View Full Version : See ya on the flip side folks

19th March 2012, 20:46
My internet will be shut off tomorrow as I am finally moving to Conn. tomorrow night..

I don't know when I will get back the net. that depends on a few things,
But i will have plenty to do as new England has a lot of paranormal hot spots for me to explore and tape/record meanwhile i will try to get as much info from The Counselor" as I can..

refer to this link http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?39469-Questions-for-the-Councillor

Check you all out later love you all

19th March 2012, 20:47
See you on the "Flip" then, LOL
From the Heart,

19th March 2012, 20:52
Best of all things to you, Shadowstalker. I'll miss you here but look forward to your return. Too many good folk are leaving Avalon it seems. I'm a sporadic, at best, member now. I enjoy reading your comments on KingAnthony's youtube channel, as well. Blessings and peace...

19th March 2012, 20:52
Come back asap. We will miss you!

19th March 2012, 20:53
Happy trails!! Have fun and I hope you find all the answers that you've been looking for.

See you around! :)


19th March 2012, 21:48
Have a safe journey and enjoy the countryside. Visit the White mountains in NH, you won't be sorry.


13th Warrior
19th March 2012, 22:12
God speed Shadowstalker!

19th March 2012, 22:56
Don't worry folks I promise I will be back, I love u guys to just go POOOOF on ya.

Earth Angel
19th March 2012, 22:59
Best of luck and an easy move!! scared me there for a second I thought another was leaving us !! Happy Trails

Holly Lindin
20th March 2012, 00:43
I know you'll make it where you need to go, sis. Don't worry - we'll all be here when you get back. Love, Love, Love! <3

20th March 2012, 01:18
I look forward to reading about your adventures shadowstalker.
Take care of yourself, Zebra

27th March 2012, 20:19
Well made it to Conn in one piece thank you all for the prayers and help and such, i will get back with you guys later as this is my dads puters so short time here ..
Love you all

13th Warrior
27th March 2012, 20:28
Welcome to the flip side!

king anthony
28th March 2012, 12:52
See you soon - cheers!!!