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20th February 2012, 23:03
Hi Everyone,

Can any of you that have some experience with the Paleo diet offer me your opinion and places to research? Good information, websites, books, dietary advice and anything relevant is appreciated!


21st February 2012, 03:04
I have read Primal Blueprint but have not tried the diet yet.

The author gives a lot of free information on his blog too.

21st February 2012, 03:33
hi hardrock,

anything by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. after Weston Price, he's sort of the main guy whose popularized the paleo diet. he's written a couple books that are worth reading. the titles elude me at the monent, but a quick google search will get you there.

also check out Sam Biser's 'Resurrection Course'. not really a 'course'; it's a book that basically repeats the Vonderplanitz stuff with a few other tidbits.

this is a good place to start.

21st February 2012, 04:02
As a personal trainer, I would endorse this diet. In fact, I have a client who just started a form of this diet.
Here is some helpful info below.
Just be sure you find a plan suitable to your daily activity. If you exercise be sure you take in enough calories.

22nd February 2012, 15:42
I have been on the paleo diet since last July and have managed to lose weight and get off two prescription medications in that time too. I have more energy and feel better all around. I too started with Mark's book above, the Primal Blueprint, but once you get started it's all common sense. There have been a lot of threads on here about the paleo concepts while not actually calling it that - i.e. avoiding grains, sugar, processed foods, etc. Eating meat, eggs and saturated fats while avoiding grains, man-made oils, etc.

We get grass fed chickens from a family at our kid's school, grass fed beef from another family and grass fed eggs from another. Cutting out the grains and sugar is by far the biggest payoff, I believe, but after that you need to look at where your meat, etc. is coming from and how unhealthy it's processing is.

I also have been following the excercise routine from Body by Science (http://www.bodybyscience.net/home.html/) and have been really pleased with the results, which everyone else around me can see too. The idea is to get 90% of the benefits of visiting the gym with only 10% iof the effort - I use the gym once a week for 15 minutes. :D

Good luck with this change in your life - it will be well worth it!