View Full Version : Live is a bunch of moments all strung together.

17th March 2012, 04:36
And I just had an amazing one. Not to get too into it. But I am currently visiting my daughter for her birthday ( YAY littlemissemily) And as I changed her butt we were talking ( she has a colostomy so I will be changing her but for a long long time) and I apologized to her. I don't call her enough, I don't send her enough cards, or random gifts to let her know i am thinking of her. And I was telling her this and he said it was ok. cause I "love you daddy" but I said no daddy can do better.
And she said , that she could do better to, she never buys me anything.
So I said "you don't have to buy me anything. That is daddy's job. You just being my daughter is enough.
and of course as kids will do she blew me away. She said "Daddy you don't have to buy me either stuff either just love me."

After that everything else is a lot less important.

You know I fight and I struggle, but I fight for her. She already struggles enough everyday.

I don't know what the real point of this post is. When she said it I knew I had to share it here. Puts life kind of in perspective I guess.

It's the little moments that make life special. Embrace them and make a habit out of pointing out the random unexpected good moments and truly enjoying them.

Love you.

P.S. Shoot me while I am happy! :)