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5th March 2012, 01:12
I just wanted a place to express how f***ing amazing my mum is and thought some other folks might like to share positive mum stuff. My mum came to stay yesterday we live a few hundred miles away but talk on the phone often. Lately Ive not spoken so much beacause I've been a bit too wrapped up in my own stuff which I have been guarding fiercely and not wanting to share. I wont go into what that is but my mum knew i was guarding and let me be.
Tonight we shared everything I was thinking and a load of stuff I never knew about her I just want to say what an amazing woman she is- bold, brave, wreckless, determined, caring and selfless all wrapped into one big superhero, soft and cuddley package! I thought it might be nice for people to have a place to appeciate those people in your life that give you perspective, encouragement, unconditional love, the confidence to be true to your self and follow your dreams or just pick up the pieces when you fall flat on your face
Thanks maw you're amazing !!!

5th March 2012, 01:19
I wish I could say thanks times a million!

Mike Gorman
5th March 2012, 01:20
Hear Hear! The wisdom of Mothers can be an uncanny thing, they shape your first dealings with the world and know you
in a way not possible for others to know. My own Mom passed a while back but I still feel her presence. When you think of it,
how deep must the bond be when you were physically linked to a being and drew your life nourishment from their bodies?
Powerful stuff indeed, bless all Mothers!

5th March 2012, 01:30
My grandmother... She makes herself known even though she has passed. Whenever those most important moments show up- so does a dime :)

jorr lundstrom
5th March 2012, 01:45
Im very grateful towards my mother and PAM the Planet Animal Mother, ie Gaia
who has delivered all the material that my mothers body and my body is build from.
Mothers on all levels are always generous and selfless.:kiss:

5th March 2012, 01:57
ALL ARE FANTASTIC, JUST LET THEM THROUGH, although i agree mums are especially excellent, dads too, until they start to dance at partys, lol

5th March 2012, 02:12
Hears to Wonderful Magical Mums and to this Sacred Mother Earth. Cheers : )