View Full Version : Central Banking Racketeers (TPTB)~~Fiat Monetary System Exposed.

6th March 2012, 16:17
Central Banking Racketeers (TPTB) and their fake Fiat Monetary System Exposed as Slavery to them!

The lies behind the fake banking system which has enslaved mankind to a rigged monetary system, where the bankers steal all of the fake money for themselves and enslave the rest of humanity to cover all of there well planned and engineered debts so as to control humanity in their plans for a One World Bank owned by TPTB and a micro-chipped slave population of mind controlled worked drones to do their work and pay their taxes.

Another option is we take the 2.588 x 10 to the 51st dollars hidden in off ledger accounts and give every man woman and child on Earth a million dollars a year until it is all gone. Then we could create a paradise here beyond any worldly description! Life would then be all about humans having the greatest experiences and not about the misery of our current slavery!

alcuinbramerton.blogspot com/2012/01/white-spiritual-boy-off-ledger-black.html