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29th February 2012, 02:59
A little background info: I am a meditation novice (only about 2+ years, on and off, 2-3 nights/week) with no training (just up and started it one day to help with stress). I have always been enamored of the singing bowls and found one in a store (Ten Thousand Villages) awhile ago that I loved but ended up not purchasing. I have always regretted that, so recently I bid and won one on Ebay that says it has been consecrated (make of that what you will) and its "note" corresponds to the chakra that I would like to work on (its the area of my body that I carry most of my stress in). The write-up accompanying the item seemed to indicate that it was only a safe and relaxing tool to help with meditation.

However, I signed on here tonight and did a search about the bowls and suddenly I am reading about dimensional vortexes and visiting inter-dimensional beings and I am a little freaked out. Maybe I made a mistake in my purchase? Any advice is greatly appreciated, as I really do not wish to make more of my meditation than a wonderful way to de-stress and eventually come to understand myself better :)

Thank you!

29th February 2012, 03:02
Nah! Singing bowls are fine. I have one and I love the ringing sound of it. Go for it! The boogie man (fear) is only their if you create it!

29th February 2012, 03:21
Ditto! Follow your feet, go where your instincts and interests lead you. Singing bowls may not be the final destination for your path, but they will certainly help you along the way. You may eventually outgrow them - or become a great master of their use in meditation. No way to tell unless you begin. Don't let your questions or ideas or fears get ahead of your actual experience.

So begin. Don't use your mind's games as an excuse. You'll be fine.

All best wishes,


29th February 2012, 04:09
Allow me to agree with both Selene and Carmen. Two women whose intelligence and spirituality I have the utmost respect for.

Tarka the Duck
29th February 2012, 08:52
I absolutely agree with Carmen and Selene: bowls are wonderful! Enjoy fully ;)

Just an afterthought...if you are interested in the effect of sound, you might want to look into mantra.

29th February 2012, 10:04
If it feels right, don't worry and go for it. You'll find that you have to try many things to master your practice. For example I've tried soft music, singing bowls, Tibetan monks (which scared the **** out of me) sounds of nature and plain old silence, or rather the sounds of my surroundings. In the end, silence works best for me. But there is nothing to fear.

Ian Gordon
29th February 2012, 10:05
Likewise proceed without fear, I also use my bowl for clearing negative energies so enjoy your path.

Fred Ryan
29th February 2012, 11:36
I currently don't own a signing bowl but your post makes my want to go buy one. During your meditation practices you may or may not have experiences with interdeminional realities. I've had these experiences without using a signing bowl. I wouldn't worry too much about it though. It's a bit like buying your first car and realizing you now have the ability to visit all sorts of new places. Just sit back and enjoy your travels.

29th February 2012, 13:05
I own 5 singing bowls that i bought in India 10yrs ago. I use them with my meditations and ceremonies usually up a mountain along with my mongolian overtone singing they compliment each other beautifully. The bowls are perfect for clearing out thoughts that distract you during meditation, Each has a frequency that resonates with the chakra's and assists in opening them up. If the bowl you have has been consecrated or Blessed by a Priest maybe even in a Temple then all the better, No harm whatsoever.


29th February 2012, 13:10
Hummm singing bowls, not sure is it the same as crystal bowls tht someone rubs the rim to make vibrating sound?...I love it...have done reiki with crystal bowls and harps. Definitely intensify the experience in a good way

Dennis Leahy
29th February 2012, 14:14
... I am reading about dimensional vortexes and visiting inter-dimensional beings...
I have read stuff like that about Yoga and meditating as well. I'm not sure who writes that fear-based stuff - whether a few people out of a thousand will actually be so mentally/emotionally fragile that they will freak out and "see" or invent demons, or whether that is fictitious conjecture (and I'll bet written by bible-thumping pseudo-Christian zealots.) Probably a few out of every thousand people will freak out when they see a fish in an aquarium or see the Milky Way when camping.

Singing/crystal bowls are wonderful! So can a gong be, in the right hands. Tuning forks too. And chanting can be mystical - physically vibrating the body parts in the vicinity of at least the top 4 chakras and the pineal gland. We are beings of energy, so it makes sense that we are going to react to the energetics of sound.

There are some folks trying to quantify the healing effects of sound. I think the left-brained approach to that is to gain credibility in an established medical world rapidly being seduced by the meme of "evidence-based medicine." I finished up the didactic portion of Music for Healing and Transitions Program, and some of the attempts to quantify what we all know music can do ("soothe the savage beast"), such as pulse rate and breathing rhythm might be collected - but the patient gets the benefit without having to write anything on a report.

Enjoy your bowl!


29th February 2012, 19:30
How much would you expect to pay for a singing bowl ?. How do you tell which type of bowl goes with what chakra ?. Are there seven chakra points in the body ?. Thank you Frances.

29th February 2012, 20:33
Of course they are not safe ..... if you rest in the silence when the ringing stops for long enough, you'll get enlightened. Actually then...you don't need the bowl!!!

1st March 2012, 04:28

I only know what I read from the listings when I looked up "Singing Bowls" on Ebay, so take from this what you will :) The individual listing for some of the bowls had quite long write-ups about where they came from (some from Tibet), what they were made of (some say they are made out of the "seven holy metals," but I think most are made of a mixture of copper and brass?). The one I bid on said that it was an old one actually used by monks, consecrated by a priest, and imported from Tibet. As always, when dealing with listings on Ebay, you take what the lister says with a healthy grain of salt. I'm not saying what they write isn't true, just for you to be cautious and use a healthy dose of skepticism when buying something.

That said, the description included an audio file of the actual bowl's sound (which was a very nice feature) and a description of what note (A, E, etc.) corresponds with what chakra. Yes, as far as I understand (like I said, I'm a novice :)) there are seven chakra points in the body. I bought a bowl that resonated with the chakra point in the neck as I carry most of my stress in my neck and upper shoulders and I had read that you should pick a bowl that resonated with a chakra you wanted to work on.

The prices seem to rise based on how old the bowl is perceived to be (older=better), whether it has been blessed or not, the size of the bowl (bigger=more $$$), the sound clarity (there is a scale that measures this), the condition of the bowl (whether it has a lot of dings in it or not), what it is made of (seven holy metals better than brass, etc), where it is from (imported bowls cost more), etc. I paid around $85 for mine, which is kinda expensive (at least I thought so :)) but the prices can range wildly from $40 to $500 and above.

I really hope this helps, and I apologize if I got any of this information wrong!


How much would you expect to pay for a singing bowl ?. How do you tell which type of bowl goes with what chakra ?. Are there seven chakra points in the body ?. Thank you Frances.

1st March 2012, 04:31
Of course they are not safe ..... if you rest in the silence when the ringing stops for long enough, you'll get enlightened. Actually then...you don't need the bowl!!!

Ha! I appreciate your post, it made me laugh... and after a stressful day, that's appreciated :)



1st March 2012, 04:44
modwiz, Selene, Carmen, Tarka the Duck, Nathalie, Ian Gordon, Fred Ryan, billyji, christinedream7, Dennis Leahy, frances, and pie'n'eal,

Thank you all for your posts! I really appreciate you all taking the time to respond. I will now move ahead with confidence, and not give it second thought! :) It feels great to have such a knowledgeable, welcoming, and supportive group of people here to visit. It's so confusing trying to find reliable and accurate info out there about some of these topics, and it's a relief to be able to talk to people who have been there before you, and that can give you advice about what you may face along the way.

Thanks again,


6th September 2012, 13:08
I use singing bowls during a ceremony for peace in this video. just after the 7min mark. Well it all began as a ceremony for peace but grew into what it is.



6th September 2012, 22:28
freeing up stuck energies

4th November 2015, 18:33
I just added a few more bowls to the collection today. It's really worth booking an appointment with a seller in order to have the space, time and privacy to select ones which are in tune with one another. The harmonic interactions can then be truly breath-taking, inducing alpha states almost immediately with ease. On the other hand though, considering the handmade nature of the manufacturing process, their tuning can often be way off which is fine if you only have the one, but if you want several, their being out of tune can lead to dissonant and quite disturbing results. I used to think this was a good thing because of the abundance of sonic interference patterns taking place, however after taking more care to maintain harmony between the bowls via more accurate tuning , as i said before, the results are breath-taking. Overtones feed other overtones in such a sympathetic way such that the overall result is significantly more than the seeming sum of the parts.

The following video shows how these beautiful instruments are made (and it's hard work). Bless those craftsmen: