View Full Version : Brockbrader in interview now with Randy Maugans on wolf spirit talking about KC

Unified Serenity
1st March 2012, 03:28
Interview going on now over on wolf spirit:


4th March 2012, 07:55
Offplanet Radio

Special Edition with Bill Brockbrader, Eva Moore, Duncan O'Finioan, Dave Corso

The serious work of exposing the dark side, government
projects, and mental slavery has been turned into just
another media industry. The victim is really TRUTH, as
egos, money, and handlers take over. Four Project Camelot
witnesses discuss what is wrong and why:

The tumult of the out of control "spin cycle" at Project
Camelot: non-sequitur blog posts, Kerry's Skype rage-fest,
the story behind the Bill Wood "Burn Notice", the serious
aspects of co-opting and marginalizing the terms for "mind control";
operators and handlers behind the scenes and the "Hollywood
Effect" used by Project Camelot to sensationalize testimonies.


You can download the mp3 here: