View Full Version : What role will China play in Extraterrestrial Disclosure?

20th February 2012, 21:06
I must say these are the best images I have seen of buildings on the Moon ...

If they're not buildings my name is Harry Potter ...

seriously check this out...only one conclusion...check the buildings at the end...

More images to be released as, "China is moving toward full disclosure of the Extraterrestrial reality. If these images and future ones are verified genuine then NASA should be investigated for fraud and treason." !!




Bryn ap Gwilym
20th February 2012, 21:16
Well hello Harry Potter.

They look real enough. Hopefully we shall all find out one way or the other.

20th February 2012, 22:08
Looks like structures to me.

20th February 2012, 22:44
Thank you, Was the location on the moon provided I noticed they said back side of the moon. It sort of looks like the zeeman crater and the alien base 1967sander posted.

20th February 2012, 23:09
Hi Harry,

Remember that NASA had our best interests at heart, if they announced Aliens are amongst us we could now be living in a utopia and that is just not on is it. I mean where would life be without struggle and sacrifice? Did I say best interests I meant worse interests. China maybe regarded by people as sinister and poor human rights etc, but I think they will have a large part to play in world history over the coming years. Doesn't every country have human rights issues?

Also I love your work in half blood prince.

Say hi to Ron and that girl with the hard to spell first name

Also I think they look like buildings, the type to stop orcs from invading. How about that for mixture of great movies?

21st February 2012, 05:08
Thanks Viking!
It beats Hoagland's "look at these Photoshop artifacts - they are buildings - really" hands down.
I truly hope they can stand up to scrutiny and also hope that China is more upfront than NASA has ever been.
China is walking a fine line. It has immense problems to solve, trying to grow its economy to employ another 700+ million people and massive environmental pollution which is killing a great many people (this is firsthand info - not web research). It will be interesting to see how any of this kind of information is ever confirmed by those who have the equipment to demonstrate these things to the rest of us.

21st February 2012, 10:34
Ha Ha ...Harry !! lol

Anyway some more here....


You can zoom in on this high resolution... map...


And some more


21st February 2012, 11:40
America/NASA will not IMO back off thieir stance about the moon.I mean if they do start talking about moon buildings and such then they would have opened up a can of worms......

21st February 2012, 12:38
America/NASA will not IMO back off thieir stance about the moon.I mean if they do start talking about moon buildings and such then they would have opened up a can of worms......

Hi Truth,

Yes the current bosses will not, they have far too much to lose!

They would come clean if they restructured the 'management team'. I'm sure there are lots within NASA that want to come clean, but can't for obvious reasons.

Until then we'll just have to sift through the pile.


21st February 2012, 16:09
Hello viking,
the fact that NASA has said nothing, or the governments of the world have said nothing but negative about the topic, should tell us everything, if any of us want
the truth, then it can be found on the net. go to:-


This info I think most of the members of this forum have come into contact with
but for some reason did'ntdo a follow up.

Please find your way to site for sincere truth. Cheers

21st February 2012, 16:41
over 300GB Chinese moon satelite maping database will be open for worldwide researcher no later than Junly.
7m percision. we learnt very many new stuff.
that'all I can share for now

21st February 2012, 18:05
So when Obama took over and replaced the director of NASA, I figured he was paving the way for disclosure. However, it seems to me that NASA may have still resisted, and as such, it is being punished by its funding being stripped away a little at a time. It is really confusing and speculation feels very unsatisfying.

Hoagland seems to have been right about quite a few things about NASA as to how it is shifting its data acquisition and maintenance to private companies to deflect all requests for actual data.

If China does indeed release some corroborating evidence of artificial lunar structures (although at 7 meters per pixel the structures would have to be really big to properly show up) then NASA indeed will have total egg on its face and its collapse will be swift (IMHO).