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6th March 2012, 18:18
I've decided to go back and re-read Defending Sacred Ground ~ The Andromedan Compendium. And, in light of our current situation and where we are today, I felt these pieces among them all needed to be brought to the attention of those that haven't read it yet. They really provide insight and perspective on the situation and are very very useful and should be applied by us all collectively. And are in my opinion important to contemplate.

Part #1 ~ Consciousness as the Scale of Illumination

" The most necessary action now for all of your Terran races who are aware, is to do what you are capable of to illuminate your degenerated societies. Consciousness is your scale. It always provides balance which does not fail. It speaks to those who listen, and tells them what to do and not to do.

To one or all beings who choose to be evolved, the administrators of your governments are responsible for professional order, not your moral codes of order. The key to happiness, Terrans, is in the hands of your own consciousness. We have perceived that you Terrans have arranged your lives not according to yourselves, but according to others.

Your disappointments are due to this fact. This kind of conduct of yours is what is limiting your races. Each one of you is a free soul, a free consciousness. No one is the servant or slave of anyone else, though the "hidden ones" would trick you to believe otherwise. Mutual respect is imperative for a healed planet and race. Help is being extended to you, if you so want it.

Because of our genetic lineage to your races, we would like to be with you during your difficult times. Today, you are a planet and a race that destroys itself in ignorance. The goal is to recover the genuine human beings lost deep within yourselves. Always be at One with your Self."

Part # 2 ~ Control Based on "Threat" to Elitists of Our Unlimited Spiritual Potential

Now, ladies and gentlemen, you are all truly awesome beings. We have inside our DNA the genetics and racial genetic memories of 22 different races. You know, science teaches us that the body is a 'pool of chemicals' evolved from monkeys. It just didn't happen that way.

The physical forms that we are 'in' were genetically altered, and then they were 'tinkered' with by many of the different races that have come here. Earth is on the edge of our galaxy and along a trade route. Different races would come in a stay 50 years, or maybe several hundred years, which is a 'weekend' to some of those races whose life span is very long. And then, they would just 'take off' and they would leave their remnants here.

There are government's on the planet that truly want to control, as well as extraterrestrials. Those that are here now and those that are coming want to control. The reason they want to control - the reason there is so much 'fuss' over us - the reason that they have been hiding, tricking, manipulating and thieving the way they have, is because they don't want you to wake up.

From the Andromedan perspective, the reason they don't want us to wake up is that as a group consciousness, we come from the eleventh density. We wanted to experience a different perspective and we came down 'into time' and literally 'cut out' third density. We created this. There are more of us that are not on the planet. Now, if this is true that we have come from the eleventh density, and if it is true that we have the genetics of 22 different races inside out bodies it becomes interesting.

The Andromedans are convinced that this is absolutely the case and look at us as 'royalty'. Just think about that and everything you have been taught. I don't mean to pick on 'religions', but frankly they 'deserve' it. They have you believing everything but that which is the truth, which is that in Andromedan terms we are in a sense 'royalty', and that is why there has been so much manipulation and control.

Ladies and gentlemen, when you hide like they do, when you abduct like they do, it's because they are more afraid of you.

Part #3 ~ Time to Get It Together And Collectively "Kick Ass"

There are a lot of people talking about a lot of things, and a lot of people are trying to get the information our and spread the word. This planet is our home and we have no where else to go. If we don't fight and stand up for it, nobody will offer us a helping hand. An important point about what this implies is, turn off the television. Tell your kids to turn off the television. It's time for a shift.

Sections sourced from this link. But, for me it's about the message, not the source it comes from. We need to stop the bitching, attacking, infighting, drama, bull****. Just Cut The Crap. Find the Commonalities and Strengths, Unite Together Behind the Common Goals we share and Actually DO SOMETHING, we CAN make a difference if we work TOGETHER.

Defending Sacred Ground ~ The Andromedan Compendium (http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/andromeda/esp_andromedacom_0.htm#main_menu)

6th March 2012, 18:27

Thank you DID!! :hug:

Much love to us all!! :luv:

We need to stop the bitching, attacking, infighting, drama, bull****. Just Cut The Crap. Find the Commonalities and Strengths, Unite Together Behind the Common Goals we share and Actually DO SOMETHING, we CAN make a difference if we work TOGETHER.

Maia Gabrial
6th March 2012, 19:15
Dear DreamsInDigital,
I marked this as a favorite so I can read it more in depth. Thank you for sharing it. :luv:

6th March 2012, 22:48
I found another one I thought was really important to bring out. I love reading the book, the insights and perspectives are incredible. :)

This is from Moraney:

" All of us, regardless of our form and dimensional growth, live in boundless consciousness. It does appear that all things seem to revolve and evolve in cycles. Now, after the "blindness" of 5,725 years, you on your Terra are about to regain yourselves. It will be such an unprecedented change that it will be difficult for many to grasp their own potential. It is a turning point on your world which none of your planets' forefathers were privileged to experience. "

It's no "accident" that you're here.

" As the light and sound frequency advances, and the Spirit of Self increases, sickness and purification will also increase. Many challenges are going to test your strengths, until your race experiences a time of humility. In simply speaking, our members of the council may play a part of "onlookers" in the scenes of war, but in the scenes of sickness we will have an active role."

They are very particular in their words.

" To play a role in serving your humanity is far superior than to play in the scenes of violence and destruction."

In other words, folks, it's up to us.

" The laws of physicality stress that we, in time, live all of our lives constructively. We, too, are in a dawn, at a very different place of awareness than you are. What we at present perceive regarding the new density, as it advances towards us, and the Spirit of Self becomes more intense, is that the release of judgment will also increase correspondingly.

The purifying frequency of this new density is very strong. Also, according to the laws of physicality, those dressed in physical form that are clouded by withheld love will find it difficult to endure the new frequency. Only those sufficiently cleared may service the remainder of the journey into fifth density. Some members of my own race may be at difficulty at this time.

All must endeavor to be prepared spiritually and physically, if we are all to pass through the scales of frequency into the next beginning with comparative ease.

Your world religions will refer to this as a "judgment", which is not altogether true. It is, in fact, a clearing of old thought creation forms. It is a 'starting over', not a judgment. Your planet is also 'on stage'. Those of you who choose to endure are enacting an original performance. The conflict between polarities is developing in a very complicated manner.

There are more 'negatively-charged' personalities than 'positive' ones at this moment on your planet. It is not 'creeds' or 'belief systems' that will heal your race, but consciousness and love. Creeds are doctrines and precepts. They cannot serve your humanity.

Since your ancient times, nearly all religions have had their 'creeds'. Some of them are well-considered and elaborate. We ask you, have they succeeded in perfecting your world? Your 'holy book' is a code of morals and standards to live by. Religions should teach the miracle of the universe, which cannot be explained by mere logic.

We perceive that for your Terrain religions to be valid, they should teach to all the tangible use of Spirit and Self, and the more that 'miracles' are in evidence, the more valid it should be considered. It should not be based on past history or ancient creeds, but only in the PRESENT in its ability to heal lives and foster the spreading of WISDOM and 'common sense'.