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24th February 2012, 02:48
Greetings, Avalon,

Long-time, no-see, folks.

I'm just about to finish up the editing of the John Kettler transcript of the first interview that he had with Kerry Cassidy, held on Feb 17th. It has amazing information. A number of trusted intuitives support Kettler strongly and I personally like his information.

It will soon be posted onto Kerry's site. David Wilcock had asked our transcript team, the Divine Cosmos Keyboard Commandos, to do up a 'script of this interview ASAP, so that's what I'm about to finish up tonight.

So I am hoping that some of you would tap into tonight's Livestream interview with Kettler, starting at 7pm, PST, just a half-hour from the time of this post.

I am hoping that this interview would be a productive one and not one that would bomb as badly as the third and final interview that Kerry did with Bill Wood. I had done the coordinating and edting of the transcripts for the first two interviews, but I decided to skip the third one.

Bill Ryan, as you may know, participated in the second interview. I love how he can think on his feet and keep his questions straight, while weaving in related tangents. I love Bill's superb mind. And Happy Birthday, Bill! One year younger, right? ;)

Kettler said some really amazing things in the first interview, such as the sheer level of direct intervention that the ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials / Extradimensionals) are doing to directly prevent the commencement of WW III that the bloody bastard elites are so desperately trying to start.

Like, for example, the other day, in front of hundreds of direct witnesses, 13 Iranian suicide boats loaded with bombs were spotted speeding, kamikaze-style, right for the aircraft carriers, oil tankers, etc, then, suddenly, all 13 boats vanished into thin air. Zip. Gone.

There's that number: 13. Planned by the damn elites, no doubt.

Entire ships have been observed to vanish, too. Planes, too. Etc.

And intuitives are confirming that this high-level of ET/ED intervention is, indeed, happening.

So if that's true, then that's a VERY, VERY GOOD THING!

So I want to bring up a great idea that Bill mentioned in the Livestream interview that he participated in with Bill Wood, Kerry, and David Wilcock -- there's a transcript of it on the Bill Wood link on Kerry's page; it's the second of two transcripts on that page.

Bill joked that we should "Occupy Area 51".

That's a great joke! Or is it?

You know what? THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!

And you know what? The ETs can help us make that happen!


Simple. Organize a huge, huge rally of people to get there to Area 51 in buses and proceed to get there in a long train of buses. The ETs will fully protect you and lay waste to anyone in the military trying to stop you. The ETs can open the gates for you; can stop any helicopters from flying at you; can stop any soldiers from coming at you; can freeze any military guy with attitudes of extreme prejudice, etc.

So after you get out of the buses, you can start to take pictures and the super-secure Area 51 facility can easily be thrown open by the ETs and you can saunter in, taking pictures, recording what you see/observe, plus go down the elevators to see what's down there.

ETs have already caused advanced spacecraft to disappear from Area 51.

So are you ready to Occupy Area 51?

I'm in direct email contact with John Kettler, so if there's any enthusiasm for an Occupy Area 51, then let's fugg'n do it, alright?

****OCCUPY AREA 51!****

24th February 2012, 03:45
I am ready to occupy area 51.
We are Legion.
I am Legions Hands
You are Legion