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2nd March 2012, 01:54
In November of 2010, a concert venue by the name of camp Zoe in rural Salem, MO was raided by "the Feds" with over 70 representatives from homeland security, DEA, IRS as well as state and local police. This venue is a beautiful scene with a winding river and open sky and several jam bands from all around the US have played there. Attendees are encouraged to camp and allowed to swim in the river and enjoy nature as well as the live music. Apparently TPTB are not too hip on this kind of thing and are trying to close its doors. I spoke to the owner of the place earlier this week and he is going to federal court to proclaim his innocence in May of this year, the site of the federal court is the Rush Limbaugh federal courthouse (no joke) located in Cape Girardeau, MO and any support is greatly appreciated. He is confident that his charges are bogus but he is also aware that TPTB want this place closed and are obviously threatened by hippies, nature and music on their turf and are willing to use extreme measures to achieve their goal.....forfeiture. Since the court date is coming up, any support is greatly appreciated. If you live close, attendees to the court hearing to show support is also appreciated. The link below explains the story, pictures of the venue are posted and local media's take on the event is also available, thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


2nd March 2012, 02:06
Good luck with the cause