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18th February 2012, 20:31
saw this weird glow in the sky this afternoon.. looked like a little raimbow but contoured by light. There was some chemtrails activity going on by the way, as you can see in the attached pictures.. did also some photoshop work to sharpen it.
Any ideas of what can be??

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18th February 2012, 20:46
It's just a chem-bow ! I've seen them too many times to count here in NC. It's a direct result of chemtrails, but wheatherman will tell you it's caused by ice crystals in the atmosphere. So now you and everyone else knows better than to believe the weathermans story. I see you are not from usa, but it's a chem-bow , if they have been spraying, then you will see this happen. I find it more noticeable here around sunset.

18th February 2012, 20:52
Agreed, Thats a Chembow,,,Great Name for it. By the way, that's a great camera you used. Notice the chemtrail in the top photo you shot.

18th February 2012, 21:46
They used to call them sundogs, before the chemtrailing started. The sundogs were usually visible during certain weather conditions, now you see them all the time because of the chemicals.

18th February 2012, 21:49
Hi there, mannygtr! Greetings from Lombardy and welcome to Avalon!

That is called a sundog or parhelion... there may have been another one equidistance from the sun on the other side. I have seen quite a few up this way in the past 3-4 years.


18th February 2012, 22:23
I too have seen many of the same "chembows" in my area following heavy spraying! It's getting more regular all the time. The chemtrailing has picked up here on the west coast over the past few weeks.

Creative Lorraine
18th February 2012, 22:42
I saw that today at work around 10:45 am on my lunch hour in Kentucky
I wondered myself ...

thanks for sharing