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king anthony
12th March 2012, 03:51


Note, I have posted this video/thread at another site - no offence intended to the forums.

This (YouTube) video series brings me to this one video, which reviews the (brief) words I have shared. What will happen, when "the few" (the ruling class) have completely taken away the sovereignty that most have relied on!?

The sovereignty of lands and populations, which each has voluntarily surrendered to, in the collective of this civilization. What will happen, when the few takeaway the (unjust) "laws" and constitutions most rely on!? What will be left, other then one's self!? Can one's self be taken as well!?

If one's self is all that is left, then why cannot this be the foundation of now and the future!? Was there not a time that each (real) living thing was free, multiplied and prospered!? Was there not a time when life was real and simple, just as a child sees life today!? I ask rhetorically, what has changed that has made real-simple life so complex!?

There have been some who have said they are content with their lives as is, in their [quote] "little bubble"; there have been those who show, by way of their inactions, they are content with the way things are now in this civilization. Never asking themselves, "what if...", while not seeing how close they are to losing the illusion they now have.

Some have said, when time comes that their "little bubble" bursts, they will deal with it then. I say, would it not be too late then!? These people who deny the truth and/or do nothing to aid are as "evil" as those who impose the sorrow in the world - for their lack of care perpetuates what is now.

These people deny everything, including false flag events, which lead to war - they deny other species such as ETs (or as some call them, spirits) - they deny the harm being imposed daily to others, saying "better them then me" - they deny that, which they are told to deny.

Yet, "the few" (the elite) who control believe these things and do what they do for "their" benefit. When some attempt to expose "their" deeds, then most point and say, "look at that crazy conspiracy theorist" - these very same finger pointers fail to recall there have been a few of "the few" who have spoken of the very same things, wished to stop these things and died publicly for it.

Regardless, what is imposed, such as wars, toxins and such, will not matter with the sovereignty of one's self. This will empower each to have control over their destiny, as freewill exists within the boundaries of fate - fate being, those things imposed beyond one's control. By way of example, those greater (in whatever way) imposing on the disadvantaged.

Keep in mind, that everything is tied together in life and this includes facts, information and thought. My words have always been for others to seek for themselves, while offering aid in how to do this - for some, as a friendly reminder and others instruction.

In the end, each stands alone and it matters not who may be standing beside them - for each is their own living thing. However, each living thing is joined in the collective known as life. Do find peace in life, find compassion for self and others, find all that is "good" - for anything other will surely consume anyone who embraces these destructive things.

Remember, I am like you as I was born into this world and took my first breath - just as you did.

Just like you, I became a child and played, while in awe of this thing called life.

Just like you, I became (or will become) a young adult and as all in this youth, I felt life was forever with "goals" (those things just within reach) and "dreams" (those things just outside of reach); one would satisfy me, while the other would drive me further.

Just like you, I became (or will become) an adult, knowing love towards another and receiving it. Having happy times in my life, feeling the warm summer breeze across my face and eating my favourite meal.

Just like you, I too know of hardships, knowing the cold of the night with hungry in my belly.

Just like you, I too have memories.

12th March 2012, 04:03
Excellent post King Anthony, well done!

jorr lundstrom
12th March 2012, 04:27
We all have fed on a lot of illusions. Like that we are born with rights.
We are not, its agreements in a society, nothing more. They know this
and laugh at us. So by the end of the day all we are left with are
decisions. Decisions are not small or big, they are just decisions. Each
and everyone of us have to make our own decisions and act upon them.
That said. Thank you for your OP King Anthony, much appreciated.


12th March 2012, 14:49
Thanks for careing and shareing with all, many seeds of knowledge have now been planted and all we can do is now hope they take root and grow. In the end it comes down to free will,choices, and each individuals desire for ignorance or knowledge. Cheers to you too-king anthony!

king anthony
12th March 2012, 18:54
...In the end it comes down to free will,choices, and each individuals desire for ignorance or knowledge...

If I may add, proper choice is based on making an informed decision.

12th March 2012, 18:59
It's good to see you back on Avalon, and ty for your messages...:)

13th March 2012, 00:40
Unfortunatly many in the alternative community find david wilcock, ben fulford, or anyone else fantastic out there to be spot on or giving u "more" truth then someone else with information and experience that isn't being advertised. If one is of the persuasion of a matraxial view, then it would be in good interest to look at the "big" names inthe alternative community and find out why they are big names. Who put the money up to produce the initial videos or books? What made the individual an authority in said material?

Who has the ear to hear wisdom's whisper?

king anthony
13th March 2012, 01:13
...find out why they are big names...

Like what is said, beginning at 1:07 mins and concluding around 1:16 mins of this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pnn7V31nIMU)?