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24th February 2012, 20:22
Here I'd like to make a hub of inspirational stories, videos, images or links which carry a deep meaning for you and cause you to feel extremely positive or uplifted. I understand how the more positive we are now, the more positive our future will be. Sharing all these "stories" with each other like this is acting as a linkage mechanism for the Greater aspects in Life. This is a good "muscle" to exercise especially in these times of so many possibilities and unpredictability.

All the Best...
My first entry is of a former hard drug user, and trash collector turned superstar with one powerfully positive performance of his own original song, which dazzled both crowd and judges, and myself.

1st October 2013, 02:33
Let's get this thread going! We all could use some great inspiration in these trying times.

I'm tired of hearing about the constant corruption of society. We are at the turning point where we need to get ourselves together and lead the charge. What better way to set the stage for the coming months than to feel and embrace the words of great women and men who have been at the forefront of such times? We are pioneers!!!!


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