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22nd March 2010, 23:42
ok, so I am the last of the optimists... We'll see.

But since AV2 opened, I have come across many people who live here, and I thought we could use a place to swap stories, and such.

So Southern California (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/group.php?groupid=12) has a group

23rd March 2010, 03:33
Howdy Fred. Call me crazy, but I just moved here to Southern Cali 3 months ago. I guess I figure on quality of life over quantity =) Naturally there is no death so let come what may I say. Add to that, if some ungodly catastrophe came, what makes anyone think life everywhere else will be so great? Wouldn't you rather go in the 1st cataclysm than the 2nd, 3rd and so on? Seems to me whether you live on top of Pike's Peak or 10 feet from the pacific, life just ain't gonna be that great if an entire state sinks or gets blown to shreds. Why survive it? =P

23rd March 2010, 06:09
Sammy AKA Sammytray

OC, Irvine area.


1st March 2011, 13:59
Jonathon? Seriously? You can do better then that. Why bother? Common. Don't believe that half the world population is going to get wiped out in the next couple of years.
Even if it does? Which half? ALL of U.S. but not Costa Rica or Southern Hemisphere?
Are you picking doomsday reports for JUST San Diego? EVERYONE in S.D. is toast? Nahhhhh... I doubt it.
A BIG earthquake killing 100's of thousands? That leaves about 22million of you down in So.Cal... Meteors knocking us off the grid? Big whupp.
Look at the moon...full of holes..Title waves? Mayyyybe..Stay off the beach..DON"T go down there...(duh.) Drive inland.
Nuclear attack? Check the wind. Where was the attack? How far away? (We'll find out who did it later) Drive AWAY from the strike and AWAY from the wind. If your IN IT? You won't even know...So THATS not a problem.
Traffic backed up? THATS a problem. Maybe talk to your local community group about that.
From S.D. you have 4 bugout routes..Cajon Pass,Interstate 5 (Through L.A.YIKES baad route),or BEHIND San Jacinto up through Hemet,or 10)
Got a short wave of portable radio to hear whats already jammed up? Get one. Got the backroad maps up to Idylwild? Get some.

Your NOT here to say "goodbycruel world" are ya? Most of us are NOT.

Are you using 2012 as an excuse to not participate in society, because whats the use,we're doomed anyway? Don't. You'll be dissapointed when you can't tell family and friends "I told ya so" before your dead. Very unproductive.

Like minds from Avalon just want to share spirituality,and reason,and make sure we're not duped by main stream media,powers that be,or any 3 letter bunch of control freak government geeks to protect the sake of the masses. We know better.

And we want answers.

And most of us are not satisfied with what we're told about almost anything, by above mentioned sources.

So we're off to explore on our own. And share past history,interpretation and to chart the course.

Wanna come? Good people in here from all walks of life,experiances,and wisdom. And they share facts with idea's to the best of their abilities.

Lotta B.S. out there. A lot.. we're all learning how to seperate the chaff from the wheat.

1st March 2011, 14:05
"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."
-Eleanor Roosevelt