View Full Version : I have started to notice something is missing...

26th February 2012, 21:58
When i look out my window, walk around town, go to collage. it seems like something that was blocking my vision has gone, its like i can see more. I am aware this sounds strange, but i haven't been the only one to notice this, its feel and look likes something is missing, just above the horizon or near the sky line.

On top of that i keep geeting very powerful feelings in my spin, this has just started and is accompanied with thoughts and feelings that are not my own.

Its very strange, can anyone shed light on this for me?

Thanks Bill

26th February 2012, 22:10
That is quite fascinating Celt!! I would like to say that I can totally relate, though not to that degree can I relate. I have found more subtle changes or noticeable instances for myself. Nonetheless, they are real and I have become aware of them. Perhaps they, whatever "they" are? have always been there...and it is only lately that I am becomming "aware" of them???
Who knows eh? In any case pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing a snippit of your experiences! :)

27th February 2012, 03:36
What I notice is that my energy fluctuates more extremely with the CMEs. Apparently a huge wave hit earth today (see "up at the Ranch" thread). This morning I was so energetic, it was almost a frenzy. Then the rest of the day, so tired I feel like I've been melted and painted onto the couch, lol. On the full moon earlier this month, the CMEs were strong and I experienced the same thing. Also noticing others' erratic behavior.

27th February 2012, 04:55
A wave did hit today, I felt it big time. Energy this morning, and very fatigued with a terrible headache this afternoon.

27th February 2012, 07:57
That must be it, i would never have given energy fluxs this much power, but maybe there is something happening to the earth. Its very strage that even people that are not aware of the alternative community can still be affected by this. Its like the whole earth is being affected.