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26th December 2016, 12:44
John Urwin - The Secrets Were In Jaraba

John Urwin was a special Army recruit in 1957 to work against the British Government and it's controllers. He was one of a small team who retrieved an 'exotic' device from a military camp in Jaraba.

The first 1hr 20 mins of this is his main story. The rest moves on into his version of what's really going on.


Published on Dec 21, 2016

In 1958 John Urwin was recruited into an elite hit squad in the British Military, called The Sixteen. The Cold War was approaching its height. Turbulence had spread to the Middle East, and steps had to be taken which no government could endorse. Step forward the Sixteen. A hand-picked, top-secret elite British killing squad. The Sixteen’s purpose was to assassinate Communist sympathizers in the military. Their training surpassed the SAS in unarmed combat, weaponry and fear elimination. No previous account of a military group has remotely compared to the secrecy, skill and sheer professionalism of the Sixteen.

He describes in his book, 'The Sixteen: One Step Beyond - The Secrets Were in Jaraba', how this group fought the evils of the Illuminati. The men were thrust into a world that uncovered secret technology, and an agenda that was put in place to control our future as a species. Urwin's story of The Sixteen divulge the riveting secrets of their four key missions. What they uncovered is of extreme relevance right now, touching upon Middle Eastern conflicts which remain with us to this day and urgently require positive responses. John warns of more operations that will be used to manipulate us.

On his final mission in 1959 he describes how he saw two football field sized Flying saucers, of unknown origin take off near Jaraba, and how they recovered a secret box containing ET or holographic glass, ancient high technology, in effort to thwart the Illuminati's plans.

John's website: http://www.ucsdefence.com/
For a copy of John's book email him here: john@ucsdefence.com