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21st July 2010, 16:51
Max Keiser: NSA & CIA: The Secret America – Alex Jones Tv

Alex talks with film-maker, broadcaster and former broker and options trader Max Keiser. Max formerly hosted The Oracle with Max Keiser on BBC World News and produced and appeared regularly in the TV series People & Power on the Al-Jazeera English network. He currently hosts a weekly financial commentary show which started in 2009 and is broadcast on Press TV, with weekly appearances by financial commentator Stacy Herbert and featuring interviews with well known alternative economists.

SUMMARY of 1st Clip

850,000 people in America have Top Secret Clearance, which includes Corporations to form the 4th Level of Govt. (The Top Secret Branch) with the most prominent Co. being the CIA's GOOGLE!

The Fortune 100 Companies want a Carbon Tax to fund the World Govt. and they want to Shut-Down all Industry and (The Top Secret Branch) will vote behind a wall of Secrecy to make this happen!

They are merging the 4 Branches of the Military with Google & Yahoo and Oracle, etc, to track everything you do through the Internet!

If you have'nt done so already May I Suggest you start using the StartPage Search Engine NOW http://startpage.com (http://startpage.com) (Does Not Log Your IP Address)

This part of a Globalist Corporate Coup with 850,000 spies entwinned within the Govt. who are definately not your friends and they have a Liscence to Kill!

If (The Top Secret Branch) cant stop this type of information coming to surface to the Public..?

LOOKS LIKE THE (PTB) are setting us up for another FALSE FLAG EVENT!

Part 1 of 6 - Recommend you watch all 6 You Tube Clips


In the other You Tube Clips...Alex discusses the removal of his video, The Obama Deception, from Google’s YouTube. On Thursday, Alex challenged activists to drive the popular documentary up in search engine ranking. Google trends rankings revealed a few hours later that it was the #1 search term, above Lindsay Lohan, the BP Oil Spill or the death of George Steinbrenner.

22nd July 2010, 01:33
Great posting!!

Man, that Obama Deception movie is crazy scary. Very well put together. Even though I'm in Canada, we're not far off from such things. Here in BC we are already having new taxes shoved down our throats despite public outcry and banding together via petition.