my other friends dared to go in! she would make such terrible meows and ffftt's that you thougth that she will eat you, or do something bad, and is not funny at all cause she was actually pretty big cat. Every single thing that moved in that place was insta playtoyed to death and it would very fast finish in legs and pieces of that creature everywhere. headless, legless birds, pieces of moths, various pieces of dunno unidentified forms after massacre. I strongly decided that i let her go into wilderness to go on her own and move that beast away from me.
But guess what? I COULDN'T!
i was like... what will poor cat do alone outside, what if this, what if that? i was worried for perfect massacre predator that proven to make invalid from humans, not only smaller animals.
Somehow i got rid of her... but... wanting for cats to be present in my life didnt dissapeared.

Now boy who had thrive to kill and hate cats has tottaly opposite? After having nice cuddly furry creature? or a predator maybe?
After that one i had many cats and experiences with them.
Should i talk about time i had one tottaly specially cute furry creature and luckily it was time i wasnt working, so buying food for me was trick question. Guess what, i did buy food ... but cat food :D
she was eating EVERY day ... me? well... every 3rd or 4th day?

in my life i sense presence of my spirit guide alot, to be even more interesting thing, that spirit guide removed all cats from my life! i sensed that every time.
Nah, i didnt do them, they simply left out my life.. yes i was sad, o so sad, sometimes hungry and sad looking at whiskas can and thinking o how cute she was, if she was here right now....

You wouldnt believe how strong is sometimes (MY?) will to posess a cat... it's hard for me even to describe to you ... if i just see one outside i would take it home to do me a company.. but it always stops at same questions..
what use is she to me actually? what is sense in that? is my will to feed someone and take care off his dumps or other way arround?

see i like dogs alot, but i have one really big problem. I simply cannot posess any animal. From my perspective of view is tottaly stupendious to take their freedom and take em to live inside 4 walls to be dependant on his owner. Im incapable of taking their freedom.. and yet sometimes i get desire to own a cat.

In my soul i evaluated that cats are parasites and danger to our society in way is treated.
Also i evaluated its strong connections to skyfish fenomena and shadowy figures with cats.
Also cats can see them and communicate with them, well i see them too sometimes, but how cat reacts to them is something special.
And it is just a surface of the theme.. not ven touching connection with egiptian which adored cats, bad luck dogma, connection with dead world and tons of enigma material about this furry creatures..

I really would like this thread to evolve more (asside from channeling info on cats from sirius) because i think there is a way more than meets the eye.

19th February 2012, 05:32
Keep in mind that most people are infected from undercooked meat. Not cats. Undercooked meat. Cats are no more evil than the cattle that pass the infection to humans that eat them.

19th February 2012, 18:05
Through lifetime i heard aloooot of simptom i have. Hate towards cats, but what astonished me more i actually never heard a hate towards dogs (only fear),

Oh, Oh-- :wave:pick me,:wave::dance: I hate dogs,,, pick me...
I dont really hate or fear dogs, I would just prefer not to have to tolerate them inside my house... I probably would never own one again.
they are either too big and beat you up with their tails and knock stuff over or they are always barking and jumping on you... AND they slobber on everything- they need to stay OUTSIDE.

cats are more independent, seem to have an intelligence about them and are not quite as demanding for constant attention from owners than dogs are.
I have never had a problem disciplining my cats, either. I, like you, cant stand the mushy-gushy people who let their cats run-amuck just because the cat is soo cute.

so... I guess for the record... I hate dogs.